A PCN can be issued for a myriad of parking or traffic contrvanetions. Through this article, we aim to learn how to mamange a PCN appeal in Brent Council. Additionally, we will also explore the reasons why a PCN is issued, how many days does one have until they pay the fine, as well as the payment process.

How Do You Manage A PCN Appeal In Brent?

There are several steps that you can take to manage a PCN appeal in Brent try and get the fine overturned. The first step is to read the parking regulations carefully to make sure that you were not actually parked illegally. If you believe that you were wrongly issued with a PCN, then you can submit an appeal to Brent Council. In this case, you should not pay the Penalty Charge Notice issued to you since you are dferending your position against it.

Brent Council’s parking enforcement is carried out by APCOA. If you have received a PCN from APCOA, you can appeal it by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the APCOA website and click on ‘PCN Appeals’.
  • Step 2: Enter your PCN number and vehicle registration.
  • Step 3: Upload a copy of your parking ticket or a letter from Brent Council stating that you have appealed the ticket.
  • Step 4: Click on ‘Submit’.

To make an appeal, you will need to provide evidence that supports your case. This evidence could include the following:

  • Proof of ownership or hire of the vehicle
  • Proof of payment for parking at the time of the alleged offence
  • Photos or video footage of the vehicle parked in the area and/or of the ticket machine
  • Proof that you were not in control of the vehicle at the time of the offence

You can visit the Brent Council portal to view evidence against the PCN issued to you and file your appeal.

Should You Pay or Appeal A PCN?

Paying a PCN is mandatory for vehicle owners and should be paid within the due date. A PCN is issued by council authorities if someone has violated parking laws on public land such as council car park or high street. In addition to parking offences, a PCN can also be charged for breaking traffic rules, failing to follow road signs and not paying the charges for the London congestion zone or low emission zone.

However, if you believe that you have been charged in error, you should visit the PCN portal on the Brent Council website to confirm the evidence that has been filed in support of your charge. If you still intend to challenge the PCN, you appeal online through the council’s website.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay A Parking Fine In Brent?

When you receive a PCN from Brent Council, you have 28 days to decide how to respond. You can either pay the fine, appeal the ticket, or take other action.

To appeal a PCN, you must complete a form and send it to the council within 14 days of receiving the ticket. You can find all the information you need on the council’s website.

If you choose to pay the fine, you can do so online or by mail. Be sure to include your PCN number on your payment.

If your appeal is unsuccessful, you will need to pay the PCN charges and dues. However, you may be able to negotiate a payment plan or dispute resolution service if you find it difficult to pay all at once.

How Many Days Do I Have To Pay A PCN In Brent?

Once a penalty charge notice is issued by council authorities, you will have 28 days to make the payment and in case the amount is paid within 14 days, you may even get a 50 per cent discount on the fine.

If your PCN is more than 60 days old, you have been issued an  ‘Order for Recovery of Unpaid Penalty Charge Notice’ more than 21 days ago or you’ve been issued a bailiff’s letter, you will not be able to make an online payment to clear your PCN charges. In this case, you may have to pay through cheque, postal order or in person at the council post office.

If you do not pay your PCN within 28 days, you will be issued a charge certificate after which you will have 14 days to clear your dues. If you fail to do so, an additional amount of 50 per cent will be added to your PCN charges.

What Is A Brent PCN?

PCN, or parking charge notice, is a letter that is sent to the owner of a vehicle that has been parked illegally.

The notice will contain information about the date and time of the offence, the location of the offence, and the amount of the fine. It will also state that the owner has a right to appeal the fine.

If you receive a PCN, you will need to take action quickly in order to avoid further penalties.

You may have received a PCN because you were parked illegally or you failed to pay a parking charge. If you think that the PCN was issued incorrectly, you can appeal the decision.

Why Have I Been Issued A PCN?

A PCN can be issued for a parking or traffice violation including any of the following reasons:

  • parking on a double yellow line
  • parking without the required permit or payment
  • driving in a lane or street meant for buses only
  • stopping in a yellow box junction

If you have been issued a PCN, the reason will be mentioned on the notice and the evidence will be uploaded by the council authorities on their portal. You can enter your PCN number and Vehicle Registration Number to view the details.

What Happens After A PCN Is Issued?

If a vehicle owner is found to be in violation of parking rules and they do not respond to notices left on their car, they will be sent a formal notice termed as a Notice To Owner. If the vehicle owner has reason to believe that the notice has been left in error and they have enough evidence to challenge the PCN, they can make a formal appeal to the council.

If your appeal is found to be valid, you will receive a Notice of Acceptance and the charges will be removed. However, if your appeal is rejected, you will receive a Notice of Rejection. You may still contend this through the London Tribunals, however, if you do not pay the charge even after their response, the council can send a debt collection agency to recover the amount. 

How Do You Pay A PCN In Brent?

In order to pay a PCN in Brent, first your should wait 24 hours from the time the fine was issued to you as it may take time for the details and evidence to apper online. However, you must keep in mind that if you e vehicle was taken away to the pound by the authorities, the amount that you ow will not be shown on the council website. 

If you choose to pay the fine, you can do so online through the council’s portal using a debit or credit card. You can also pay by phone by calling on 020 8099 0700.

You can also make a cheque payable to London Borough of Brent and send it to the following address:

London Borough of Brent (Parking Services),

PO Box 210,

Sheffield S98 1NE


The discussion in this blogpost makes it quite clear that if one intends to challenge a PCN, they should not pay the fine, gather evidence to support their claim and appeal against the PCN after 24 hours have passed. 

FAQs: How Do You Manage A PCN Appeal In Brent?

How do I challenge a PCN in Brent?

You can challenge a PCN in Brent by logging into their online portal by entering the PCN number and your vehicle registration number.

How much is a PCN in Brent?

A PCN in Brent can be £80 for less srious contraventions and upto £130 for serious vilations.

What is the best excuse to appeal a parking ticket?

Some of the best reasons to appeal a parking ticket include that you were parked correctly, the parking signs or road markings were unclear, you were not driving the vejicle when the ticket was issued.

How do I get out of a fixed penalty notice?

There is no appeals process in the case of a fixed penalty notice. If you belive that you do not deseve to be issued one, you can choose not to pay it. The matter will then be settled in court.


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