How to check IMEI for T-Mobile?

This blog post provides detailed information about the T-Mobile IMEI check. It tells you about IMEI, the importance of IMEI, and how to check IMEI.

How to check IMEI for T-Mobile?

You can check the IMEI number of your device by following these steps.

  • From the Home screen, select Main Menu.
  • Scroll to and select Settings.
  • Scroll to and select Phone Settings.
  • Scroll to and select Phone info.
  • Scroll to and select Version info.
  • Scroll to and view the IMEI.

     You can find the number in your phone’s settings. Here’s

  • Android
    Go to Settings > About Phone, then Status.
  • Windows phone
    Go to Settings > About, then More information.
  • iPhone
    Go to Settings > General, then About.


On the dial pad screen, press *#06#, and you will see the IMEI. Some phones require you to press the send key after the code.

2. Once you have the IMEI number you can directly go to enter your IMEI number there and click on check.

This T mobile service helps you with the following information

  • Model, Model Number,
  • Blacklist Status,
  • SIMLOCK Blockade.

Why should you check IMEI for T Mobile?

T-Mobile IMEI Check provides you with information about the device.

by checking you will be able to find out if the device has a barred IMEI number, which makes the phone useless.

If you are buying a used second-hand phone this IMEI check will help you find its Blacklist status.

You can ask the seller for the IMEI number of the device you are planning to buy, and check its status.

IMEI check for T mobile will also help you to find if the T Mobile device you are planning to buy has ever been reported lost or stolen

T-mobile IMEI check will also provide the information regarding the outstanding balance of the bills.

After verifying all the information related to IMEI of T-mobile, you can go ahead and buy the T mobile device without worry.

Information about identifiers

Globally, Primary mobile services are GSM (Global Mobile Communications System) and CDMA (code division multiple access)

The devices using these services have unique identifiers.

All the devices connected to a cellular network have a serial number that is unique. The unique number is electronically embedded by the manufacturer. This serial number helps the carrier identify the device

There are different formats of these serial numbers.

  •  ESN- CDMA
  •   MEID -CDMA
  •   IMEI- GSM


ESN is an electronic serial number that is the unique identifier of a cellular device. It has 8 characters which can be numbers and letters in Hex format.

ESN are mainly used in CDMA (code division multiple access)

In 2008 all the combinations of ESN were exhausted, a new format called MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier) was created.

MEID has 14 characters which can be numbers and letters in Hexadecimal format


MEID (mobile equipment identifier) is mainly used in CDMA and it is a 14 character Hexadecimal whereas IMEI (international mobile equipment identifier) is used in GSM and has 15-17 digits.

What is International Mobile Equipment Identity-?

IMEI is a special identifier associated with  Global Mobile Communications System (GSM) phones

IMEI is used to identify a device on a cellular network.

GSM phones are assigned with 15–17-digit identifiers.

It is your device’s social security number.

It identifies the device uniquely and the network it is being used on.


Format of IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

TAC-Type allocation code

It has two parts:

·   Reporting body identifier-2 digits

             This identifies the reporting body that issued the IMEI.

·   ME Model identifier-6 digit

It identifies the model of the device


 Serial NO-6 digit

It identifies the device in that specific model group


 Spare/check digit- 1 digit

The 15th digit is used to protect against incorrect manual entry or reporting IMEI.

It depends on all the digits before it.

It is calculated by using the loon formula.


Information provided by IMEI:

     IMEI tells you plenty of specifications about the device like

  •  Brand
  •   Mobile phone model
  •  Date of purchase
  •   year of release
  •  Warranty
  •   Kind of device -iOS /Android

When you make a call the IMEI information along with the phone number reaches the service provider.IMEI provides only device-related information and not any personal information of the owner. But it does provide a location and some network-related information.IMEI can also retrieve the call logs as when you make a call using your device the SIM sends the IMEI number with the phone number to the telecom operator.


How does IMEI help service providers?

GSM uses subscriber identity module cards to store subscribers’ information.

Customers can easily switch the SIM card from one device to another and start making calls without any problem

It helps operators identify valid customers and disable the devices from their end if reported lost or stolen.

IMEI is hardcoded by the manufacturer; it helps the carrier understand the capabilities of the device; it helps the provider to get the device to a nearby tower for connection.

If you lose your phone or if it gets stolen, IMEI will help you make sure the person who stole it won’t be able to use your device. The device can be denied service to any cellular network even if the SIM is changed.

T mobile with other service providers keeps a common database of blacklisted IMEI to deny service to lost or theft phones

How IMEI helps cell phone users:

Whenever you buy a new phone it is recommended to keep IMEI information safe for future use.

IMEI is very useful when buying an old used phone as you can confirm that the device you are buying is:

  • Not stolen
  • Not in denied or blocked list
  •  Not connected with any fraudulent activity.
  •   Has no outstanding balance
  •  Has no pending insurance claim

When you want to sell your old phone on any E-Commerce portal they ask you for IMEI to get all the details about the device. It helps the retailers keep track of where and when the device was sold or if it’s blacklisted.

It is always a good practice to check the IMEI number before buying a used device to validate the originality.


  • Helps to confidently buy an old phone in resale after checking the clear IMEI list in T-Network.
  • It can be used to track lost or stolen phones
  • It is used to locate a missing individual as well


  • You should not share your IMEI with anyone, because IMEI shares a lot of private information and can be used by unintended users for illegal works.
  • IMEI data could be used to track the location of the cellular device
  • It can also lead to SIM swapping attacks
  • People can duplicate your IMEI number and use it for illogical tasks If you publicize it.

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This article helps us understand T mobile IMEI check. we understood the information IMEI provides. The article outlined the importance of IMEI in the case of buying a used old phone and also how it helps the T mobile to provide services to the subscribers.. It also provides the steps to find the IMEI number of your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): T- Mobile IMEI Check

How do I check if my T-Mobile IMEI is clean?

Answer: You need to go to your settings and find out your device’s IMEI number. once you have your IMEI number, you can go to the official T mobile website to check if the IMEI is clear.

How do I Find my T Mobile IMEI number?

Can T mobile track IMEI?

Answer:Yes, whenever you make a call your identity is represented by two numbers, one is the IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) number and  IMSI( International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number

Can you check your carrier with IMEI?

Answer: IMEI provides only device-related information and not any personal information of the owner. But it does provide a location and some network-related information.

 What is BAD IMEI?

Answer: Bad IMEI means the device is reported as either lost or stolen.

The Bad IMEI phones are blocked by T mobiles and most of the other services, so you should always check the bad IMEI list before buying a used phone.

 Why shouldn’t you share your IMEI number?

Answer: You should not share your IMEI with anyone, because IMEI shares a lot of private information and can be used by unintended users for illegal works.


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