Can I Change My Vehicle Tax Class Using A V62?

Changing the tax class becomes essential under certain circumstances so that you are not found to be in error of incorrect classification of your vehicle and a subsequent underpayment (or overpayment, in certain cases) of car tax. Through this blog post, we aim to learn whether or not vehicle owners can tax their cars using a V62 form at their local post office. In addition to this we will also discuss how to use a form V62 at the post office, the documents needed for the purpose, how to apply for disabled tax for your car; as well as have a general overview of the tax classification for vehicles in the UK.

Can I Change My Vehicle Tax Class Using A V62?

You can change your vehicle tax class using a V62 at the local post office that deals with car taxes under the following conditions:

  • you have received a V11 reminder letter from the DVLA to pay your car tax
  • your car tax is about to run out and you have a received a “last chance” warning letter from the DVLA
  • you care changing the tax class from non-exemption to exemption or vice versa (this may be due to eligibility for disabled tax class)

However, if the reason for changing your vehicle’s tax class is any of the following, you will need to apply for it through the post and use a V70 form for the purpose:

  • the purpose or use of the vehicle has changed
  • the body type of the vehicle has changed
  • the structure of the vehicle has changed

In the case of private vehicles, the car tax due upon them depends on (a) their engine type which determines the type of fuel the vehicle consumes and (b) the co2 emissions (these are calculated separately for the first year of registration and then for subsequent years).

Your first tax payment for the next 12 months after registering your vehicle can be classified as per the below table:

CO2 Emissions (g/km)Diesel Cars (TC49)Petrol Cars (TC48)(GBP)All Other Diesel Cars(GBP)Alternative Fuel Cars (TC59)(GBP)
Over 2552,2452.2452,235

From the second year onwards, your car tax payments will be classified as follows:

Fuel typeSingle 12 month paymentSingle 12 month payment by Direct DebitTotal of 12 monthly payments by Direct DebitSingle 6 month paymentSingle 6 month payment by Direct Debit
Petrol or Diesel£155£155£162.75£85.25£81.38

Alternative fuel vehicles include hybrids, bioethanol and liquid petroleum gas.

If your vehicle has a list price above £40,000, you will have to pay an additional £335 annually for a period of years, starting from the second year of the vehicle’s registration. If your vehicle is a zero-emission one, you will not have to pay this amount.

Can I Take V62 To The Post Office?

Yes, you can take V62 to the post office to apply for a V5, that is your vehicle logbook. However, you will need to carry any of the following documents to serve as proof of vehicle ownership:

  • Your vehicle registration certificate; V5
  • Your V11 reminder from the DVLA
  • A valid Ministry Of Transport (MOT) certificate 

It is important to note that you may only be able to pay your car tax only if the vehicle is registered in your name and you can provide any of the following documents to prove your ownership of the car:

  • incase your V11 reminder notice which states the vehicle owner’s name and the amount of car tax due for the next tax term
  • a V62 logbook application form which shows that you have applied for a V5 while the previous one has gone missing
  • a V5C/2 Green slip that is issued to new car owners while the ownership of their vehicle is transferred from the previous owner

What Is A V62?

Car owners in the UK require a V62 form to make an application for their duplicate vehicle logbook; also termed as V5C. It may also be required when the vehicle logbook does not arrive within six weeks of registering the vehicle with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

A V62 form can easily be obtained from your local post office that is responsible for car tax collections or you may download and print a V62 from the DVLA website. You must provide all the required information in a V62 form, especially the questions regarding vehicle details. 

In case you are applying for a V62 form due to your V5 being damaged or lost, you will also be required to make a payment of £25 along with the submission of your V62 form. These payments can be made in any of the following ways:

  • Debit/credit card
  • Direct Debit
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Postal Order

However, if you have purchased a new vehicle and have not received your V5, after a lapse of four weeks you can apply with a V62 without having to pay a fee.

Can I Change The Tax Class If I Have Bought A Car With Disabled Tax?

Yes, you can change the tax class of your car if it came with a Disabled Tax classification when you made the purchase but it is no longer applicable now. For this purpose, you will have to visit a local post office that deals with car taxes and apply for a change of tax class for your vehicle by filling out and submitting form V70.

You will need to send the following documents along with your application for change in tax class:

  • the V5C vehicle registration certificate or vehicle logbook
  • either a cheque or a postal order that is payable to DVLA (this is for any extra vehicle tax you have to pay due to a change in tax class)
  • a valid MOT certificate 

Once changes have been made at the DVLA, you will receive a confirmation from them along with an updated car logbook. You can continue driving your car while your application is in process.

On the other hand, if you wish to have your tax classed in the Disabled Tax category, and you need to apply for a Disabled Tax for the first time, you will need to carry the following list of documents to the post office with you as apply for a change of tax class:

  • Completed application for a Vehicle Registration Certificate (V62)
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C logbook) or the V5C/2 (nominated driver details)
  • Certificate of Entitlement to DLA, PIP, AFIP or WPMS

Can I Apply For Disabled Tax Class From The Post Office?

If you qualify for Disabled Tax, you will need to apply for it through a post office that deals with car taxes.

For this purpose, you must take your Certificate of Entitlement of any of the following benefits that your receive:

  • Adult Disability Payment
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment
  • Child Disability Payment
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Personal Independence Payment
  • War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement

To apply for a change of your vehicle’s tax class, you will need to provide the following as well:

  • the V5C vehicle registration certificate or vehicle logbook
  • either a cheque or a postal order that is payable to DVLA
  • a valid MOT certificate 

Can I Tax My Car While Waiting For Log Book?

Yes, you can pay your car tax while waiting for your logbook. If you have purchased a brand new car and you are the first owner, dealers usually arrange for payment for your car tax. Most of the time your car tax is included along with the price of your car and any registration fee that is to be levied. 

In the case of a second-hand car, if the dealer does not arrange a logbook transfer to your name, you can do the same by contacting the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) on their website. However, it is advisable to purchase a vehicle with an updated logbook to avoid fraud or the purchase of a stolen car.

However, in the absence of a logbook or V5, your car will be declared as SORN; Statutory Off-Road Notification until the new logbook arrives which can take up to a few weeks. Your initial fine will be £80 which is due to be paid in the next 28 days. If you are unable to do so within the given time, this fine may be increased to £1,000.

What Tax Class Is My Car?

Depending on their construction and the purpose for which vehicles are used, tax classes are classified as per the below list by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA):

  • Private/Light Goods
  • Petrol Car
  • Diesel Car
  • Alternative Fuel Car
  • Light Goods Vehicle
  • Euro 4 Light Goods Vehicle
  • Euro 5 Light Goods Vehicle
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle
  • Private/Heavy Goods Vehicle
  • Special Types
  • Haulage Vehicles
  • Buse
  • Motorcycle
  • Small Island Vehicles
  • Rescue Vehicle
  • Special Concessionary
  • Emergency Vehicle
  • Exempt Vehicle


The discussion in this article outlines the scenarios under which vehicle owners can use a form V62 to change the tax class of their cars such as receiving a V11 car tax reminder or changes in the exemption status of one’s car. However, there are situations such as changes in the use, body and structure of a car for which they may need to apply for a car tax class change through the post; using a form V70.

FAQs: Can I Change My Vehicle Tax Class Using A V62?

Can I tax a car with an old V5?

As long as the old V5 mentions you as the registered owner of the car, you can use the vehicle logbook to tax your car.

Can I change my V5 details online?

Yes, you can change your V5 details online as long as you can provide details of your vehicle registration number, logbook document reference number and postcode.

How can I tax my car while waiting for logbook?

You can tax your car while waiting for a new logbook if you have in case your V11 reminder notice, a V62 logbook application form which shows that you have applied for a V5 or a V5C/2 new owner’s green slip.

What determines the tax on a car?

In addition to the year of being registered, the engine type or type of fuel being consumed as well as the degree of CO2 emissions from your car will determine the tax rate that applies to it.

Can a car be classed as a goods vehicle?

A vehicle with a design weight of more than 3,500 kg and one that is suited for the conveyance of goods can be classed as a goods vehicle.


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