Are pre-owned phones good?

This blog post explains if the pre-owned phones are good, It helps the user understand the difference between pre-owned, refurbished, or certified refurbished phones and makes it easier for the reader to choose the correct type of phone for himself.

Are pre-owned phones good?

Yes, Pre-owned phones are good as they can save you a lot of money if you are on a budget. There are a lot of sellers online and in-store, who sell good quality assured pre-owned phones. Buyers should do a good survey about the seller to understand all the terms and conditions before buying a used phone.

Comparison of Refurbished used and certified pre-owned phones:

Refurbished, used and certified pre-owned all are pre-owned devices. All are for resale and depending on your requirements and budget you can opt for any of these.


  • Refurbished are pre-owned phones which were returned by the first buyer due to reason, the reason might be because he didn’t like the phone, it had some defect or wasn’t working as expected.
  • When the buyer returns the phones, they are scanned by the manufacturer to check for any defects, scratches, the devices are diagnosed for their working and are factory repaired by using all the original components. The refurbished phone by the manufacturer is almost brought back to the working state of a new phone, of course, you might see a few scratches here and there but they work exactly the same.
  • Most of the sellers give a warranty over the refurbished phones which makes refurbished phones an ideal choice for buyers with a limited budget.
  • Buyers need to research the seller from which they are buying the refurbished device as some sellers might call the phones refurbished and make you assume that it is refurbished and certified by the original manufacturer.
  • Refurbished phones are comparatively costlier when compared to used and second handphones.

Used Phones:

  • Just like refurbished, used phones are also pre owned phones, it’s just that they are not factory repaired
  • These devices are not defective ones, it’s just that they wouldn’t have had any defect to be repaired. The used phone is made ready for resale.
  • The used phones are comparatively cheaper when compared to refurbished phones.
  •  If you do proper research you can end up buying a good used phone at a much cheaper price when compared to a refurbished phone at low risk of the device being defective.

Certified pre-owned:

Pre-owned devices are used phones which generally are not guaranteed. They have used phones which are in a good working condition which were in good care. Certified pre-owned devices are scanned and are fixed to return to their original specifications.

What are refurbished grades:

The pre-owned devices are checked and diagnosed and are given grades depending on their condition so that it gets easier for the buyer to make a choice.

Grading is done based on only the physical aspects of the device and not the working, as refurbished phones are brought back to their original specifications by the manufacturer or seller. So grading is based on the cosmetic features, packaging available, and the usage amount of the pre-owned device.

There are 3 grades

Grade A :

It is the best quality device.

The device shows no signs of use and looks almost new with no or minimum scratches and scuffs. It is always suggested to buy the grade A devices as they have been least used and are in the best condition.

Grade B:

Grade B is also a good choice if a Grade A phone is costlier for you as grade B is the next best phone which shows minor signs of previous usage. Grade A and Grade B devices work exactly the same way as both are factory repaired but Grade B falls below Grade A in cosmetic condition.

Class C:

Class C devices are also factory repaired and checked thoroughly so that they work exactly fine, they show the most amount of usage when it comes to appearance. They have visible scratches and defects and show the highest sign of usage. As the grade C devices are the most used ones they are the cheapest category of preowned phones.

Things to take care of before buying a pre-owned phone:

Return policy: 

Before buying a pre-owned phone ask the seller all the details about the return policy, make sure the seller allows returns because at the end of the day it is a pre-owned phone you might come to know about the defects after 2 to 3 days of usage. You don’t want to get stuck with a defective device. Buy the refurbished or pre-owned phones only from the seller who offers easy returns.

The reputation of the seller: 

Make sure you buy the pre-owned phone from a reputable seller. It’s not always second-hand businesses that sell the pre-owned phone; also reputed companies like AT&T Samsung T-Mobile, Amazon and Walmart sell refurbished, pre-owned phones. If buying from Amazon, eBay, or such marketplace sites, do a proper analysis of the vendor before making the purchase.

Warranty and insurance

Make sure the seller offers a warranty on the preowned device, normally you get 90 days warranty, it gives you peace of mind to test and check the device. Also, look for sellers who offer insurance on the pre-owned device and allows easy claim

Working of the device:

Check the working condition of the device, as it is a pre-owned device expect minor scratches here and there but it should be working fine, there are a lot of phone testing apps that help you diagnose the proper working of the device.

Security constraints:

When buying a pre-owned phone, check the software update, because critical updates might not be available after 2 years. So, check that the device is working on the latest software so that you do not have to compromise on security.

Be cautious against stolen or fake devices:

Always ask for the actual packaging and original papers of the device like the original invoice (soft or hard copy) check for all the details like the previous buyer, date of purchase. Check the device’s IMEI number and compare it with the invoice. Also, compare the phones model number in the settings with the model number at the backside of your phone given by the manufacturer.


If you are planning to buy a good phone and are low on budget, a pre-owned phone is a good option for you, with proper research, you can get a pretty good deal and get an almost new phone by paying a very little amount when compared to the new phone. This blog will help you understand what all categories are there in preowned phones and what are the things to keep in mind before choosing a pre-owned phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Are pre-owned phones good?

Is it good to buy a pre-owned phone?

Yes, If you are low on budget planning to buy a good phone, you can consider buying a pre-owned phone as it is much cheaper than the new one and works exactly the same. Most of the sellers offer huge discounts on pre-owned phones. Do the proper analysis about the seller and device before buying the pre-owned phone.

How long do pre-owned phones last?

Pre-owned phones have categories. Some phones are almost good as new, which would have been returned by the original buyer because he didn’t like it, if you buy the preowned phone from a certified seller, which is not broken or defective, it can last as long as a newly bought phone. A lot of sellers offer warranties and insurance on the pre-owned phone.

Which is better refurbished or preowned?

Refurbished phones are also preowned phones but are a better option over preowned as they are almost new phones returned in working condition but cannot be categorized as new as they were preowned. Before the resale, they are checked for any defects and original components are used if anything is found defective. But refurbished dare is comparatively costlier when compared to the pre-owned phone.

What does it mean when a phone is preowned?

Pre-owned phones are used, but not factory repaired as they might not have been broken ever. Most of the time the pre-owned phones are as good as new with no or minimum scratches. Pre-owned phones are cheaper when compared to refurbished phones, but as a buyer, you should do your research about the seller and the device.

Can you get insurance on a pre-owned phone?

Yes, most of the sellers offer insurance protection and warranty on pre-owned phones including Apple, Amazon, and Samsung.


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