The amounts charged for a council parking fine vary depending on the seriousness of the parking violation that has taken place. Through this article, we aim to assess whether someone should pay or challenge a council parking fine in Camden. We will also explore how to challenge a parking fine, the repercussions of not paying a fine and the modes of payment.

Should You Pay Or Challenge A Camden Council Parking Fine?

Yes, you have to pay a Camden parking fine as it is a mandatory penalty levied by council authorities for a violation of parking laws. If you ignore paying the fine, you will actually end up paying much more than you are originally fined for as late payments tend to be penalised; which means that you will be paying the original amount as well as the late fee for your parking fine in Camden.

However, you can appeal to the Camden Council authorities and challenge the fine if:

  • you believe that you have been fined in error; and 
  • you have proof that can be used as evidence to defend you against the fine

You can use the Camden council website to appeal against the fine. However, it takes at least 24 hours for the council’s evidence to be uploaded with regards to the fine so it is advisable to wait until then. 

On the other hand, it is ideal to file your appeal within 14 days of being issued a parking fine as it marks the end of the discount period. Otherwise, you must file your appeal within 28 days of the incident as that is the maximum time for payment of a parking fine.

If you have misplaced your parking fine ticket, you can call the Camden council office and request a duplicate.

In many cases, PCNs are not enforceable and you may be able to win your case and avoid having to pay your fine.

You could begin the process by speaking to an online solicitor for as little as £5. 

How Do You Challenge A Camden Parking Fine? 

You can challenge a parking fine at different stages of the parking fine process until you pay the fine.

In the first stage when the parking fine is handed over to the driver or posted on the car windscreen, you can make an “informal challenge” against the parking fine by not paying the fine and contacting the council office that issued the parking fine. This contact should ideally be made after 24 hours of being issued a parking fine and within the 28-day limit for payment of the fine. You may be required to provide evidence in support of your challenge.

If the council accepts your claim, the parking fine will be waived off and you will not have to make any payment. However, if the council rejects your challenge, a new parking fine will be issued with another 14-day discount offered. This time, you will be issued a “notice to the owner” (NTO). If you wish to pursue your appeal, you can do so by issuing a “formal representation” in response to the NTO. 

If the formal representation is rejected by the council, the NTO recipient will be informed to appear before an independent adjudicator at the Traffic Penalty Tribunal as the process goes into the next stage. 

You can appeal to the independent adjudicator as a last attempt to challenge the parking fine. If your appeal is accepted, the parking fine is waived off and the matter is dismissed. However, if your appeal is rejected, there is no more room to appeal and you will have to make the payment within the next 28 days.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay A Parking Fine In Camden?

If you do not pay your parking fine within 28 days in Camden, you will be issued a charge certificate after which you will have 14 days to clear your dues. If you fail to do so, an additional amount of 50 per cent will be added to your parking fine charges.

How a parking fine payment works is that once a penalty charge notice is issued by council authorities, you will have 28 days to make the payment. In case the amount is paid within 14 days, you may even get a 50 per cent discount on the fine.

If your parking fine is more than 60 days old, you have been issued an  ‘Order for Recovery of Unpaid Penalty Charge Notice’ more than 21 days ago or you’ve been issued a bailiff’s letter, you will not be able to make an online payment to clear your parking fine charges. In this case, you may have to pay through cheque, postal order or in person at the council post office.

What Is A Camden PCN?

A PCN is a fine that vehicle owners have to pay for breaking traffic or parking rules. The parking ticket is either handed over by the Civil Enforcement Officer to the driver of the vehicle at the time or is stuck on the car’s windscreen.

Contained in a yellow envelope, the PCN carried all the details regarding the traffic or parking contravention that had taken place.

A Camden PCN can be charged £130 for a dangerous and serious contravention while it is charged £80 for a less serious contravention.

Examples of low-level contraventions include the following:

  • If a vehicle is parked without paying charges.
  • If a vehicle is parked for a longer time than it is permitted.
  • If a vehicle is parked after the expiry of paid time.

High-level contraventions include the following situations:

  • If a vehicle is parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours.
  • If a vehicle is either parked, loading or unloading in a restricted street where waiting, loading or unloading restrictions are applied.
  • If a vehicle is parked in a residents’ or shared use parking place without the display of a permit.

How Do You Pay A Parking Fine In Camden?

You can pay your Parking Charge Notice or Parking Fine in one of the following ways:

  • cash
  • cheque 
  • credit card 
  • debit card 
  • postal order

In case of payment through cheque, you are advised to write your parking fine number on the reverse side of the cheque. In the case of postal orders, cash should not be sent through the post. 

In case you choose to make an online payment through the Camden Council website, you will need to use a debit card or credit card to make the payment.

Can You Get A Parking Permit In Camden Council?

Yes, you can get a parking permit in Camden. Depending on whether you are a visitor or a resident, a healthcare professional or a Blue Badge holder, below is the classification of parking permits in Camden:

Whether you own a car, van or motorcycle, you will need a Resident Parking permit if you live in the Camden Council area. In the case of a vehicle with four wheels, you will be charged an annual amount of £30 for the permit while vehicles with less than four wheels are not charged, even though a permit is required to park them near your home.

If you are a resident of Camden Council with certain frequent visits, you can apply for a Visitor Parking Permit for them to park closer to your home during restricted hours. Certain zones in the area offer daily permits for £2 per day while other zones offer permits for £15 as an annual charge. 


The discussion in this blog post brings us to the conclusion that unless one has sufficient evidence to defend their non-liability towards a parking fine, there is no way to avoid it. In fact, if you delay payment of a parking fine, additional penalties may be added to the original amount; while paying it within 14 days can get the penalty reduced to half.

FAQs: Should You Pay Or Challenge A Camden Council Parking Fine?

How much is a parking fine in Camden?

A low-level contravention in Camden can be fined £80 while a high-level parking violation can be charged £130.

How do I contact Camden parking?

You can call Camden parking at 020 7974 4444 or visit their website at Parking – Camden Council

How are parking tickets issued in Camden?

Parking tickets or PCNs are issued by Civil Enforcement Officers who patrol the area or use CCTV footage. 

How do I appeal a red route PCN?

If you have been issued a PCN in error, you can appeal in writing or online. For an online appeal, you will need your PCN number, your Vehicle Registration Mark and details of reasons why you think you have been issued a PCN in error.

How much are parking fines in the UK?

Parking fines can be between £50 and £130 in the UK. However, if you pay the fine within 14 days of being issued a parking fine, the penalty will be reduced by half.


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