How to get a new sim card with Sprint?

This blog post will give you information on “How to get a newsprint sim card”. It gives you details about buying and activating your sprint sim card. It also provides the details about swapping Sprint with T-Mobile Sim.

How to get a new sim card with Sprint?

You can just buy a new Sprint device and get a newsprint SIM card with it. The device will have a SIM card that connects it to the Sprint network.

You can either buy the Sprint phone online through the official Sprint Website or you can just visit the Sprint store.

While getting the device, go through all the plans, offers and choose the one that suits your work and is also economical.

What if you are upgrading to a new Sprint device?

When you upgrade your Sprint device, you do get a SIM card along with it if at all the previous Sprint Sim card is not compatible with the new phone.

You may take support from the Sprint service to transfer the old Sim card to the updated Sprint device in some cases.

Can you move/port your Sprint SIM number to another carrier?

If you want to port your Sprint sim number to another carrier you need to take support of Sprint to port to a new carrier and new device successfully.

 Get the Sprint SIM card for your device (bought from a different carrier)

Just like other carrier services, even Sprint allows you to bring your device which might be from a different carrier or not bought from Sprint to switch to Sprint.

Even if the device is from another carrier or might have been bought online, you can still move to the Sprint network and get a Sprint SIM card.

Not all devices are compatible with Sprint SIM as all services work on different telecom standards and frequencies

You can visit Sprint or contact their customer care service to confirm the compatibility of your device with the Sprint SIM.

Some devices are carrier locked which can only work on a specific carrier service that sold them.

Before moving to Sprint contact your previous carrier to help you with the unlocking process.

How to switch to a Sprint SIM card

If you are planning to switch to the Sprint network with your old device, first you need to check If the device is compatible with the Sprint network.

To check the compatibility just visit the official Sprint website.

It’s a simple 4 step process:

  • First, check the compatibility of your device with the Sprint network. On the website the entire list of domestic phones is given, you can scan through the list and confirm. If you do not find your device on the list you can visit the Sprint store for more details.
  • After confirming that your device is compatible with the Sprint SIM, buy the Sprint sim kit from the Sprint store or online.
  • Once you have ordered your SIM choose the best plan for your device
  • Now take your device and the SIM kit to the Sprint store to get it activated.

This feature is now available for only domestic devices.

In some cases, even if the device is compatible, you may not get the full experience if the device has network bad limitations.

The device needs to be unlocked by the current carrier.

The device’s IMEI should be clear.

How to activate Sprint SIM card:

  If you have a new Sprint SIM you can easily activate it for your device to function correctly. Activating a SIM card is important as it stores a lot of important data related to your cell phone and payment details.

  Mostly Sprint SIM cards come with the device but you can purchase them separately and activate it

   You can you the following steps to activate your Sprint SIM

  •  First note down the serial number of your SIM card, you can find this on the lower part of the SIM card. This information is required for the network provider to activate the SIM card.
  • Insert the SIM card into the mobile device and power on your cell phone.
  • Now call “*2” To call Sprint, you can speak to a Sprint representative by following the prompts. The sprint person will guide you through the activation process. Once activated, end the call.

How to Activate your Sprint SIM on a new device

If you have bought a new device and you want to swap it with your account, you need to follow a few guidelines

  •   Keep the box safe and charge your phone.
  • Take note of the activation code present on the box or you can dial *#06# to find it.
  • While your phone is charging back up all the data that you want by going to the official Sprint website You have a “how-to guide” to help you with the steps.
  • Create My sprint account, if you have it already, just sign in

                        Even after following all the steps, some services of your device might not get transferred to your new one. You might need to re-establish it once you finish the activation


What are the requirements for Sprint SIM Registration?

When you want to activate and register your Sprint SIM you need to keep a few things in mind

  • Keep the device fully charged If you are doing it on your phone, and make sure there are no interruptions during the entire process.
  • Keep your IMEI (International mobile equipment identity) ready. Just dial “#06#” to get your device’s IMEI.
  •  You need to be a sprint account owner to activate the Sprint SIM online, by logging in using your Sprint Credentials.

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This blog addresses the information related to getting a new Sprint SIM. It helps you with understanding the ways to get a new Sprint SIM card, steps to activate the SIM card, and the Sprint SIM compatible devices. This article will guide the user to easily activate a new Sprint SIM as well as Swap the devices with Sprint SIM. so that the user is clear with the steps before buying the new SIM.

Frequently asked questions( FAQs): How to get a new sim card Sprint?


Can Sprint give you a new SIM card?

Yes, if you are upgrading your device and your old sprint SIM is not compatible with the new device, Sprint will provide you with a new one.

Can you get a new SIM card with the same number?

Yes, you can get a new SIM and keep the same old number. Your number is associated with the Subscriber Identification Module.

Can you put a sprint SIM card in an unlocked phone?

Yes, you can use a Sprint SIM card for a domestically unlocked phone. On the official Sprint website there is a list of all the devices which are compatible with Sprint SIM cards, once unlocked.

What is stored on Sprint SIM?

The Sprint SIM card can store contacts, a few text messages, and some other carrier-related information. Other media files and documents are not stored.

Can I use a Sprint SIM card in T-Mobile phones?

If the device is unlocked, you can use your sprint SIM card with T-Mobile phones. 

Is Sprint T-Mobile now?

Yes, the Sprint brand has officially been discontinued and is successfully acquired by T-Mobile as of August 3, 2020. 


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