Can Universal Credit Be Paid On A Saturday?

Universal credit payments are reassessed periodically to adjust the amount as per a change in the claimants’ circumstances. Through this blog post, we will explore whether Universal Credit payments can be made on a Saturday. In addition to this, we will also discuss whether claimants can receive advance payments for Universal Credit and if there has been a recent increase in the amount due on claimants as per their individual situations.

Can Universal Credit Be Paid On A Saturday?

No, Universal Credit cannot be paid on a Saturday, according to the Department for Work and Pensions. If your Universal Credit is due and the scheduled payment date falls on a Saturday (Sunday or a bank holiday), the DWP will transfer the amount on the first working day preceding the weekend or bank holiday.  

Although Universal Credit is paid in arrears as a monthly payment, if you wish to receive your Universal Credit payments on a fortnightly (or weekly basis) you will need to prove to the DWP that you are unable to manage monthly payments. If you are unable to do so, you will continue receiving UC payments as per a monthly schedule.

Once your claim is approved by the DWP, it will take 5 weeks for your first UC payment to be transferred to your bank account, credit union or building society account. 

However, if someone is unable to manage their finances they can assign a power of attorney to a close family member in whose bank account their UC claim can be paid. When claimants are incapable of managing their bank account either due to old age or disability, there needs to be a trusted appointee (usually a close family member) who will have to share their bank account details and manage the benefits claim on behalf of the claimant.

After the initial assessment period, it takes 7 days for your first UC payment. After the first payment, claimants continue to receive their Universal Credit payments on the same date each month. If the date falls on a weekend, they will receive the amount a working day before the holiday.

In addition to the standard amount of Universal Credit payments, you will also get separate amounts for

  • If you have children
  • If you need help with childcare costs 
  • If you need support with housing costs
  • If you are caring for someone
  • If you can’t work due to a sickness or disability
  • If you were previously getting a severe disability premium

These extra amounts are called elements and a claimant can qualify for more than one of them at the same time.

Universal Credit claimants who were scheduled to receive their payments between June 2nd and June 5th this year (2022) were pleasantly surprised when their payments were sent earlier than expected due to bank holidays marking the platinum jubilee celebrations of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

In addition to UC claimants, individuals claiming child tax credits, working tax credits, child benefit, employment support allowance, personal independence payments, jobseeker’s allowance, carer’s allowance, attendance allowance and pension credits also received their payments earlier than their scheduled dates falling between the 2nd and 5th day of June 2022.

Can Universal Credit Be Paid In Advance?

Yes, Universal Credit can be paid in advance under the following conditions:

  • you have been given confirmation of your eligibility for Universal Credit and this will be your first payment; or
  • you have recently experienced a change in circumstances due to which you are expecting an increase in your Universal Credit payments

This usually happens when claimants are unable to afford their living expenses during the 5 week period that it takes for the first Universal Credit payment to be received by them.

You can apply for an advance on your UC payments in either of the following ways:

  • speaking to your Jobcentre Plus work coach
  • applying through your online UC account
  • calling the Universal Credit helpline

However, the DWP can refuse your request for advance payment on the following grounds:

  • your identity cannot be confirmed or has not been checked at the Jobcentre
  • you have sufficient funds to last until your payment of Universal Credit
  • you live with your parents, relatives or friends who can provide funds
  • you have final earnings or redundancy payments
  • you have accessible savings

Have Universal Credit Payments Increased In 2022?

Yes, to keep up with rising inflationary costs leading to a more expensive cost of living, the Department for Work and Pensions increased the rate of allowance for Universal Credit by 3.1% in 2022. With this increase in amount, claimants can now expect to receive Universal Credit payments as per the below classification:

SpecificationsPrevious amount New amount
Single and under 25 years£257.33£265.31
Single and over 25 years £324.84£334.91
Couples under the age of 25 years £403.93£416.45
Joint claimants with one or both above 25 years£509.91£525.72
Additional amount for people with a first child born before 6 April 2017£282.50£290
Additional amount for people with a first child born after 6 April 2017, second or more child/children£237.08£244.58
Lower rate aditional amoutn for people with a disabled child£128.89£132.89 
Higher rate additional amount for people with a disabled child£402.41£414.88
Extra amunt for people with a limited capability to work£128.89£132.89
Extra amount for people with a limited capability for work or work-related activity£343.63£354.28
People caring for someone who is severely disabled for at least 35 hours per week£163.73£168.81


The discussion in this article has made it clear that Universal Credit payments are not made on a Saturday. In fact according to the DWP, if your UC payment is due on a weekend or a bank holiday, you will receive it on the preceding working day. Additionally, claimants awaiting their first Universal Credit payment can request the DWP for an advance payment.

FAQs: Can Universal Credit Be Paid On A Saturday?

Does Universal Credit respond on weekends?

No, Universal Credit officials are not available on weekends. They can be contacted between Monday and Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

What time do Universal Credit payments go to the bank?

Depending on your bank, Universal Credit amounts are available from midnight onwards as per their due date.

Why is my Universal Credit payment not showing?

Usually, Universal Credit payments start showing once your claim is approved and your assessment period ends. However, if it does not show 2 days before the due date, you should inform the Universal Credit office.

Can Universal Credit be paid early?

Yes, Universal Credit can be paid early especially if you are a new applicant awaiting the 5-week period for your first payment. Claimants will need to apply for advance payment by calling the Universal Credit office or through their online account.

Can Universal Credit be paid late?

Unless there is anything missing from your claim, Universal Credit payments are not delayed. If this happens, you should log in to your online journal and ask your work coach.


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