What Should You Do In Case Of A Lost Tax Credit Exemption Card?

If you are wondering what you should do in case of a lost Tax Credit exemption certificate, you will find the answer to your question in the following blog post. In addition to this, we will also discuss how long it takes for a replacement copy of the Tax Credit exemption certificate to be issued; as well as explore the potential circumstances in which, a claimant may be refused a copy of their Tax Credit exemption certificate. 

What Should You Do In Case Of A Lost Tax Credit Exemption Card?

In case of a lost Tax Credit exemption certificate, you should inform the National Health Service Business Services Authority or NHSBSA. You can contact them in either of the following ways:

  • by filling out an online form
  • by calling the NHSBSA at 0300 330 1347
  • by writing to the NHSBSA at the following address:

NHS Help with Health Costs 

Bridge House 

152 Pilgrim Street 

Newcastle upon Tyne 


If you choose to call the NHSBSA for a lost Tax Credits exemption card, you will need to keep in mind that calls will be accepted between Monday and Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm.

However, if you lose your eligibility for Tax Credits, you will also lose your eligibility for a Tax Credit exemption certificate and will not be able to claim a copy if you’ve lost the original document.

In this case, you may need to consider alternate options for medical support if you are still on a low income. This could mean seeking support through an NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate. This will help you save money on prescription charges. Otherwise, you can check with the NHS if you are eligible for the NHS Low Income Scheme.

How Long Does It Take For A Tax Credit Exemption Certificate To Be Replaced?

Once you inform the NHSBSA, it will take until the end of the following month for them to replace your Tax Credit exemption certificate. 

Since Tax Credit exemption certificates are issued once a month, NHSBSA will only be able to issue you a replacement certificate by the end of the month, after the month when you informed them.

During this time, while you don’t have a copy of your Tax Credit exemption certificate, you can use your Tax Credit award notice as proof of your entitlement such as free NHS prescriptions. You may also be required to provide evidence of your identity by showing your photo ID and proof of address.

Can You Be Refused A Replacement Tax Credit Exemption Certificate?

No, under normal circumstances, you will not be refused a replacement Tax Credit exemption certificate if you lose the original copy. However, if there is a change in your personal or financial situation that makes you ineligible for a Tax Credit exemption, a replacement certificate may be refused.

Therefore, if you face any of the following changes in circumstances, a replacement Tax Credit exemption certificate can be refused by the NHSBSA:

  • change in your living circumstances such as starting or ending a relationship, moving in with a new partner, getting married or forming a civil partnership, permanently separating or divorce
  • death of a child or partner 
  • reduction in working hours below 30 hours a week
  • increase in working hours above the minimum qualifying requirement
  • change in your child’s living conditions such as the end of childcare needs, they stop living with you or being taken into custody
  • approved childcare provider loses their registration
  • reduction in childcare costs by at least £10 each week
  • a child older than 16 years of age leaves approved education or training, or a careers service


The above discussion helps to conclude that in case someone loses their Tax Credit exemption certificate, they should inform NHSBSA and request a replacement copy of the document. However, losing the Tax Credit exemption certificate does not mean that the claimant will lose the free medical benefits they are entitled to. They will simply need to use their Tax Credit award notice during this time to claim free medical prescriptions and treatments.


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