The Noddle review

In this brief guide, we have compiled a list of Noddle reviews.

It is important to note that Noddle no longer exists as it was acquired by Credit Karma.

A Noddle review

Noddle had a Trustpilot review of 4 out of 5 stars  Trustpilot.

We have curated a list of Noddle reviews

Noddle 5 star reviews

“  I find this service very useful

I find this service very useful – as well as seeing at a glance all the very detailed information that my credit providers have on me (and so can check it) I can also easily check if anyone has done any searches or taken out any credit in my name, and it also allow me to check all my lenders are reporting me as up to date in the one place. Would not hesitate to recommend. “

“ Delighted

I’ve absolutely no idea why other reviewers have such issues with Noddle’s scoring system – in my experience it’s a thoroughly accurate representation of how likely I am to be approved for credit at any given moment, and has been a serious asset in planning my finances.

It’s hugely useful to be able to monitor my payment history, my search history, and my balances over time; and having all these figures visible in one place rather than distributed across multiple accounts is also of real benefit.  “

“  I have been using noddle for 5 years…

I have been using noddle for 5 years now. My information has always been pretty accurate. My score is lower than with other agencies but I know that all companies use different calculation etc so completely understand this. The website is easy to use. I recently contacted them regarding a name change and this was actioned immediately – all I had to do was scan and email my certificate. It was quick and easy and i received great customer service. Thanks noddle and the team! “

Noddle 4 star reviews

“  Initial Bugs but Very Useful and Informative Free Service

I was asked to sign up to Noddle for a mortgage application but the system wouldn’t allow me to activate my account due to server errors.

The company were responsive and fixed it but by the time this happened my account had been deleted and I needed to repeat the signup process filling in all the fields again and this caused a second record check to register on my file.

Aside from this minor issue, the service provides a very detailed account of all your finances and any debts registered under your name and if these are paid up to date and gives a good insight into your credit rating which other similar services I have used to not provide. “

“ Detailed report and it brought up…

Detailed report and it brought up information that other reports didn’t. However the scoring system is difficult to understand initially, doesn’t say the areas which need improvement in order to increase score. “

“ I can stop being paranoid

This is a great site, last year was the victim of identity fraud and could not afford the other companies who charge, so this has given me a great

emotional releif, I don’t understand most of it as I am a pensioner plus I’m dyslexia so I have to go to the library to slowly take it all in , I tried printing it there but it was going to cost too much. Thank you so much I’m not so paranoid now that someone could be taking credit cards out in my name

Yours sincerely

Margaret Woodley “

Noddle 3 star review

“ Noddle is OK for a free report but it…

Noddle is OK for a free report but it is not the most accurate credit report out there. I found Equifax and Experian to be superior with the information they held on me. Noddle is still good to get to understand how information is held on you when you apply for any loan/mortgage.

Best advice I can give you is, before any mortgage or loan application, check all three sites and correct any mistakes. They are free for 30 days. “

“ I am disappointed

I am disappointed that as someone who has never had a late payment or credit issue I get maximum points on Experian but not on Noddle (Call Credit) which would impact me if I wished to take out a loan for any purpose.  “

“  My credit state is not updated

My credit state is not updated. Compared with Experian and Equifax (I have scored excellent rate with both), I scored only “good” with Noodle. Disappointed “

Noddle 2 star review

“ No report in Noddle

I have registered in noddle for a while, they always saying they can’t generate credit file for me.

I have got report in other credit report agencies not sure why I haven’t got credit file in this agency. “

“ Why do they exist?

It is useful from the point of view of seeing my credit score and other information held on me. I don’t like the amount of information they had on me. I couldn’t understand why my Energy Supplier was supplying details to them. I think their procedure for correcting information is rubbish. I was linked to a person with the wrong initials and trying to get it put right was painful as they couldn’t understand the problem despite it being simple. I could not get to the bottom of the error as Noddle said the information was supplied by my bank yet my bank had the correct information and were at a loss to understand why Noddle were pointing the finger in their direction. “

“ Take the Noddle score with a large pinch of salt!

I have always found the information useful but not that accurate… then I went to Experian (and others) and find my score with Experian is now 998… but Noddle has me down as 2 bars = Poor… really?

I decided not to give one star but two because the information they have on you is interesting if nothing else… but take the score with a large pinch of salt. If your really interested in getting your score up, use one of the three main paid services, it’ll pay in the long run 🙂  “

Noddle 1 star review

“  It’s fine, but they’ll sell your number.

The site gives information okay.

The reason I am giving this a 1 star is because I know for a fact they sell your number.

I’ve taken out a new number quite recently and it just seems very coincidental that as soon as I used this service (keep in mind the only other company that has my number so far is the provider itself) that I am spammed by calls for PPI, and car accidents claims.

Do NOT use this service if you wish to avoid nuisance calls. “

“ The rating is so out of line with other…

The rating is so out of line with other reference agencies as to be completely misleading. While information on other agencies’ sites is up to date, Noddle is at least two months behind schedule. “ 

“  Poor access to technical support

Had my noddle account for 4 years now. Forgotten my password and tried to reset it – tried to do so more than 5 times, no email confirmation sent. Emailed them 3 days ago with still no reply. No telephone contact. Very frustrating experience with no access to my credit report. “

We have compiled a list of Noddle reviews.

It is important to note that Credit Karma which has taken over Noddle do not have the same practices as Noddle so should be judged on their own merit. If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

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