Can You Get Free Driving Lessons If You Claim Universal Credit?

If you are wondering whether or not you can get free driving lessons if you claim Universal Credit, you will find the answer to your question in the following blog post where we will discuss how to claim free driving lessons when you are a Universal Credit claimant.

Can You Get Free Driving Lessons If You Claim Universal Credit?

Yes, you may be able to get free driving lessons if you claim Universal Credit in the UK. However, not all Universal Credit claimants will be able to get free driving lessons on the basis of claiming this benefit; but will have to meet certain eligibility criteria. 

The eligibility criteria for claiming free driving lessons by Universal Credit claimants include the following:

  • they are committed to looking for work under their Universal Credit Claimant Commitment
  • they are actively searching for work or have found a job
  • the job that they intend to get requires a driver’s license
  • they will be able to find a job earlier if they have a driver’s license

If a claimant is able to meet any of the above-listed criteria, they can apply for funding for their driving lessons through the Flexible Support Fund at their local Jobcentre.

Universal Credit claimants who prove to qualify for Work Preparation Support can also get help from the Flexible Support Fund. This includes single parents, partners and carers. 

How Can You Get Free Driving Lessons If You Claim Universal Credit For A Disability?

If you claim Universal Credit for a disability that affects your ability to work or move around, you may be able to claim 40 hours of free driving lessons under the Motability Scheme

With the average cost of one driving lesson between £25 to £35, individuals who are faced with a disability and claiming Universal Credit under a Government-assessed means test may qualify for a grant that helps them learn to drive a Motability vehicle; with 40 hours of free lessons. 

However, the claimant will have to pay for the theory and practical tests that they undergo after their driving lessons are completer.

In addition to this, claimants seeking a grant under the Motability Scheme should either have a current lease agreement or a pending application with a confirmed date of application to receive a vehicle in the next four months.

Can You Take Free Driving Lessons From Friends Or Family If You Claim Universal Credit?

Yes, you can take free driving lessons from a family member or a friend if you claim Universal Credit. You may need to choose this option if you don’t qualify for the free driving lessons as a Universal Credit claimant and are not in favour of spending nearly £30 per hour to learn to drive.

To take driving lessons from friends or family, one should keep the following essentials in mind:

  • the friend or family member is older than 21 years of age
  • they are not charging for helping your practice driving
  • they are qualified to drive the type of vehicle that you are practising on
  • they have had a full driving license for at least three years


The above discussion clearly outlines that not every Universal Credit claimant will be able to qualify for free driving lessons and will have to meet the pre-set eligibility criteria. That said, if someone is claiming Universal Credit for a disability, they may have more than one way to apply for free driving lessons.


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