According to an estimate, the average American household spends around $62,000 every year; which is much further away from the figure of 1 million dollars and our topic of discussion regarding how long it would take to spend a billion dollars if someone spent 1 million dollars every day. In addition to this, the article below also explores how to spend a million dollars and how long would a billion dollars last if the daily spending was reduced.

How Long Would It Take To Spend A Billion Dollars If You Spend 1 Million Every Day?

It could take around 2 years and 9 months to spend billion dollars if you spend 1 million every day.

However, if you spent $100,000 every day, the billion dollars could last you up to 25 years. While if you spend $500 a day, the billion dollars would last many generations for the next 500 years.

How Can You Spend A Million Dollars Every Day?

While there can be purchases of different types of luxury goods for you to spend a million dollars on every day, a wise decision would be to divide your spending as follows:

  • Assets
  • Investments
  • Savings

How Long Would It Take To Spend A Billion Dollars If You Spend $10,000 Eeveryday?

If you have 1 billion dollars and spend $10,000 a day, it would take approximately 275 years to spend this amount. 

However, keeping in view the rate of inflation, if you are buying an item worth $100 today but it costs $110 in two years, your net worth is reduced by 5% (100 – 110). 


According to this article, with inflation taking prices higher than before and American households saving lesser than in previous years, it appears that a billion dollars would be spent much more quickly in today’s time if someone spent a million dollars every day. 


The value of a billion dollars

Spend A Billion Dollars At 1 Million Dollars A Day

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