How Can You Get 120 Housing Executive Points?

If you are wondering about how to get 130 Housing Executive points, you will find the answer to your question in this blog post. Additionally, we will also discuss how the Housing Executive point system work; as well as the factors that increase a claimant’s position on the priority ranking list for social housing.

How Can You Get 120 Housing Executive Points?

You can get 120 Housing Executive points and increase your priority rank for social housing in Northern Ireland on the basis of your circumstances. Below is a sample breakdown that can explain the Housing Executive point system better:

  • If a claimant has nowhere to live, they have to vacate their house within 28 days, or they cannot reasonably keep living at their current home, they will be termed as homeless and will be assigned 70 points.
  • On top of this, if a claimant has been living in a temporary shelter for at least 6 months due to any of the above reasons, they can get an additional 20 points.
  • If you’ve been living in overcrowded conditions in which the number of household members does not match the number of bedrooms, you can get 10 more points.
  • If someone has been living in a place which lacks basic amenities or it needs repairs, there will be 10 points each for situations such as serious disrepair, dampness or mould that affects their health, there is lack of lighting, heating or ventilation, there is little or no supply of wholesome water, or there is no suitable WC for the exclusive use of occupants. The maximum number of points that can be awarded in such cases is 80.
  • Then there are 20 points awarded to individuals (or their household members) with complex needs (based on an assessment by Health & Social Services).
  • Individuals with high social needs can get 40 points if they have been attacked or are fearful of being attacked, they’ve experienced serious trauma or their home is too expensive for them to maintain.

Therefore, it is not one factor but rather the combination of multiple factors that can attain 120 Housing Executive points for a social housing applicant and raise their priority ranking.

How Does The Housing Executive Point System Work?

The Housing Executive system works on the basis of the following factors that determine the number of Housing Executive points that can be earned by a claimant and consequently determine their position on the priority list for social housing:

  • insecurity of tenure: such as being homeless, facing intimidation in or around their current home, living in temporary housing/shelter or having to leave their home due to the end of a relationship
  • housing conditions: such as living in a house that is overcrowded, the living conditions are unsanitary or cramped or the structure is in need of essential repairs to make it liveable 
  • health and well-being: such as claimants who are faced with disabilities or a health condition that affects their mobility and makes them need assistance to move around
  • social needs: such as having a personal connection to the place due to family, friends or workplace or having to move out of the previous home due to issues with neighbours, harassment or violence

Who Can Get Priority Ranking From Housing Executive?

Individuals who are challenged with facing intimidation are generally the top priority in such cases and get 200 points under the following situations:

  • their home was destroyed in an attack
  • there is a confirmed threat to their safety from a potential attack

The attack can be due to an explosion or fire that destroyed their home or it can be a terrorist, racial, sectarian, sexual orientation or disability-related attack that leaves the claimant vulnerable. 

The threat to safety in such cases can be either potential or existing. This means that the applicant is at serious risk of being killed or injured in an attack.

It also includes situations in which a claimant has faced neighbourhood nuisance or antisocial behaviour.

Although these are not ideal circumstances for someone to be in, it is only in such dire situations that one can qualify for an urgent need for council housing.


The above discussion clearly outlines how a Housing Executive claimant can earn 120 points to increase their priority ranking for social housing in Northern Ireland. If you still have any unanswered questions you may wish to speak to an adviser and discuss your case.


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