Does my phone insurance cover a cracked screen?

This blog post tells you if your phone insurance covers a cracked screen. It also explains to you how to claim it and what all damages are covered under insurance. 

Does my phone insurance cover a cracked screen?

Yes, cracked phone screen repairs are covered under your phone insurance, you might have to pay some amount. The insurance company will check the damage condition and process warranty, return, or exchange.

Most of the insurance companies cover cracked screens. The companies offer 100% of the value of your device. If repairable the companies might offer to repair it.

Insurance covers:

Accidental damage: 

The insurance company will replace or repair the screen in case of accidental damage or broken and cracked screen.


insurance can be claimed in case of breakdown of your device, the breakdown can be accidental or mechanical

Insurance by carrier:

All the four largest carriers AT&T, Verizon,T-Mobile, and Sprint offer insurance to their devices. The basic plans of these carriers offer accidental damage, liquid damage crack screen, lost device, and stolen device. Malfunctions are not covered under the insurance but customers do get an extended warranty. They charge around $ 10 per month. These carriers allow their customers to claim the insurance twice a year. You can visit the official websites of these carriers you will find the monthly fees of these device protection insurance services. They do offer multiple plans you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Even Apple offers AppleCare + which allows the subscribers to claim for accidental damage like the cracked screen as well as lost and stolen devices.

Insurance by the third party:

Other than the carriers you buy your phone from, there are a lot of companies that offer insurance services for your device. Even most of the carriers take the help of these insurance companies. It is a good option to choose third-party insurance if you are not happy with the insurance policy of your carrier as instead of switching the carrier, you can just change the insurance service. There are a lot of insurance companies with attractive offers you can go through the websites, or talk to their executives and buy an insurance plan that suits your needs.

Check your device’s condition:

Screen & LCD damage jumped in most cases, warranties are nullified in case of Screen damage. So it’s important to inspect your device.

●      Remove the covers and screen protectors on the device, and start inspecting the device in a good light by tilting at multiple angles.

●      You might find screen damages like, actual screen cracked, glass which is connected to screen might have chips or cracks, the screen might be shattered or crushed or the display might be not readable.

●      Companies might nullify the warranty if you have gotten screen replacement or repair from an unauthorized third party.

 Liquid damage

●      LDI (Liquid damage Indicator) is found in mobile devices which indicates if the device has come in contact with any liquids.

●      LDI might be located differently on different devices.

●      If your LDI is white, it indicates the device is not liquid damaged.

●      Pink LDI indicates the device has been exposed to some liquid.

●      If your LDI is tampered with or is completely missing, the warrant of the device might be nullified as in many cases unauthorizes third-party repairs remove the LDI.

●      Batteries swell if the device is liquid damaged.

What are the things you need to be ready with before you apply for the claim:

  • All the details related to the device you are claiming for, like model serial number, damage related details as well, like what and when happened
  • Have the credit card and checking info ready, if the service fee is applicable.
  •  You also need your mobile PIN, user ID, and password as you will have to enter information related to the claimant and account holder.
  • If your claim is approved, you will have to give your shipping address for the shipment of your replacement device


This blog gives details about the insurance for cracked phones. This explains all the protection services you get when you insure your phone. The article also guides you about how you can claim the damage and replacement for your device with a cracked screen and all the information you need for claiming.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Does my phone insurance cover a cracked screen?

How long does it take to get a replacement phone T-Mobile?

You will get your device replaced in 1-2 business days after the claim is approved as the device is shipped the same day. You will be able to track the delivery of your device as tracking info will be shared with you via email.

Does AT&T cover cracked screens?

Yes, AT&T covers cracked screens under the insurance which can cost you around $9

 A month.

Does T-Mobile take cracked phones?

Yes, T-Mobile takes cracked phones for trade-in. But the device will be evaluated at a lower price when compared to undamaged phones.

Is a cracked screen covered under T-Mobile?

Yes, T-Mobile covers damages including liquid damage and cracked screens if you have subscribed to T-Mobile’s device protection plan like Protection<360>

How much does it cost for T-Mobile to fix a cracked screen?

T-Mobile costs $29 to fix a cracked screen. T-Mobile has recently made an announcement that now it will have an in-store repair facility for its users. The services will be provided by certified experts from the industry.

How can you make a claim on my insurance phone?

Contact your insurance company with all the details of your device, insurance plan details. You will have to tell them if your device is broken or stolen. You will have to give details related to the kind of damage and then follow the instructions given by the insurance company executive.

Does insurance cover “lost phones”?

Most of the insurance companies cover lost phones. The companies offer 100% of the value of your device. Make sure to report and lock your phone immediately after losing it.


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