What Does Rank 1-5 Mean On Home Options?

This blog post will help in answering the question of what it means to be assigned a rank of 1-5 on Home Options. While our primary focus will remain on the ranking criteria for social housing with Home Options, we will also discuss the next steps after an applicant is assigned a rank for social housing; as well as the expected time it takes to move into a social housing property after being assigned a rank. 

What Does Rank 1-5 Mean On Home Options?

Your rank of 1-5 on Home Options means that you have been assigned the top five slots (ranging from 1 to 5) in terms of priority for social housing. It is the top rank that an applicant for social housing can be allotted while their application is processed and evaluated by a social housing landlord. 

The rank 1-5 indicates that the applicant has been shortlisted for being allotted a social housing property and their case has been prioritised. However, a rank of 1-5 does not confirm that a social housing property is ready for the applicant to move into; as they may have to wait until an appropriate property becomes available.

This ranking is based on two factors: 

  • eligibility of the applicant to be prioritised for social housing
  • stage of the application process that they have completed

Eligibility to be prioritised for social housing depends on the following factors:

  • The current state of the applicant’s living conditions. People who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or living in overcrowded/cramped/unsanitary conditions will rank higher.
  • The applicant’s (or a family member’s health condition). If the applicant or a family member living with them has a severe health condition or a disability that is made worse by the property that they live in or their current home does not meet their disability needs, they will be prioritised.
  • The applicant is fleeing domestic abuse. Applicants who need immediate shelter, as well as protection from abuse, will be given priority for social housing. They will also be accommodated in an immediate and temporary shelter if a social housing property is not available for them.

How the process starts is that eligible candidates register for social housing online at the Home Options website. They will be required to share personal and financial information supporting their application. Once their application is approved, candidates will be offered available properties to view and select for a bid. 

Since there can be different people who are prioritised for social housing, more than one person can be assigned the rank 1-5. This means that in addition to a priority ranking, finding the right property that suits your needs and being successful in the bidding process will determine if an applicant will be allotted a social housing property. 

What Happens After Being Ranked On Home Options?

Once an applicant has been assigned a rank on Home Options, they can become part of the bidding process. A higher rank of 1-5 means that they will be prioritised in terms of viewing offers for available properties.

Social housing offers are usually made weekly and online using a website link. Shortlisted applicants can view available properties and make an offer to rent. This is called being part of the bidding system for social housing.

If you rank 1-5 for Home Options, it means that your bid will be prioritised before bids of other applicants who rank below you are considered. 

If your bid is accepted, you will move on to the verification process which requires an applicant to furnish proof of their identity through the following documents:

  • residence
  • identity
  • income from earnings and benefits
  • National Insurance number
  • current account deposit and savings
  • dependents and non-dependents
  • discharge papers from the British Armed Forces (if applicable)

Successful verification will lead you to receive an offer from the landlord. If both tenant and landlord agree to the terms of an offer, a tenancy agreement will be drawn up and a date will be agreed upon when the tenant can move into the property.

How Soon Can You Move Into Social Housing Property After Being Ranked On Home Options? 

The amount of time it takes for an applicant to move into social housing property after being ranked on Home Options depends on: 

  • how soon they can find a property that meets their needs
  • how successful they have been in the bidding process
  • how well were the proceeds of their verification check 

If you are assigned a 1-5 rank by Home Options, it generally means that you may be able to find a suitable social housing property to move into within a few weeks of being ranked.

However, one of the key factors here is how flexible you are regarding your need for social housing. There may be times when an applicant may not get exactly what they are looking for and may have to compromise on their selection during the bidding process. 

If you are keen to move into a social housing property quickly, you may need to adjust your demands by settling for a smaller space or a higher rent than you had planned. Once you are part of the social housing system, you can consider swapping your residence with another social housing tenant looking for a mutual exchange.


The above discussion has explained the ranking system with regards to social housing offers by Home Options. Having a rank of 1-5 indicates that the applicant is being assigned top priority for receiving offers and being part of the bidding process by Home Options.


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