How Do I Use My Fedex Control Account?

This blog answers the question “How Do I Use My Fedex Control Account?” You can use your Fedex Control Account for recovery of packages or shipments lost during delivery. This blog 

looks at Control Account’s use of intelligence techniques for tracing shipments and payments.

How Do I Use My Fedex Control Account?

Your Fedex Control Account is basically intended to be used to track down shipments which have been damaged through transportation. You can login to your Fedex online account and use your control number to access the Control Account. 

Control Account is actually a separate entity from Fedex which specialises in debt collection services. It also offers these services to other companies than Fedex for managing and tracking down losses and damages to cargo or deliveries.

Control Account provides consumer debt collection services which are always successful. It deeply analyses data from the consumer to verify whether any debts are recorded and tracks down any users who have accumulated unpaid arrears.

What is consumer debt recovery by a (Fedex) Control Account?

Consumer credit collection is the collection or recovery of debts owed by an individual to a business. This process is often referred to as B2C collection.

Controlaccount plc provides fast and effective consumer debt collection services to world-leading brands, SMEs, public and non-profit organisations. It maintains high ethical standards to produce the best possible outcomes for customers.

How does the Control Account recovery process work?

The first step of the consumer debt recovery plan is known as “pre legal recovery” by Control Account. You have 2 choices with this plan which include going with the standard consumer debt collection strategy or choosing to create a custom strategy together with Control Account plc. This process allows the company to resolve any disputes from the customer if they fail to repay their debts. 

Control Account plc is armed with a highly skilled team of specialists who ensure ethical consumer debt collection which is also fair and efficient. All the debt collectors working for the company have passed the Collectors Initiative Assessment (CAI) test.

The Credit Services Association’s Guiding Principles are used as a benchmark to guide Control Accounts recovery actions. All users of Control Account plc including Fedex users can manage their accounts online, and be aware of all recent account activity. Users can also generate reports of their cases and interact with Control Account plc on their Client Web online platform.

Alternatively, the Control Account customer service team is available Monday to Friday via phone, email or videoconference.

All consumer debt is data filtered before communication with the user. In the event that the account holder is disconnected, Control Account will perform tracking services to re-establish contact. 

The preliminary collection strategy consists of cleaning, traceability of data, letters, e-mails, telephone calls and text messages that are disseminated within an agreed period. Control Account offers multiple payment options through its online payment portal for customers. Requests for making payments can be made via phone, through the website or by instant messaging.

What are the benefits of using a Control Account (for recovery of debts)?

The following benefits exist for users of the Control Account debt recovery service:

  • Control Account works with UK blue chips as well as small and medium  sized businesses. So it has valuable experience to offer for your organisation’s needs.
  • Control Account sets the benchmark for ethical standards, used by it’s debt collectors
  • Services are provided without any advance payments and in the absence of commissions
  • You are provided with the option of paying your debt recovery fees beyond their due date.
  • There are no account fees charged when you first visit Control Account.
  • You are provided with updated notifications online through our ‘ClientWeb’ portal
  • Data contained in SMS messages, written documents and e-mail accounts can be extracted to trace the missing amounts.
  • A dedicated account managing service run by the Control Account’s team of managers
  • Pinpoint tracking and validation of the debt defaulter’s location and home address.
  • Control Account has a high success rate with its (debt recovery) applications.
  • Control Account provides debt recovery solutions for clients on a low budget.
  • Legal remedies, if necessary
  • CAI accredited collectors
  • Debt collection disputes are resolved early
  • Control Account records the calls made to the debt defaulter

Why does Controlaccount follow me?

If your account was transferred to Controlaccount, it’s probably because you owe money. Normally, your debt would have been owed to another creditor (which is why you may not recognize their name). They are collection agencies for other businesses, seeking customers for payment.

Do I have to pay the money I owe to “Control Account”? 

Generally, everyone has to repay their debts, whether they would like to or not. The same rules apply to your checking account. You can choose debt management services to help you cut down your debt and repay the priority creditors first. This plan can help avoid being chased by debt collectors from companies such as Control Account.

Should I ignore letters or calls from “Controlaccount”? 

Until you seek advice, the code of conduct Controlaccount is part of means they should give you time to explore your debt management options. 

You can call the company on Controlaccount: 0845 680 8782 or contact them via their website:

“Control Account” won’t stop calling me. What should I do?

You must understand that Controlaccount, like all collection agencies, is obliged to act in accordance with the rules of the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets.

These collection agencies cannot threaten legal action and that is not likely to happen.They can’t send letters that look like court forms or claim to have legal powers . And they can’t sue you for payment if your debt is managed through a Scottish Trust Deed or IVA (Individual Voluntary Agreement).

Additionally, as a member of the Credit Services Association, Controlaccount has agreed to work under the CSA Code of Conduct.

Controlaccount or any other debt collection agency should therefore not do the following:

  • Call at inconvenient times
  • Contact them in a manner inconsistent with the preferences you have already agreed with them
  • If you have called Control AccoCalling them at work without permission or after telling them to stop
  • Talk about your Control Account dent with a relative or with your employer.Or try to contact your relatives or employer to inquire about your non payment of its debt.
  • It should not accept payments from you without your consent
  • Refuse to provide you time to evaluate your options after you have used the help of a Debt Management Company.
  • Force you to pay off a Control Account debt through borrowing ( by a bank loan or bond purchase) 

What actions can Controlaccount take?

Controlaccount is a debt collection agency and has the prescribed powers of debt recovery agencies Controlaccount cannot try to follow you or stalk your presence at inappropriate times by calling you. Any actions to unwillingly contact you or to misuse your personal information to invade your privacy rights will be avoided.

Control Account usually follows the legal course of action in tracking down debt defaulters.

Controlaccount can send agents to your home for debt collection if you do not pay but these are not the bailiffs sent to recover debts such as council tax. Neither do the agents sent by Control Account have the same debt collection powers as Bailiffs.

 Debt Collection agencies cannot and should not enter your home without permission and are not allowed to remove any personal possessions from your property. They should also leave if you ask them to do so.

Control account has to be given a county court ruling in its favour (and against you) in order to succeed in taking any of the following actions:

  • To issue a county court ruling against you
  • To send bailiffs to take belongings from your possession that are worth the value of the debt
  • To request an attachment to the debt collection order.

Could my Control account debts mean that I end up losing my home?

You will probably not end up losing your home, especially if it is your primary or sole residence. Other assets and possessions of lesser value will be used to pay off your debts first. So you might end up losing your car to pay for the debts.

Unsecured debts (meaning most of the debts Controlaccount faces) are unsecured against an asset.  But if you are overdue with your payments by a long period of time (say more than 6-8 months) ,”Controlaccount ” can request the court to recover the debt against the value of your property. This is done with a “Debt Recovery Order” which is granted after a successful county court ruling in “Control Account”’s favour.

Is my Control Account debt law prescribed?

Yes, The Limitation Act, 1980 specifies that some debts have to be paid within a given time limit. This limit is 6 years. The time for these 6 years begins from the last payment you made to your creditor or acknowledged the debt in writing. Beyond this stage, the debt can no longer be executed.

. All of the following conditions must be met for the statute of limitations to be expired:

  • The creditor has not registered a County Court Judgement (CCJ) for recovery of debts against you. This action has been despite not receiving any payments from you in the last 6 years (or however long the limitation period is in your case).
  • You have not admitted your guilt in writing over the past 6 years (or however long the statute of limitations is for your case).

You have the right to register a complaint with “Control Account plc” if it has sent you an incorrect claim. If Controlaccount or another debt collection agency sues you for a claim that you think is statute-barred you can send them a letter on the following postal address.

 Compass House, 


Hanbury Road, 

Stoke Prior, 

B60 4FD


This blog post addressed the question “How Do I Use My Fedex Control Account? You can use your Fedex Control Account for tracing shipments or monetary transfers which have been delayed or lost. Fedex Control Account provides better service than the shipment tracking services of its competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : How Do I Use My Fedex Control Account?

How can I stop getting debt letters from “Control account”?

Write to the control account to ask them to stop contacting you (if you wish) According to FCA guidelines, if you ask a debt collector to stop contacting you altogether, they must (with some exceptions)\. Your request must be made in writing

How can I file a complaint about “Control account plc”?

If you believe that Controlaccount has mistreated you, you can file a complaint through the following channels:

  • You can call control account at this number : 0845 680 8782
  • You can write a letter explaining your complaint and send it to:

 Compass House, 


Hanbury Road, 

Stoke Prior, 

B60 4FD

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your initial complaint with Controlaccount, you can submit your complaint to FCA by writing to the following address:

The Financial Ombudsman Service,

 Exchange Tower, 


 E14 9SR

Or you can email FCA on this email address

You can call FCA on this number : 0300 1239 123

You can write to the Credit Services Association about your Control Account complaint on this postal address:

Credit Services Association Ltd, 

2 Esh Plaza, 

Sir Bobby Robson Way,

 Great Park,

 Newcastle Upon Tyne,

 NE13 9BA

You can write an email to the Credit Services Association on the following email address:

You can call the Credit Services Association on this number 0191 2170 775