How Does The Bidding System Work For Council Housing In Luton?

If you are keen to learn about how the bidding system for council housing works in Luton, you will find the answer to your question in the following blog post. While we will mainly discuss the bidding cycle and steps involved, we will also share the information you should look for when bidding for a council property. In the end, there are some suggestions on how to improve your bidding position during the process.

How Does The Bidding System Work For Council Housing In Luton?

The bidding system for council housing in Luton primarily works in the same way as any other council; however, there are certain aspects that are important to know about.

Once a council housing application is approved, the council authorities share the login details of their lettings service Bedfordshire Homefinder with successful claimants. This is a website that they will need to access to bid on properties in Luton Council.

The bidding cycle runs from from Thursday to Tuesday; during which properties are advertised for the entire course of six days every week. During this cycle, you can only bid on three properties. Therefore, it is advisable for claimants to keep note of the following suggestions:

  • place a bid for a property that you can afford and are sure of moving into if your bid is approved and the property is offered to you
  • bid on properties that match your bedroom entitlement and special needs (if any)
  • do not waste your bids on properties that are intended for disabled claimants (these bids will not be approved in any case
  • place your bids well before the scheduled deadline (you will find a reminder for this on the homepage)

If you don’t find a property that you can afford or one that meets your needs, it is not necessary to bid during each cycle. However, if you don’t place a bid for a long period of time, your council housing application may be reviewed by the authorities on grounds of eligibility and interest.

If you don’t have regular access to the internet, you can download the weekly leaflet that Luton Council posts on its website with details of the properties advertised to council housing claimants. You can use the leaflet to make a choice and place your bid whenever you are connected to the internet.

Claimants who do not have access to the internet for extended periods of time can use the Home Connect application to search appropriate council housing in Luton for them and place bids at the start of each bidding cycle. The application is available both on the Apple Store and Google Play.

What Information Will I Get About Luton Council Properties During The Bidding Cycle?

When you login to the council’s website to search for properties, you will find a number of tabs that will help you narrow down your search based on the rent, number of bedrooms, type of housing along with other details.

Below is a list of key features of council properties that are advertised along with visuals of the property:

  • type of property such as flat, house, maisonette
  • amount of rent
  • number of bedrooms
  • number of people that the property is suitable for
  • floor level
  • availability of a parking space
  • additional features such as stairs or a garden
  • type of heating system
  • accessibility of the property and ability to meet disability needs
  • information about the landlord (council or social housing landlord)

How Can I Place A Successful Bid For Luton Council Housing?

While there is no guaranteed way to place a successful bid; however, the following suggestions can help you in improving your bidding position and even result in a successful bid:

  • It is important to remain updated with the council’s rules and advice regarding their bidding system. This is usually shared via emails or notices uploaded on the website. 
  • Maintain a regular check (at least once a week) on advertisements for council properties, the start and end of the bidding cycle. 
  • Keep in mind that you can only bid on three properties each week. Stay within the assigned limit and place your bid well ahead of the end time for each cycle. 
  • Remain flexible in what you need versus what you are offered. If you have asked for a three-bedroom council property but you can adjust in a two-bedroom one without overcrowding, consider the pros and cons before refusing it.
  • In case of changes to your circumstances including your health and living conditions, increase or decrease in the number of people in your household or changes to your income and employment status, keep your council authorities informed on a timely basis. Some changes can increase your priority rank for council accommodation.

That said, it is also important to make sure that you do not keep refusing properties offered to you after a successful bid. If you do that on a regular basis with a good reason, this will decrease your priority rank and it is highly likely that you will not receive any recommendations for some time.


The above discussion helps to summarise the bidding system at Luton Council which has many aspects similar to other councils but some unique features such as the Home Connect application that can be used to place bids on your behalf. While the council is facing a shortage of council properties at the moment, however, with their aim to build 400 new homes each year and the suggestions shared above, you may be able to improve your bidding position and get a council house to move into.


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