Offshore mortgages are mortgages for properties overseas.

Offshore mortgages may be for investment or residential properties.

Offshore mortgages have become recently tax effective. If you are considering getting an offshore mortgage then you may want to consider seeking independent tax advice.

You may be able to apply for an offshore mortgage if you are a UK resident or non-UK resident. As far as you are domiciled abroad then the mortgage you are getting may be classed as an offshore mortgage.

Typically, offshore mortgages will be appropriate for borrowers whose main income comes from outside the UK or they are not resident in the UK for tax purposes. This can include expat mortgages, which are designed specifically for UK nationals residing overseas.

When arranging an offshore mortgage you may want to arrange it in the currency you are buying a property and for this reason, you may need a bank account in the currency so you can make your mortgage repayments from that account.

Offshore mortgages may be considered a specialist area and hence you may need a specialist mortgage broker to help you understand the offshore mortgages available to you.

Offshore mortgages for buy to lets

You may be able to get an offshore mortgage for an investment property but this will be based on your circumstances and many mortgage lenders will approach lending in this niche on a case by case basis.

You may be able to arrange an offshore company using a limited company but you should seek both legal and tax advice as offshore mortgages may present a complex situation if not structured correctly.

You should speak to an offshore mortgage broker who may be able to assist you in getting an offshore mortgage.

John Bate

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