How Long Will 10 Million Dollars Last?

While the aim of this article is to explore how long 10 million dollars will last, we will also discuss how long such a lump sum amount of money last after one’s retirement, what are the factors that determine its lifetime as well as how to save 10 million dollars.

How Long Will 10 Million Dollars Last?

If you spend $100,000 per year, 10 million dollars could sufficiently last for 100 years.

However, the first thing to consider is how much interest you get on your money. If you are getting a high-interest rate, then it is likely that your 10 million dollars will last for a long time. 

However, if you are only getting a low-interest rate, then it is more likely that your 10 million dollars will run out sooner than expected.

Secondly, we need to consider what kind of lifestyle we want to live with our money. If we want to retire early and live off of our investments alone, then we need to make sure that our investments are generating enough income to meet our expenses.

How Long Will 10 Million Dollars Last If I Retire?

How long 10 million dollars last after your retirement depends on two factors:

  • the number of years between your retirement age and your life expectancy
  • whether you will make withdrawals from the total amount or partially invest some of it

For a closer estimate of numbers, you can use a Savings Calculator.

How Can I Save 10 Million Dollars?

In order to save 10 million dollars, you may try the following suggestions:

  • start saving early in your career
  • reduce your expenses at an early age
  • continuously build wealth
  • consider low-fee investment options
  • capture employer contributions
  • invest in retirement accounts
  • avoid high-cost funds


How long 10 million dollars last primarily depend on whether you choose to invest some of it or continue to make withdrawals from the principal amount; as well as if you have another source of regular income. To make 10 million dollars last, you should consider investing some of it for continuous returns rather than using up all of your savings.


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