Is T-mobile better than Boost?

In This blog post, we will answer the question, “Is T-mobile better than Boost”. We will cover topics like key features of both T-mobile and Boost mobile,  mobile phone plans, Network coverage, and phone selection.

Is T-mobile better than Boost?

Yes, T-mobile is better than Boost. The network coverage area of T-mobile is larger, T-phone especially offers a wide range of budget phones. T-mobile phones have greater compatibility with unlocked devices. T-mobile offers much better perks.

But, if you are thinking of only budget then Boost has an edge. Boost mobile plan starts at $10 while T-mobile plan starts at $60.Boost offers no service contract plans. So with Boost mobile, you will get cheaper phone plans

What is the T-Mobile? 

T-Mobile is the 3rd-largest wireless network provider in the USA. T-Mobile is a German telecommunication industry and it has some investments in other mobile communication industries in the United States.

T-Mobile USA has a network sharing agreement with Cingular Wireless, an American mobile operator. Due to this, T- mobile has access to some top markets in the USA.

Key features of T-mobile  

  • Monthly installment plans are offered for T Mobile phones. 
  • More priority is always given to the T-Mobile subscribers on the network over other subscribers. This is a prime important factor in case of network congestion. 
  •  T mobile offers some better additional options, for example, international talk and data add-ons. 
  •  T mobile network provider has an excellent customer service record. 
  • Some extra perks are offered only for T-Mobile subscribers. 

Is T-mobile GSM or CDMA?  

T-mobiles is a GSM network carrier and not a CDMA network carrier.  GSM stands for global system for mobile, and it is second-generation cellular technology. T-mobile is a GSM network carrier used for mobile voice and data services. The  CDMA technology is a code division multiple access.

What is Boost mobile?

Previously Boost mobile was a part of the Spring network. Sprint is owned by T-mobile. To complete the federal approval, T-mobile had to sell Boost for the acquisition of Sprint. Dish wireless acquired Boost mobile on 1st July 2020. Boost customers can access the T-mobile network for seven years. During this tenure, the Dish is supposed to build up its own 5G network.

Key features of Boost

  • No service contract plans.
  • Taxes and fees included.
  • Unlimited talk and text included on each phone plan.
  • Unlimited music streaming without additional data charges.
  • Wide selection of latest phones with affordable price.
  • Makes use of T-mobile and AT&T network which gives 99% nationwide coverage.

Is Boost GSM or CDMA?  

The customers who joined Boost, when it was a part of the Spring network are still using CSMA technology. But presently Boost is using a T-mobile network, so these customers are using GSM technology.

Pros of Boost mobile

  • Offers no service contract plans.
  • Free SIM kit worth $9.99.
  • Free shipping.
  • Multiple unlimited data options are available.
  • 5G network of T-mobile can be accessed.
  • Wide selection of latest phones including iPhones and Galaxies with affordable price.
  • Unlocked GSM phones.

Cons of Boost mobile

  • Poor network coverage in rural areas.
  • Data deprioritization in case of network congestion.
  • Less family plan discounts.

Mobile phone plans

We will compare the mobile phone plans of T-mobile and Boost mobile.

Boost mobile phone plans

Several affordable prepaid plans are available. Taxes and fees are included in each plan. The basic prepaid plan starts at $10.All plans are inclusive of unlimited text and talk. But you will get a fixed amount of data. In the case of the $ 45 plan, if you make six ontime payments then the price drops to $35.

If you are a moderate data user then you can opt for a $10,$15, or $ 20 plan per month. The most popular unlimited data plan starts at $50 per month for a single line. For two lines the price drops to $80 per month.

The following table shows the summary of Boost prepaid plans.

1 GB$10Unlimited1 GB 4GLTE
2 GB$15Unlimited2 GB 4GLTE
5GB$25Unlimited5 GB 4GLTE
10 GB$35Unlimited10 GB 4GLTE
15 GB$45Unlimited15 GB 4GLTE

T-mobile phone plans

T-Mobile network carriers give you both prepaid and postpaid plans.  The following table shows a summary of unlimited plans from T-mobile.

PlanPrice per lineUnlimited text and talkPremium dataMobile hotspot dataUnlimited Video streaming
Essential$60Applicable50GBUnlimited at 3GB speedSd streaming
Magenta$70Applicable100GB5GB high-speed dataSd streaming
Magenta plus$85ApplicableUnlimited40GB high-speed dataUp to 4k UHD streaming

Boost mobile plan starts at $10 while T-mobile plan starts at $60.Boost offers no service contract plans. So with Boost mobile, you will get cheaper phone plans. But the Boost mobile plans have high-speed data caps.

Network coverage

For the 4G network, T mobile covers 62% of the country. T mobile provides a good coverage network in city areas and suburbs. The 3G network coverage of T-Mobile is only 21%. The coverage is spotty in some areas. In certain areas, you need to have a handset that will support both CDMA and GSM services. 

Boost mobile makes use of the T-mobile network. Ultimately you can avail yourself of the same advantage of network coverage as that of T- mobile subscribers. But in case of network congestion, whenever there is heavy traffic, more priority is given to the T-mobile subscribers.

On average, the T-Mobile network provides much faster 5G speeds compared to its competitors. If you have a 5G mobile with a T mobile network, you can expect internet speeds of about 85 Mbps. 

How to check the coverage map?

  • Go to link on your computer or mobile phone.
  • When prompted type the area or zip code and press enter, you also have a dropdown list showing all the areas to choose from
  • You will get the map showing the coverage in different shades of pink
  • You can move the map; you just need to tap and hold to drag.
  • To get coverage information in detail you just need to tap on the location and it gives you a pop-up.
  • To zoom in use +, to zoom out use – or just pinch
  • If you want to see the 4G LTE coverage just switch off the 5G selection at the top.


T-mobile offers much better perks than Boost mobile.

Perks for T- mobile subscribers

T mobile offers the following parks for their subscribers.

  • On every Tuesday, Magenta and Magenta Plus subscribers are eligible for freebies. It may include movie tickets at discounted prices or free food.
  •  For family unlimited plans, if any one of the family members is not using the full data, then T-mobile offers an account credit.
  • T mobile offers a “digits program “, where you can use one number on multiple devices, and subscribers with two or more lines will get a free Netflix subscription. T-mobile plans
  • T- Mobile provides three unlimited data plans namely Essential plan, Magenta, and Magenta Plus plan.
  • You will get some premium data on the Essentials plan. Magenta Max plan is the best plan for those who need huge amounts of data. It is unlimited and there is no slow down problem.
  • For the magenta max family plan if you add one line then the cost per line will be reduced by $15. If you go on adding more lines, then you can bring the cost down to $40 per line. 
  • It’s a really good offer for totally unlimited and high-speed data. Speed up to 30 Mbps or even more can be obtained.
  • T-Mobile offers its prepaid plans. The range of prepaid plans is from $45 to $75 per month.
  • You can avail 4GB of LTE data for $45 and 10GB of data for $50. At the higher end,
  • T-mobile offers unlimited data plans for $75.

Perks for Boost mobile subscribers

  • The premium caller id is preloaded on Boost phones.
  • Option of visual voicemail, which includes an auto-forward facility to email.
  • Availability of mobile wallet which is compatible with PayPal.
  • Availability of Boost mobile app for managing the account and troubleshooting.
  • You can also add international services.
  • More data can be added to prevent suffering at higher data speeds.

Phone selection

Boost mobile offers a wide range of the latest phones at affordable prices. Some cellphones are available below $100.” Bring your own phone” option is available with Boost mobile. But the phone must be unlocked and compatible with the Boost network. You can check the compatibility of your phone on the official website of Boost mobile.

T-phone especially offers a wide range of budget phones. T mobile offers some budget phones from LG and Samsung which are less than $ 200. T-mobile phones have greater compatibility with unlocked devices. Before purchasing a new phone from other carriers, you should check the temporarily available deals on new devices.

Customer services

T- mobile provides better customer service support compared to Boost. T-Mobile handles inquiries of customers using various means like; on phone, live chatting, and also using social media. Apart from this, the website of T-Mobile provides much useful information.

Compared to other MVNO Boost mobile offers more options for customer service. You can contact customer care on the phone by dialing 1-866-402-7366.  You can also use a  live chat option.

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This article explained how T-mobile service is better than Boost. This article outlined the importance of various factors like Mobile phone plans, Network coverage, customer services, and Perks.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Is T-mobile better than Boost?

Are T-mobile and Boost mobile the same?

No, T-mobile and Boost are not the same. Previously Boost was owned by Sprint. Now Sprint is owned by T-mobile. To complete the federal approval, T-mobile had to sell Boost for the acquisition of Sprint. Dish wireless acquired Boost mobile on 1st July 2020.

Can I use T-mobile with Boost?

Yes, you can use T-mobile with Boost provided that it is unlocked. Most of the T-mobile handsets are compatible with Boost.

Does T-Mobile have a free international calling?

T-Mobile does have free international unlimited calling to most of the countries including Canada and Mexico if you have added the  Stateside International Talk to your plan. You might be charged a small amount for other countries. You do get free data and texting with the same plan when you travel to Mexico and Canada.

What is T-Mobile’s Mobile Without Borders?

Mobile without borders by T-Mobile allows users to make calls and send texts to Mexico and Canada for free. You can also roam in Mexico and Canada by using the same T-Mobile plan without having to worry about Roaming charges. You can make calls, send texts and use data when traveling to Canada and Mexico without any additional charges.

What is the T-Mobile family app?

The Family Where app helps to track your family members, especially kids, to see their real-time location. The location history of the last 7 days can be accessed.

What does T-Mobile FamilyMode do?

T-Mobile FamilyMode app lets you filter out unwanted apps, monitor the app, track internet usage, and set daily screen time limits.


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