Do I Have To Pay The Bus Lane Fine On Oxford Road In Manchester?

If you are wondering whether or not you have to pay a bus lane fine for being charged for a contravention on Oxford Road in Manchester, you will find the answer to your question in the following article. In addition to answering your question, we will also explore the bus lane regulations that apply to the area and if you can appeal against a bus lane fine.

Do I Have To Pay The Bus Lane Fine On Oxford Road In Manchester?

Yes, you have to pay the bus lane fine for a contravention on Oxford Road in Manchester. The bus lane fine on Oxford Road in Manchester is £60 if you enter a bus lane or use a bus gate. 

However, if you manage to pay the fine within 14 days of being issued a Parking Charge Notice, the fine can be reduced to half and you will only have to pay £30. If you ignore the bus lane fine, the charges will increase to £90 after 28 days.

The bus lanes on Oxford Road are only meant for buses, black cabs and pedal cycles from 6 am to 9 pm every day. Therefore, if any other vehicle is found in a bus lane, it will be caught by the street cameras and the owner will be faced with a PCN for a bus lane violation.

The bus gates on Oxford Road are marked with the standard “no motor vehicles” signs. This is a red circle with a motorbike above a car inside that indicates to motor vehicle owners that they are not supposed to be in the area.

The Oxford Road corridor, which runs from central to south Manchester, has been subject to a large number of bus lane fines since general traffic was banned in 2017; which makes it all the more important for vehicle owners to remain mindful of the bus lane regulations that apply to the area.

What Are The Bus Lane Regulations On Oxford Road In Manchester?

The bus lane regulations for Oxford Road in Manchester can be summarised as follows:

  • The bus lane operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Only buses, taxis, bicycles, and emergency vehicles are allowed to use the bus lane.
  • Private cars and other vehicles are not allowed to enter or drive in the bus lane.
  • The bus lane is clearly marked with signs and road markings, indicating where it begins and ends and should be adhered to.
  • There are cameras in operation to monitor and enforce the bus lane regulations.
  • Any vehicle caught driving in the bus lane outside of the permitted hours or without an exemption may receive a penalty charge notice (PCN) in the post.

If you’ve been fined for contravention o any of these regulations, you will have to pay the bus fine through the Manchester Council PCN Portal.

Can You Appeal Against A Bus Lane Fine On Oxford Road In Manchester?

Yes, you can appeal against a bus lane fine if you are the registered owner of the vehicle and have faced any of the following circumstances:

  • you have also received a fixed penalty notice from the Police for the same contravention
  • ownership of the vehicle was not transferred to you when the contravention occurred
  • the contravention stated in your PCN ticket did not take place
  • the vehicle was being used by a vehicle trader
  • the vehicle was taken without your consent
  • the fine exceeds the relevant amount

To file an appeal against the bus lane fine issued to you, you should visit the Manchester Council PCN Portal. If your appeal is accepted, you will not have to pay a fine. However, if it is rejected, you will have 14 days to pay the reduced fine of £30.


The above discussion helps to conclude that if you are issued a bus lane fine, its payment is mandatory; unless you can prove that the fine was issued to you in error and file an appeal on time.


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