Social score UK

In this brief blog, we are going to talk about Social score UK

What is Social Score UK?

Social score UK is a Uk company which provides a social credit scoring system that tracks your score and display it.

Social Score Uk is a data cloud which collects real-time data this data is stored in the cloud and the totality of the social score UK  data makes up yur social score. Your Social score is based on your social media profile data. This information is based on your inputs on the respective social media profiles and authentication from your social media accounts to prove that you are really who you say you are.

Your social media data is aggregated, arranged and then sorted so you can come up with a social score from zero to one hundred.

The social score derived by social score UK is what social score UK believe will be the best representation of you. This score can be shared with lenders and third party institutions which want to use your social score to analyse your creditworthiness.

Social score UK will broadly arrange your data into baskets such as your education history, your employment history, your friends, your connections, your peer groups and interest.

Your social score can allow you to get a job, get a flat or even get access to credit products.

Social score UK will issue your social score to you regularly once you sign up to the platform. Social score UK uses a lot of algorithms to determine your employment status, your creditworthiness and predictable patterns to socialistic probability.

How does Social score UK deal with your privacy?

In regards to your privacy, the social score you are given is derived based on the information you provide to social score UK. The data isn’t farmed according to Social score UK and your data will not be handed to any third party without your express permission.

You can access the data held by Social score UK. There is no secret data held by the institution. 

Social score UK states that the more information you provide the better data they will have to formulate a more accurate score for you.

How does Social score UK work?

The social score UK works by curating the social media data you have provided and categorising it into different baskets in order to formulate different patterns based on the social score UK algorithm. This will then be used to generate a social score.

Social score UK will keep your historic social scores and you can then check to see how your social score has improved.

Social data has always felt like the data which will then be used to determine your creditworthiness in the coming years but it really hasn’t come to fruition. Having a social score is good as it means you have a wider array of data you can present to those who are looking to determine your creditworthiness.  The reality is that as of today most lenders do not care for social data.

What is social score?

A social score is a score used to determine your creditworthiness based on your social media profile.

How do I cancel social score?

Social score UK can be paid for monthly and if you want to cancel your subscription then you can cancel it within the first 14 days and get a full refund.

If you cancel your refund within the first 14 days and your money will be returned to you within 30 days of you cancelling your subscription.

After the first 14 days you will not be able to get a full refund.

If you want to cancel the Social score UK after the first 14 days of the of you subscribing then you should call Social score UK at 0161 710 2754 or by email at

You will get your Social score UK refund between five and seven days.

How much does Social Score UK cost?

Social score UK will cost £29.99 which is an activation fee and then you will then continue to pay £29.88 every month after. The £29.99 fee comprises of 2 debit(s) today, a debit/credit card pre-authorisation or debit £0.11 (for address and identity verification) and the full fee of £29.88.

The social score UK price includes:

“Unlimited profile update requests

Full data removal request tools

Email alerts to profile/data changes

SMS alerts to changes

30 Days reporting incl. activation

Instant activation

Companies House checks included”

In this brief guide, we discussed Social score UK and answered some basic questions about it.

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