Should I switch from AT&T to Sprint?

This blog post will answer the question, “ Should I switch from AT&T to Sprint?.” It is based on several factors like the basis of network providers, mobile plans, network coverage, data plans, etc. At the end of each category, we will summarise which is a better choice either AT&T or Spring.

Should I switch from AT&T to Sprint?

If you want the lowest phone bills then you should switch from AT&T to Sprint. Sprint offers unlimited plans for cheaper rates. International texting and data are included in Sprint plans, for international travelers, this is an added advantage. But if you are ready to pay extra for better speeds and network coverage then you should not switch from AT&T to Sprint.

Basics of network providers

 As far as the basics of network providers are considered, both these network providers have a strong solid foundation.

What is an AT&T?

AT&T is in the American Telephone and Telegraph industry. It is the second-largest telecom industry in the United States. It’s headquartered in Downtown Dallas, Texas. The technological invention of AT&T provided a base for the world’s telecommunication industry.


AT&T is a GSM network carrier and not a CDMA network carrier.  GSM stands for global system for mobile, and it is second-generation cellular technology. AT&T  is a GSM network carrier used for mobile voice and data services.

What is a Sprint mobile?

The Sprint Corporation was an American telecommunication industry. Before the merging Sprint was the fourth-largest cell phone network operator in the United States. The Boost mobile and Open mobile were subsidiaries of the Sprint mobile network. The Sprint brand has officially been discontinued and is successfully acquired by T-Mobile as of August 3, 2020. 

Is Sprint GSM or CDMA?

The older network of Sprint uses CDMA  technology. The Sprint brand has officially been discontinued and is successfully acquired by T-Mobile in April 2020. If you have network-capable phones then it can take advantage of both CDMA and GSM services. This is possible because of the roaming agreements between T -mobile and Sprint. 

Key points

  • If you have an older Sprint phone which supports only CDMA networks then it will not work properly with T-Mobile’s GSM services. In this case, you need to upgrade the phone device. 
  • CDMA (older 3G network) will be retired as of 31st March 2022.
  • LTE network of Sprint will be retired as of 3oth  March 2022.
  • You need to replace the Sprint sim card with a T-mobile sim card.
  • For the voice calls, ensure that VoLTE( Voice over LTE) is enabled.
  • The customers who hold older Sprint devices will not be able to access the CDMA network after 1st January 2022.

Factors affecting the choice between AT&Tmobile and Sprint

Both the network carriers give unlimited offerings, which are impressive, having some great features and add-ons. You should keep in mind some essential factors while selecting a mobile phone provider. Some important considerations are as follows:

  •  Mobile phone plans
  •  Network coverage
  •  Speed test and data cap
  •  Perks

Mobile phone plan

There is a big cost gap if you compare AT&T and Sprint mobile’s unlimited phone plans. So if you are least bothered about network coverage, then you should prefer Sprint. But for the higher tired plans then there is no significant price difference between the two networks. Similarly, the lower tired plans of both networks are not that much different. Both the network throttles the data once you will cross a certain limit.

AT&T phone plans 

Under this category, we will consider the following significant plans

  • Unlimited plans
  • Family plans
  • Prepaid plans

Unlimited plans 

AT&T offers three unlimited plans:   

  • Unlimited starters
  • Unlimited extra
  •  Unlimited Elite.
PlanPrice per lineUnlimited text and talkPremium dataMobile hotspot dataUnlimited Video streaming
Unlimited Starter $65Applicable    NA    NA SD streaming
Unlimited Extra $75 Applicable50GB15GB per line per month SD streaming
Unlimited Elite $85Applicable100 GB 30GB per line per month HD streaming

Comparing these three plans, the Unlimited Extra plan is better because it gives you a large amount of premium data at high speed. It also includes a good amount of hotspot data.

But if you need heavy data, the Unlimited Elite plan will be more efficient. For an Unlimited Starter plan, you will not get any fixed amount of high-speed data. It may slow down internet speeds.

Family plans 

The Unlimited Starter plan is the cheapest AT&T family plan. It will cost you $30 per month per line. An unlimited Elite plan will be the most expensive; it will cost you $150 per month. If you add more lines, then in an AT&T plan, you will get more options to upgrade to a better plan.

If you add one line, you will get $10 off per month per line for the Unlimited Elite plan.

Prepaid plans 

AT&T offers a wide range of prepaid plans starting from $30 to $50. It offers some unlimited prepaid plans but with fewer perks. 

Sprint phone plans

The major unlimited Sprint mobile plans are summarized in the following table.

Unlimited basic$6050 GB500 MBNA
Unlimited plus$7050 GB50 GBHulu and Tidal
Unlimited premium$80100 GB100 GBHulu, Tidal, Amazon prime membership, Lookout

 Network coverage

The network coverage of AT&T is much better than Sprint. Presently, AT&T has significantly improved its coverage area. For the 4G network, AT&T covers almost 68% of the country. AT&T provides good network convergence for rural areas. 

Historically, Sprint is supposed to be having the worst network coverage. If you are thinking of only coverage area and comparing the two network providers, then depending on your location, you need to make the decision.

Speed test and data cap

The data speed of AT&T is much faster than Sprint. The average download speed for AT&T is 27.5 Mbps and that of Sprint is 23.9 Mbps. For lower tier plans both networks start to slow down at 50 GB, While for higher-tier plans the speed slows down around 100 GB.


Both the network providers offer extras and perks to their customers. It depends on the phone plan which you have selected. The Sprint network offers some extra perks for unlimited premium subscribers.

For AT&T

Following are the major perks offered by AT&T.

  • AT&T Thanks
  • to AT&T Next Up
  • Free overnight shipping

Using these perks, you can easily upgrade the cell phones, you will get free movie tickets.

For Sprint subscribers

For an unlimited premium plan, Sprint offers the following perks.

  • Hulu
  • Tidal
  • Amazon prime membership
  • Lookout
  • Unlimited data and texting in most of the countries.


Sprint offers unlimited plans for cheaper rates. International texting and data are included in Sprint plans, for international travelers. The sprint unlimited plan is much cheaper than the corresponding AT&T plan. But as far as network coverage and data speed are concerned, AT&T is always a better choice.

How to switch to Sprint network?

If you are planning to switch to the Sprint network with your old device, first you need to check If the device is compatible with the Sprint network.

To check the compatibility just visit the official Sprint website.

It’s a simple 4 step process:

  • First, check the compatibility of your device with the Sprint network. On the website the entire list of domestic phones is given, you can scan through the list and confirm. If you do not find your device on the list you can visit the Sprint store for more details.
  • After confirming that your device is compatible with the Sprint SIM, buy the Sprint sim kit from the Sprint store or online.
  • Once you have ordered your SIM choose the best plan for your device
  • Now take your device and the SIM kit to the Sprint store to get it activated.

This feature is now available for only domestic devices. In some cases, even if the device is compatible, you may not get the full experience if the device has network bad limitations. The device needs to be unlocked by the current carrier. The device’s IMEI should be clear.

What are the requirements for Sprint SIM Registration?

When you want to activate and register your Sprint SIM you need to keep a few things in mind

  • Keep the device fully charged If you are doing it on your phone, and make sure there are no interruptions during the entire process.
  • Keep your IMEI (International mobile equipment identity) ready. 
  •  You need to be a sprint account owner to activate the Sprint SIM online, by logging in using your Sprint Credentials.

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This article answered the question “Should I switch from AT&T to Sprint?”

 This article outlined the importance of various factors like Mobile phone plans, Network coverage, download speeds, and Perks. It also covered the steps to switch to the Sprint network.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Should I switch from AT&T to Sprint?

How to Activate your Sprint SIM on a new device?

If you have bought a new device and you want to swap it with your account, you need to follow a few guidelines

  •   Keep the box safe and charge your phone.
  • Take note of the activation code present on the box or you can dial *#06# to find it.
  • While your phone is charging, back up all the data by visiting the official Sprint website You have a “how-to guide” to help you with the steps.
  • Create My sprint account, if you have it already, just sign in

                        Even after following all the steps, some services of your device might not get transferred to your new one. You might need to re-establish it once you finish the activation

What’s an unlimited plan? 

It is a plan which gives unlimited text and voice for the entire month. It also includes unlimited data.

But after reaching a certain data limit, the speed of data is affected and it is reduced.

Can you put a sprint SIM card in an unlocked phone?

 Yes, you can use a Sprint SIM card for a domestically unlocked phone. On the official Sprint website there is a list of all the devices which are compatible with Sprint SIM cards, once unlocked.

 Can I use a Sprint SIM card in T-Mobile phones? 

If the device is unlocked, you can use your sprint SIM card with T-Mobile phones. 

Is Sprint T-Mobile now?

 Yes, the Sprint brand has officially been discontinued and is successfully acquired by T-Mobile as of August 3, 2020. 

Can Sprint give you a new SIM card?

Yes, if you are upgrading your device and your old sprint SIM is not compatible with the new device, Sprint will provide you with a new one.


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