How to get a housing executive house quick?

In this brief guide, we are going to discuss how to get a housing executive house quick.

How to get a housing executive house quick?

The housing executive houses are given out based on a points-based system. If you want to get a housing executive house quickly then you will need to score the maximum points on all the assessment questions in order to be pushed up the waiting list.

The higher the points you have the higher you will be pushed up the housing executive waiting list and you will be able to get a housing executive house quickly.

The assessment criteria which determines the number of points you get under the housing allocation points system are based under the four categories, they include:

How to get a housing executive house quick


If you are currently being intimidated with violence or any other thing and you feel you are at serious risk of physical risk, emotional risk or any other type of risk and may require immediate housing.

Housing conditions

If your current living conditions are very bad and the place which you live will require a lot of renovation then you will be awarded points for this. The housing conditions don’t have to do with the physical structure, it could also be due to overcrowding, the house being unsuitable etc.

Insecurity of tenure

If you are being threatened with being made homeless or if you are homeless

Health or social well-being assessment

Points are given for a range of social and wellbeing conditions which may affect you. These will include conditions that may affect your your current home. If you have any health or social care needs that require you to have housing as soon as possible then this may also count in your favour.

The totality of these circumstances will determine how quickly you can get an executive house. How quickly you can get a housing executive house will also depend on your area of choice and the amount of demand in that area.

Once you have been assessed for the housing executive house you will then be notified via writing on the total number of points you have scored.

You can find out more details about how the points are worked out here.

How the application for a housing executive house works?

If you want a housing executive house you will have to register with a housing association. There are housing associations which rent their properties to people who are in serious need of housing. You can find more information about how to apply on the NIHE website.

Once you apply you will be assessed by a housing officer to see if you are indeed eligible for the scheme and eligible to rent a social house in Northern Ireland. The housing officer will discuss all your housing needs with you, explain your options and put you on the waiting list if you are eligible. If you are not eligible then they will inform you. You can also choose to request a particular housing executive landlord who may then want to perform another interview with you.

You will then be given a hosing or transfer application form which you can use to apply to all the housing associations in the area. Alternatively, you can apply by making a phone call to the Housing executive.

The Housing or transfer application form will have notes guiding you on how to fill in the form but if you need any assistance then you can call the local housing executive or housing association for help.

Once you are done filling in the form you should send the form to the local chousing executive who is responsible for the area in which you are living or applying for. Alternatively, you can send it to the local housing association who will then forward it to the local housing executive.

FAQs: how to get a housing executive house quick

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to getting a housing executive house quick.

Can you buy a Housing Executive house?

Yes, you can buy a housing executive house. You can either by some or all of the housing executive house. The house will be your responsibility regardless of if you buy some or all of it.

Can I buy my house from housing association?

Yes, you can buy your house from your housing association if you have the right to buy. If you are unsure if you have the right to buy then ask your housing association landlord.

They will check and let you know if you are eligible for the right to buy scheme.

In this brief guide, we discussed how to get a housing executive house quick. If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

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