What Happens If I Don’t Pay Hermes Invoice?

If you are interested in knowing what happens if you don’t pay a Hermes (renamed to Evri) invoice, you should read through the below blog post to learn about the consequences of not clearing your dues while using a shipping and delivery service such as Hermes. We will also share a quick snapshot of the general parcel prices that the company charges within the UK and review a quick calculator of taxes and duties when parcels arrive outside the UK.   

What Happens If I Don’t Pay Hermes Invoice?

If you don’t pay Hermes (now known as Evri) invoice, the delivery of your parcel will be stopped until you pay your dues. This applies in cases where the sender of the parcel has initiated the delivery as well as cases in which you, the recipient have initiated the delivery (most commonly through online purchases).

When it comes to shipping and delivery of parcels, Hermes, which has recently been renamed Evri, has clearly outlined the terms of engagement on its website. Therefore, payments that are due upon the shipper, as well as the recipient (if applicable), are clearly outlined when a parcel is booked for delivery. If someone (whether they are the sender or receiver) does not wish to pay additional charges such as duties or taxes, they should avoid booking a parcel for international delivery.

Customers must also understand that any additional charges such as customs charges, import duties or taxes that are levied on international shipments are imposed by the government of the country where the goods are arriving. Therefore these charges can vary from country to country as well as at different times of the year in the same country. Additionally, these additional charges are not levied by a shipping service.

However, to speed up their delivery time, some shipping and delivery companies will pay additional charges on their own so that the parcel can be expedited through customs. They will then add the relevant amount to the delivery bill when a parcel is delivered to the recipient. 

If a recipient chooses not to pay these charges, their parcel will either not be delivered or the shipping service will have to recover the dues with the assistance of a collection agency.

That said, one needs to be vigilant about invoice scams by frauds who can reach out to individuals (usually through SMS or email) by raising a fake delivery invoice and asking for upfront payment before their parcel is delivered to them.

The fake invoices issued to unaware individuals are so close to real that it may be very difficult for someone to identify them as fake. Similarly, there are other acts of fraud such as fake SMS alerts that indicate that a parcel is on its way and the recipient must pay a certain amount (sometimes as little as £2.99) to receive the delivery; or that a failed delivery attempt was made in the recipient’s absence which can only be repeated if they pay the invoice online.

Individuals should be careful about the authenticity of such invoices and refrain from making any online payments especially when they are not expecting a parcel to be delivered. Another way to confirm a scam is to call the official customer helpline of the shipping company whose invoice has been issued so that one does not end up paying in return for a fake invoice.

What Are The Parcel Prices In A Hermes Invoice?

Hermes (the new Evri) charges parcel prices as low as £2.69 (£2.24 + VAT). However, parcels shipped within the UK are priced based on the following factors:

  • Parcel Weight
  • Delivery Method
  • Level of Cover

Following are the details of their price plans:

Parcel WeightParcelshop Of Locker DropoffCourier Collection
Postable (under 1 kg)Next Day: £3.29 Standard: £2.69
Under 1 kgNext Day: £3.94 Standard: £2.99Standard: £3.98
1kg to 2kgNext Day: £5.34 Standard: £4.34Standard: £5.33
2kg to 5 kgNext Day: £6.86 Standard: £5.86Standard: £6.85
5kg to 10kgNext Day: £7.36 Standard: £6.36Standard: £7.36
10kg to 15kgNext Day: £10.97 Standard: £9.28Standard: £10.26

Meanwhile, international parcel prices vary from country to country and start at £8.26.

For updates on parcel prices, shipment tracking or general information regarding their services, you can use the Evri Google Assistant Integration.

How Are Shipping Duties And Taxes Calculated?

Shipping duties and taxes are calculated by following the below-listed steps:

  • Step 1: Shippers are required to provide a commercial invoice to declare the exact monetary value of the goods. The amount is then converted to its value in GBP, based on the foreign exchange rate at the time.
  • Step 2: The cost of transport, insurance and any other additional costs that may apply (depending on the nature and volume of goods being shipped) are then added to the initial value of the goods. This is known as the Customs Value, which determines the Customs Duty. 
  • Step 3: There are certain items on which additional charges such as Excise Duty, Anti-Dumping Duties and CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) may need to be applied. This will increase the Customs Value of such product(s).
  • Step 4: At the next stage, the Value Adjustment amount; commonly known as VAT, is added to the Customs Value, resulting in the VAT value.

When a parcel is brought into the UK from overseas, certain duties and taxes are due for payment to the recipient of the parcel. In most cases, these duties and taxes are disclosed either to them or the shipper (as the case may be) when an order for delivery is placed by any one of them. In this manner, the recipient is well aware of the amount to expect when a Hermes invoice is received by them.


The above discussion has clearly outlined the consequences of not paying a Hermes (Evri) invoice. As is the case for shipping services, failure to clear your dues with them means that your parcel will not be delivered to you or the company will seek payment from the shipper before the parcel is delivered to the recipient. If it has already been delivered, the shipping company has the right to contact a collection agency to recover the amount that they have paid on behalf of the customer(s).


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