In this brief guide, we will cover what your Tesco credit card minimum payment and how to figure this out.

What is the Tesco credit card minimum payment?

The Tesco credit card is a credit card provided by Tesco Bank.

The minimum payment on your Tesco credit card will be the greater of one of the below:

The total charges on your credit card account statement including any fees plus 1% of the current balance and any arrears carried over from your previous statements.

It could also be £25 plus any arrears carried out from your previous statement.

It could also be the amount you over your credit limit plus any over credit limit fees.

You can see more here or by contacting Tesco Bank credit cards division.

Where to find your Tesco credit card minimum payment?

The minimum payment due on your Tesco credit card will be stated on your monthly statement so you know how much you need to pay for the next month.

You can figure out by calling the Tesco Bank credit card division.

Checking your Tesco bank credit card app

You can also write to Tesco bank.

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