Northampton County Court(A review)

In this brief blog, we are going to talk about the Northampton County court.

What is Northampton County Court?

The Northampton County Court Business Centre is a court in Northampton which mostly deals with business cases. The court only handles administrative cases and any cases which require a formal court hearing will be heard by a District Judge or Circuit Judge in a county court. The court works with outer Ukcourts regularly.

The court handles the claims process for money claims which are made through the money claim online service. This means allowing people to upload claims and handling the responses to such claims. They do not handle money claims which are made through the paper forms.

The Northampton County Court also hand claims for companies such as utility companies and credit card companies. It allows them to upload bulk claims for money owed to them from consumers.

The Northampton County Court also handles any challenges to orders of recovery after parking tickets and certain driving violations and any deductions employers need to make from an employee’s pay after a court judgment against an employee.

Northampton County Court

How do I contact Northampton County Court?

If you want to contact the Northampton County Court Business Centre you can do so on the below address:

General enquiries

Northampton County Court Business Centre

St Katharine’s House

21-27 St Katharine’s Street




United Kingdom

What does the court do mostly?

In most cases, business County court judgements, as well as personal county court judgements, are issued from the Northampton County court. You will usually see it stated on your credit file although you may never have been to Nottingham or have anything to do with the place.

If you have received a CCJ which comes from the Northampton county court you should look to respond to this as soon as possible and within 28 days to avoid it being registered on your credit file.

You may have also received a county court judgement claimant letter from the Northampton County court. You should look to respond to this within 28 days.

Northampton County Court

Do I have to attend a hearing in Northampton?

No, you will usually not have to appear in Northampton except you intend to challenge the county court claim. If you want to defend the county court judgement then it will be moved to a court which is much closer to you. If this is done, the new curt will become the new issuing curt and this will be reflected on your credit file.

If you are unsure if a CCJ is already reflected on your credit file then you can check the credit bureaus for your credit file. The four credit files in the UK are Transunion, Equifax, Experian and Crediva.

Your credit file should state the below information:

Date CCJ was issued

Court Reference Number

The amount owed

Whether the CCJ is active

How long until the CCJ drops off

Which Credit Reference Agencies are reporting the marker

Contact details for the issuing court

Before a County court judgement is  issued, the court must provide you with a Notice of Default, and then a County Court Summons, outlining the amount owed, the name of the lender and the nature of the debt owed, along with the creditor’s intention to take you to court to retrieve the stated amount.

In this brief guide, we discussed the Northampton county court.

If you need financial advice and you live in the UK then you could contact the Money Advice service over the phone or via chat for impartial advice.

You can also contact the debt charity “Step Change” if you are in debt and need help.