What Is A Job Search Example On Universal Credit?

If you are looking for an example of the job search activities of a Universal Credit claimant, you will find samples in the following blog post. For a broader discussion on the topic, we will also explore other aspects of a job search when you claim Universal Credit, especially with regards to the DWP’s expectations from one’s efforts and the support claimants can claim from them.

What Is A Job Search Example On Universal Credit?

Agreeing to a job search with well-defined actions is part of your Claimant Commitment to a Universal Credit claim. Below is an example of a job search which is included in the Claimant Commitment:

Job Search example for Universal Credit:

I commit to looking for a job and preparing for work during my Universal Credit claim period. This includes the below-listed activities and actions while I continue with my job search:

  • Check the local newspaper twice a week to look for jobs and apply for appropriate positions. 
  • Maintain weekly regular contact with the local employment agency and apply for relevant jobs they suggest.
  • Visit job postings online twice a week and apply for jobs.
  • Place cold calls to potential employers in the vicinity of my home twice a week to inquire about job openings.
  • Send my CV to businesses in nearby areas twice a week to express my interest in an appropriate job opening that they may have.

If an applicant will be doing more than the above suggestions for their job search, they can add those actions to the above list.

In addition to this, Universal Claimants are also required to take up courses that can help in improving their skills so that the job search process is easier and shorter. They will also need to tailor their CV according to the different positions that they apply for so that they can highlight the desired skills for each job during their search. 

They may also offer to do volunteer work on certain days of the week as well as attend community work club on other days of the week to help them find an appropriate job.

How Many Hours Do You Need To Spend In A Job Search When You Claim Universal Credit?

In most cases, Universal Credit claimants need to spend at least 35 hours each week in their job search. There is no upper limit to the number of hours UC claimants are expected to look for a job.

However, single parents of young children, claimants with a health condition or a disability or part-time students may not be required to fulfil this requirement and could be asked to spend fewer hours in their job search if they are unemployed.

Although the general requirement for Universal Credit claimants is to work 35 hours each week, those who are unemployed will be asked to spend this time in their job search. This includes performing the following activities while claimants look for a job:

  • writing a proper CV and cover note
  • customising the CV and cover note according to different jobs
  • researching employers and transport links
  • setting up online job alerts
  • creating an online employee profile
  • regularly applying for suitable positions
  • following up on job applications
  • social networking with the intent to look for a job
  • preparing for interviews
  • recording one’s progress in the UC journal

Can The DWP Help You Find A Job If You Claim Universal Credit?

Yes, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or your work coach can help you find a job if you claim Universal Credit and are on a low income or unemployed. 

They can guide you to different websites that you can refer to during your job search or suggest other ways to look for a job such as nearby employment agencies, the local newspaper, the post office and even supermarkets.

You will also get help from your work coach in other aspects of your job search; from drafting a CV to getting advice on what courses to take so you can update your skills and be able to find a job with more ease. Claimants who have been out of work for some time may feel anxious about their first job interview as UC claimants. Your work coach will also help you prepare for an interview if you need help.


The above article outlines some examples of a Universal Credit claimant’s job search. These are usually part of the Claimant Commitment for Universal Credit and are regularly discussed during work search reviews held by work coaches.


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