What Can You Do If Council Trees Are Blocking Your Sky Signal?

If you are wondering what you can do if council trees are blocking your Sky signal, you will find the answer to your question in the following blog post as we explore different options while looking for a possible solution. In addition to this, we will also discuss what you can expect from the council if you complain to them about council trees blocking your Sky signal and if they will grant permission to prune or cut council trees in such a case.

What Can You Do If Council Trees Are Blocking Your Sky Signal?

If council trees are blocking your Sky signal, the first step that you should take is to inform your local council office of the inconvenience that you are facing and request a possible solution.

Although it is highly unlikely that the local authorities will cut down trees just because they are blocking your Sky signal, they may have an alternate solution to resolve the problem of council trees blocking your Sky signal.

Other alternate options that you may explore with regard to council trees blocking your Sky signal include the following:

  • You should check (or have a professional check it out for you) that the equipment is installed correctly, the connectors and parts are in working condition, they are located according to the given instructions and are securely attached for optimal performance.
  • You can also check whether the equipment is accurately positioned and optimally aligned to the vertical and lateral positioning so that the strongest signal is received on your television set.
  • You may consider relocating the dish/aerial at a distance from the trees or at a higher level on the property (if possible) to improve signals.
  • Another option is the installation of boosters, amplifiers and high-quality low-loss cable to improve signal strength and reception.
  • Consider upgrading your Sky equipment to enhance signal reception. Newer models may have improved capabilities to handle signal obstacles.

If these options do not provide a workable solution, you would need to consider reaching out to your local council’s tree or parks department and informing them about the problem. You should also provide details about the specific trees causing the signal blockage.

Prior to this, it is advisable to consult with your service provider; Sky TV in this case, and seek their advice on the matter.

What Action Can You Expect From The Council If Council Trees Are Blocking Your Sky Signal?

If you register a complaint with your local council that council trees are obstructing your Sky signal, you can expect them to take the following steps in response to your complaint:

  • The council will assess the situation by sending an officer or a relevant department to inspect the trees in question and verify the signal interference.
  • Based on the assessment, the council will consider various options to address the issue. These options may include tree trimming or selective pruning.
  • In case there is a report by a qualified engineer stating that council trees are blocking satellite signals, the council will take reasonable steps that are within good Arboricultural practice; such as pruning of the trees.

However, for all practical purposes, you should not expect the local council to take any of the following actions if council trees are blocking your Sky signal:

  • Approve tree removal or significant reduction when TV reception is the sole reason for the intervention.
  • Perform necessary work in cases where the cause of poor reception is uncertain.
  • Consider tree works when alternative solutions to address the issue have not been explored.

Will The Council Consider Cutting Down Council Trees If They Are Blocking My Sky Signal?

No, you should not expect the local council to cut down council trees if they are blocking your Sky signal. 

Council authorities will only approve the pruning or cutting down of trees under the following circumstances; and that too after inspecting the premises and conducting a thorough assessment of the situation:

  • The tree shows signs of disease or significant damage.
  • The tree’s branches extend over private property boundaries.
  • The tree poses a hazard to motorists.
  • The tree’s branches obstruct highway signs.
  • The root structure of the tree has the potential to cause structural damage to nearby properties.


If there are council trees blocking your Sky signal, it is advisable to communicate your concerns to the council and request their assistance in resolving the issue. They will assess the situation and determine the most appropriate course of action. At the same time, it is important to note that the specific actions taken by the council may vary depending on their policies, resources, and local regulations. Still, it is recommended to maintain ongoing communication with the council to stay informed about the progress and any updates regarding the resolution of the signal blockage.


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