Trusted mortgage claims (A review)

In this brief blog, we will talk about trusted mortgage claims and how trusted mortgage claims may be able to help you get some compensation from your mortgage lender. This could be a present or past mortgage lender.

Who are Trusted mortgage claims?

trusted mortgage claims are a Uk based company who specialise in assessing your past and present mortgage to see if there are any reasons why you may be able to successfully claim against the mortgage lender.

To see if trusted mortgage claims may be able to help you you should simply fill in their application form and they will get back to you on if you have a case or not.

Trusted mortgage claims

When can trusted mortgage claims help you?

Trusted mortgage claims may be able to help you if any of the below have occurred or are true in your case:

If you have had a mortgage for over 6 years

If you have consolidated any debt into your mortgage. This could be credit cards, loans etc

If you have had an interest-only mortgage with no plan to actually repay the mortgage.

If you have ever missed a monthly mortgage repayment or your mortgage has fallen into arrears.

When reviewing if you may have a successful claim against the mortgage lender trusted mortgage claims will look at:

Breaches of industry regulations by the mortgage lender.

Breaches of consumer legislation by the mortgage lender.

Mortgage Mis-selling by the mortgage lender.

Once this has been done, trusted mortgage claims will then let you know how much you may expect to receive if you were to go ahead and make a claim. If you choose to go ahead and make a claim against a mortgage lender then the trusted mortgage claims company will provide you with a solicitor from their panel of solicitors who specialise in making these mortgage claims to take on your mortgage claim on a no win no fee basis.

Trusted mortgage claims

Trusted mortgage claim Reviews

As of writing trusted mortgage claims had a review of 4 stars out of a possible 5 stars from over 800 reviews. This is very good.

We have provided some excerpts of some of the reviews below.

A 4-star review- “Worrying

Had a call. Asked me to sign. I said I wanted to read first. He was asking me what I wanted to read. I said the letter I was signing. He kept questioning me why. I said I don’t just sign anything. He said I don’t understand why you don’t sign. You are only signing for our free help. I said I want to read. He said thank you for your time and cut me off!! Glad I didn’t sign. Very unprofessional”

A 1-star review–  “ Mortgage PPI Bank of Ireland and Mortgage Express

It is a number of months since I submitted application in respect of 3 mortgage companies, I have had numerous of the same emails ‘re submitting ID which I did immediately in respect of the Bank of Ireland and Mortgage Express but have heard nothing since, no update on position. I am unsure whether your company are still pursuing this or whether I should now go to a different company.

I have heard in relation to Northern Rock to say there is no trace and I have no further evidence to submit.

An email in relation to the position with Bank of Ireland and Mortgage would be appreciated 


Miss Joanne Eden  “

A 1-star reviewUnsatisfactory

Started our Claim at the end of 2018,after lots of phone calls /emails asking for ANY update, we are still waiting!!!!After lots of phone calls, we always get the same response, ring back in 2 weeks and should have an answer and ,as always the same response. still waiting for any sort of update or answer!!!!Starting to wish we’d never bothered!!!Following yet another phone call,we’ve now been told our claim will shortly be going to a solicitor to start the process of acctuly getting our claim back,we still have absolutely no idea how long this will take or how much could be involved!Fingers crossed this claim will be finalised ASAP as been going on for a ridiculous amount of time!  “

A 2-star review- Very slow responses if you get any…

Very slow responses if you get any response at all. Was promised case would be reviewed in 2 weeks, this went to 6-8 weeks and after that increased to another 6-8 weeks as case is “complex”. Case was opened in January and still no further response as to what is going on.

I have tried ringing this afternoon and choosing any option says that the phone lines are closed. “

A 3-star review Still hopeful !!!!

Not much I can say at the moment as I had a text to say that my mortgage provider could find no trace of my mortgage. However today I spoke to a nice young man called Daniel who informed me that they are still pursuing my claim using a previous address. 

I’m pretty sure I did give my previous name and address when I filled in the claim pack months ago but I’m still hopeful of a refund. “

A 4-star reviewVery responsive and professional so far

Farhan Safdar was quick to respond when I sent some paperwork that had been requested. He will have 5 stars from me if he manages to get me a positive outcome to my claim “

A 5-star review  “I have had courteous and professional…

I have had courteous and professional help and guidance from Farhan and the team at Trusted Mortgage Claims. Thank you for your continued help and advice which is much appreciated.  “

As you can see from the above, trusted mortgage claims have a mixed bag of reviews although they have a four-star out of five on Trustpilot. 

In this brief guide, we discussed trusted mortgage claims. If you have any comments or questions please let us know.

If you need financial advice and you live in the UK then you could contact the Money Advice service over the phone or via chat for impartial advice.

You can also contact the debt charity “Step Change” if you are in debt and need help.