How To Get Personal Security Number For Universal Credit?

This blog post will help in answering the question of how to get a Personal Security Number for Universal Credit. We will mainly discuss how and when a Universal Credit claimant gains access to a Personal Security Number during their application process; as well as the role and use of the PSN number during the course of your Universal Credit claim.

How To Get Personal Security Number For Universal Credit?

You can get a Personal Security Number for Universal Credit after your first interview with your work coach. You should keep this number safe with you as you will need it when and if you need to change the password of your Universal Credit online account.

This is part of the Universal Credit application process. The first step requires claimants to check whether or not they meet the eligibility criteria for the benefit. If you are not sure, you can call the Universal Credit helpline to seek advice or use an online benefits calculator to confirm your eligibility. 

Then you will need to gather relevant documents that will be used to share details regarding your identity, personal information, marital status, income and savings. To file a claim for Universal Credit, you will need to access the benefit’s website and enter the required information online. You will be assigned a user ID and password which you can use to log in to your account for updates regarding your claim.

Once your claim is processed and formally approved, you will be asked to appear before a work coach to discuss the terms of your “Claimant Commitment”; which includes a mutual agreement between you and your work coach regarding the number of hours you will be required to work as well as any work-related activities that you must undertake.

It is during this first meeting with your work coach that the Personal Security Number will be assigned to you. During this interview, your work coach will also discuss your personal situation with you as well as check your personal identification documents for verification.

If you need help with your Universal Credit application or assistance in preparing for your interview, you can get help from your nearest Citizen’s Bureau office.

How Is A PSN Number Used For A Universal Credit Claim?

A PSN number is used by Universal Credit claimants to create a new password; should they need to for their Universal Credit online account. The Personal Security Number is a 16-digit individual and confidential number assigned to claimants of Universal Credit after their first interview with their work coach. This is part of the Universal Credit claims process.

If you are about to make a claim for Universal Credit; either due to recent eligibility for the state benefit or if you are transferring from other benefits to Universal Credit, you will be required to apply online. 

You will have to create an online Universal Credit account using a unique user identification and password. For this, you will need a phone number and an email address. If you are making a joint claim with a partner, you should keep Universal Credit account information to yourself. 

Once your online account is created, you must keep these details safe as you will need them to receive and send updates regarding your Universal Credit claim. The DWP will ask you at this time whether you prefer to receive updates via text message, email or phone call.

You will still need a PSN number if you are unable to access the internet to create your Universal Credit account. In such cases, you may seek the help of a family member or inform the DWP of your situation. 

Do I Need My Personal Security Number For The Universal Credit Phone Interview?

No, you will not need your Personal Security Number or PSN number during your phone interview with your work coach regarding a Universal Credit claim. Your PSN is a confidential piece of information that should only remain to your knowledge. It should not even be shared with a partner even if you are making a joint claim with them.

The information that you will need to keep handy during a Universal Credit phone interview are details regarding the following:

  • your identification details from your passport or driving license
  • your postcode
  • your NI number
  • your bank account, building society or credit union account number 
  • your monthly rental payments
  • your landlord’s address 
  • details of your savings and capital investments
  • details of your income and benefits
  • details of any childcare payments made by you
  • child benefit reference numbers (if any)

Can I Use My Personal Security Number For Universal Credit Identity Verification Problems?

No, you will not require your PSN number to resolve identity verification problems related to Universal Credit. Identity verification with Universal Credit due to one (or more) of the following reasons:

  • they don’t know how to use a computer
  • they don’t have access to a computer and/or free internet
  • they don’t have an email address
  • they don’t have a bank account
  • they don’t have a mobile number
  • they need support in completing their UC application

Yet, there may be times when there is no specific reason why you are having problems with your identity verification; however, chances are that you are a new customer and the process is taking time due to the system being shifted online in post-pandemic (covid-19) times.

Universal Credit claimants must make sure that they respond to identity verification queries raised by Universal Credit, their Job Centre or the Department for Work and Pensions. In case of specific queries related to your claim, you can call the Universal Credit helpline at 0800 328 5644.


The above article has helped in concluding that a Universal Credit claimant will be assigned their Personal Security Number during their first interview with a work coach. This interview takes place after a Universal Credit application has been approved by the DWP and a preliminary interview is held by the work coach to assess the claimant’s ability to work for a certain number of hours during the course of their benefits claim.


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