Why Do I Need A New Keepers Slip?

If you’ve recently purchased a vehicle and are wondering about the reason(s) why you need a new keeper’s supplement or a green slip, you will find the answer to your question in the following blog post where we will discuss the purpose of a new keepers slip, how it is used and the important information it contains.

Why Do I Need A New Keepers Slip?

You need a new keeper’s slip if you’ve purchased or intend to purchase a used car mainly for the following two reasons:

  • to prove your ownership of the vehicle until your vehicle logbook arrives
  • to pay your car tax or Vehicle Excise Duty before you bring your car on a public road

Whether you purchase a used car from a dealer or directly from the owner, the new keeper’s slip or green slip is your proof of the vehicle’s ownership until your vehicle logbook arrives. 

However, the previous owner has to make sure they do the following while selling the vehicle to you:

  • register you as the new registered keeper with the DVLA
  • tear out the new keeper’s green slip from their vehicle logbook and hand it to you

If your vehicle logbook does not arrive within 4 weeks of being registered with the DVLA as the new registered keeper, you can use your new keeper’s slip to check the status of your vehicle logbook and get it delivered to you.

What Information Do I Need From My New Keepers Slip To Pay Car Tax?

You will need the 12-digit reference number printed in your new keeper’s supplement or green slip to pay your car tax. This is a rectangular, green-coloured slip placed in the top mid-section of the V5C/2 section of your vehicle logbook.

You need to fill in this slip starting from the left-hand side by filling in the vehicle’s registration number, followed by the name and address of the new keeper and then the date of the vehicle’s sale.

When you look at the top right-hand side of the green slip in the V5C/2 section of your vehicle logbook, you will find the heading “document reference number”. This is your 12-digit reference number that is needed to make car tax payments. 

You will also need details regarding the make, model number, engine size and tax class of your vehicle to pay your car tax. You will find these right below the 12-digit reference number.

Can I Pay My Car Tax Without A New Keepers Slip?

Yes, you can pay your car tax without a new keepers supplement or a green slip. You will need to use a V62 form. This is commonly used when there has been a change of registered keepers, and the vehicle logbook or V5C needs to be in the name of the new registered keepers.

When you fill in and send the form V62, you will also need to pay a fee of £25. This payment can be made by:

  • cash 
  • direct debit 
  • debit or credit card
  • cheque or postal order 
  • Post Office budget card 
  • traveller’s cheques

Once the DVLA receives the filled-in form V62, it takes them approximately 6 weeks to process the application and send the new vehicle logbook to the registered keeper through the post.


The above discussion helps to conclude that the main purpose of a new keeper’s slip is to serve as proof of ownership when a vehicle has been sold from one owner to the other; as well as be used in the payment of car tax or Vehicle Excide Duty. It can easily be found in the V5C/2 section of the vehicle logbook or V5C.


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