Is It Normal To Get Home Visits When You Claim Housing Benefit?

If you are wondering whether or not it is normal to get home visits from DWP officials when you claim Housing Benefit, you will find the answer to your question in the following blog post. In addition to answering this question, we will also explore the reasons why DWP officials pay home visits to Housing Benefit claimants, explain the possible actions you should expect from DWP officials when they pay you a home visit; as well as suggest actions you should take as a claimant in such cases.

Is It Normal To Get Home Visits When You Claim Housing Benefit?

Yes, it is normal for DWP officials to visit your home if you are claiming Housing Benefit in the UK. The main purpose of their visit would be to confirm that you are living in the property that you are claiming and that the property meets the required standards. 

Home visits by DWP officials can be part of a routine review for your Housing Benefit claim. During these visits, the officials may ask you certain questions to confirm your identity and if there have been any changes to your circumstances since your Housing Benefit claim was approved. 

The officials can also check for certain documents such as identification, proof of income, and other evidence to determine if the claimant is eligible for Housing Benefit and to assess the amount of benefit they receive.

Sometimes DWP officials visit the home of Housing Benefits claimants to provide support regarding their benefits claim. This is quite common when a benefits claimant is too ill or disabled to manage the paperwork, application, review or payment process regarding their benefit claim and requires support from the DWP.

In such cases, the claimant needs to file a formal application requesting support from the DWP; based on which their eligibility for support through a home visit will be assessed and arranged.

Irrespective of the reason for a home visit by DWP officials, it is important to note that the visit should be no more intrusive than necessary and any information you provide to the official during the visit should be treated with respect and privacy.

One should know that sometimes, DWP officials have the right to enter your property without your permission if they have reasonable grounds to believe that you are not living on the property or that the property does not meet the required standards or if they suspect you of benefit fraud.

If you have any concerns about a DWP official visit, you should contact your local authority or the DWP.

What Should You Expect In Case Of A Home Visit When You Claim Housing Benefit?

When DWP officials visit your home, they will have already seen your application and will likely have a preparation checklist of what to look for. They may ask about your circumstances, where you live, and for photo identification. They will also likely do the following: 

  • Take photos of your home’s interior and exterior. 
  • Check documentation against the information supplied in your application, such as proof of identity and address proof. 
  • Ensure your home is habitable and safe to live in.
  • Check that the home is not overcrowded or that the occupants are not claiming benefits under false pretences.
  • Verify the number of occupants and their ages, if applicable.
  • Request supporting documents, such as employment documents, income statements and rent agreements.
  • Talk to you (the claimant) and any other occupants on the property.

Your DWP official may also deem your home ineligible for Housing Benefit if there are multiple occupants in the same space and they decide that the home is overcrowded. 

What Should You Do In Case Of A Home Visit When You Claim Housing Benefit?

If DWP officials visit your home to verify your claim for Housing Benefit, you should cooperate with them and provide the necessary documentation. At the same time, you should be aware of your rights to privacy and maintain an environment of mutual respect. 

Here are some tips for how to prepare for a DWP official visit:

  • The first step in preparing for a DWP visit for a Housing Benefit claim is to be organised. You should gather all the documentation you need to demonstrate you are eligible for the benefit.
  • It is advisable to get your home ready for a visit by cleaning it up, making repairs and making sure it is a safe place for the official to enter.
  • You should check the official ID of the DWP official when they come to your door and should not allow anyone claiming to be from the DWP unless they have official documentation to prove their identity.
  • If you are asked questions during the visit, you should keep calm and be polite to the official. At the same time, you should know that the official should be professional and not ask probing or intrusive questions. 
  • Make sure you understand what the official needs from you. If you do not understand something, feel free to ask them.
  • You should keep a record of the visit. Write down the date, time, who visited and what the topics discussed were.
  • If you are required to, you should inform the official in case something changes. If your circumstances change while the benefit is in effect, make sure to tell the official as soon as possible. 

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the home visit by a DWP official, you should inform your local council and the local Jobcentre Plus office.


The above discussion helps to conclude that it is quite common to receive home visits from DWP officials if you are a Housing Benefit claimant. These visits can take place while your Housing Benefit application is being assessed for the first time to confirm your eligibility for the benefit, during the course of the benefit as part of a periodic review or if the DWP believes that there is a change in your circumstances that may affect your Housing Benefit claim.


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