How Much Interest Will I Earn On 50,000 In A Year?

The amount of interest one may be able to earn primarily depends on the amount and rate of applicable interest. Through this blog post, we aim to learn how much interest one can earn on 50,000 in a year. Additionally, we will review the calculation of interest on earnings, as well as compound interest.

How Much Interest Will I Earn On 50,000 In A Year?

If you live in the UK, you can earn £500 as interest on £50,000 in a year or £42 per month.

Earnings through interest can be calculated on the basis of the following three factors:

  • the sum of money
  • the applicable rate of interest
  • the applicable tax rate

However, these are all variable factors. Firstly, the sum of money varies from individual to individual; which is £50,000 in this case. Secondly, interest rates change annually; however, keeping in view the most recent rate of interest set by the Bank of England, we are considering 1.25% as the rate of interest. 

Finally, the applicable tax rate depends upon whether you are a basic rate taxpayer in the UK (with 20% taxable income) or a higher rate taxpayer (with a 40% rate of tax applied to your income). For our calculator, we’ve considered the basic rate of income tax at 20%.

How Are Earnings Through Interest Calculated?

To calculate earnings through interest, you should first multiply the sum of money by the applicable rate of interest. Then multiply the resulting product by the applicable tax rate; which is 20% for basic rate taxpayers in the UK and 40% for higher rate taxpayers.

For a quick and accurate estimate of your current or potential earnings through interest, you can use an online interest calculator

How Does Compound Interest Work?

Compound interest is based on the periodic addition (usually annual) of additional amounts to your principal amount due to which your passive income through interest earnings can rise.

For instance, if someone has £5000 in savings and at the end of the fiscal year, they earn £50 on this amount. If this additional amount is added to the original (or principal amount) of £50,000, the interest generated as a result will be compound interest.

To learn more about how the amount of income generated through compound interests changes over time, you can refer to this online calculator.


With the recent increase in bank interest rates raising them to 1.25%, UK residents can earn around £500 per year as interest if they have saved £50,000 if they are a basic rate taxpayer. However, as taxpayer rates rise or the principal amount decreases, earnings through interest will fall too.


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