How many users does Verizon have?

This blog post gives you information about the subscriber count of Verizon. It also gives your information about the carrier used by Verizon, the best plans which attract the users to Verizon.

How many users does Verizon have?

Verizon has 142.8 million users, which is  the highest number of subscribers of a telecom company  in the US compared to other carriers. Verizon is the largest service provider in the US leaving behind AT&T and T-Mobile.

What is the Verizon Wireless network?

Verizon Wireless network is the largest service provider in the United States. Its headquarter

is in New York (USA) and Verizon Wireless is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications.

The 4G network of Verizon covers 70% of the country. So Verizon is well ahead as far as

network coverage is concerned.

Which carrier is used by Verizon?

Mainly, there are two carriers, namely GSM and CDMA. GSM stands for “Global System for mobile”. It is second-generation cellular technology. Another carrier is CDMA, and CDMA stands for “code division multiple access.”

Verizon makes use of CDMA network carriers. In CDMA, the same carrier frequency is shared by many users. In CDMA, a share of bandwidth, as well as time, is achieved. Many new phones can work with both GSM and CDMA. Even if your unlocked phone works with both carriers, you need to check the compatibility with the Verizon network.

Advantages of CDMA

  • Call quality is better compared to GSM.
  • Requires fewer antennas but gives between coverage.
  • A CDMA signal cannot be quickly decided, giving enhanced security.
  • It has reduced the level of interference.
  • Many users can share the same bandwidth.

Disadvantages of CDMA

  • CDMA does not offer an international roaming facility.
  • As the number of users increases, the performance of the CDMA system decreases.
  • It possesses the self-jamming problem. This is because the spreading sequences of different users are not exactly orthogonal.
  •  Near far, problems arise if an undesired user has higher power than another user.

Do Verizon phones use a sim card?

Almost all Verizon phones use a sim card.SIM is a subscriber identity module. Some phones

have internal sim cards. Such sim cards are hermetically sealed and you cannot take them out of the phone. But if the phone is having an external sim card, you can easily take it out and can use it on another phone.

If you purchase a phone from Verizon then a sim card may be preinstalled on your phone, you don’t have to purchase it externally. But if it is not preinstalled you will have to request a new sim card. You will get a new sim card from the Verizon service center as a part of your phone plan. Even if the sim card is lost or damaged, you are eligible for a new sim card without any charges.

The majority of newer phones including iPhones and some Android phones use 4GLTE or 5G network, for which a sim card is required. Verizon offers different sim cards for 4GLTE, 5G, and CDMA mobiles. But these sim cards will work on Verizon verified devices to use the Verizon network.

How to activate a Verizon sim card?

There are two methods to activate a Verizon sim card.

● Activation using the phone device

● Online activation

By using the phone device

  • Use the following steps to activate a new Verizon sim card via your phone device.
  • Keep your sim card receipt handy because during the activation process some information is required from the sim card receipt.
  • Open the phone app.
  • Enter activation number, then enter the number 8778074646 and tap the “call” key.
  • After completion of the call, your sim card gets activated.


  • Open Verizon’s official website.
  • Enter your user id and password sign in to your account.
  • Click on the “My devices” option
  • Click on the “Activating my phone “ option.
  • Open the “Get started with a new SIM card “ section and click on the “Activate SIM” option.
  • Click on the “Select device” option and select your phone.
  • Enter the sim card number.
  • Click on the “Check SIM card” option.

How to check the coverage map for Verizon:

  • Go to link on your computer or mobile phone.
  • When prompted type the area or zip code and press enter, you also have a dropdown list showing all the areas to choose from
  • You will get the map showing the coverage in different colors.
  • You can move the map; you just need to tap and hold to drag.
  • To get coverage information in detail you just need to tap on the location and it gives you a pop-up.
  • To zoom in use +, to zoom out use – or just pinch
  • If you want to see the 4G LTE coverage make the appropriate selection at the bottom.

Verizon plans

Verizon is the largest network provider. Ideally, it provides network services at every place.

Unlimited plans. Verizon offers unlimited plans starting from $ 80 per month. The major unlimited plans are as follows.

● Start unlimited

● Play more unlimited

● Do more unlimited

● Get more unlimited

 Plan Price Data Hot spot Extras and perks Music
 Start unlimited $80 4G LTE – Disney + for 6 months Apple Music for 6 months
 Play more unlimited $90 5G ultra wideband 4G LTE Unlimited 15GB of 4G LTE Disney +, Hulu, ESPN + Apple Music for 6 months
 Do more unlimited $90 5G ultra wideband Unlimited 15GB of 4G LTEDisney + for       6months. Apple Music
   4G LTE 50% off unlimited connected device plan. 
    Verizon cloud storage. 

Family plans

You can convert any unlimited plan into a family plan. For five or more lines it will cost you $40 per line. But if you opt for the auto-pay option then you can save $10 for each line per month.

Prepaid plans

A variety of prepaid plans are offered by Verizon. Like other plans, you need to pay monthly for prepaid plans. You can avail of some additional discounts if you sign up for more than four months.

Perks for Verizon subscribers

  • Free Disney+ for one year.
  • Free Apple Music for six months.
  • Auto-pay discount
  • Credits to use as currency.

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This blog post tells you how many users Verizon has. The blog also informs you about the plans and extra perks Verizon users enjoy and how Verizon users can check the Verizon network in their area.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): How many users does Verizon have?

Which is the most preferred Verizon plan for individuals?

Verizon offers unlimited plans starting from $ 80 per month. The major unlimited plans are as follows.

  • Start unlimited
  • Play more unlimited
  • Do more unlimited
  • Get more unlimited

But Get More Unlimited plan, offered by Verizon at $55 per month is the most preferred plan for individuals.

 Is Verizon still the best network carrier?

Yes, Verizon is still the best network carrier. In different test categories including data plan, reliability of network provider, network coverage, etc. Verizon won first place.

Does Verizon share towers?

Yes, Verizon shares towers, but it doesn’t share equipment like antennas and transmitters.

Does Cellcom use Verizon towers?

Yes, Cellcom does use Verizon towers as both are CDMA and it is a Verizon LTE in LRA But Cellcom does use Verizon towers in some areas which do not have Cellcom towers yet. Cellcom and Verizon both are CDMA, Cellcom has leased Verizon towers for roaming service.

How to decide whether your Verizon iPhone is eligible for unlocking?

  • You must have purchased the cellular phone from Sprint.
  • The cell phone should not be reported as blocked or lost.
  • An account concerned with the Device must be active for a minimum of 60 days.
  • Any associated service agreement must be fulfilled. For example installation billing agreement, lease agreement.
  • Depending upon prepaid or postpaid plans, the Device should satisfy all necessary unlock requirements.
  • The device must have SIM unlock capability.

Do Verizon phones take sim cards?

Yes, Verizon phones take a sim card. The sim card in a phone contains the information which is used to authenticate the subscribers to connect to the 4G LTE or 5G network. It is portable and can be used on any compatible device


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