This blog answers the question “Newham PCN – Pay or Appeal?” You should choose to appeal your Newham PCN by providing as much relevant evidence as you can. This blog also provides instructions on recovering your impounded vehicle from the Newham Vehicle Pound.

Newham PCN – Pay or Appeal?

You have to make one of 2 choices to deal with your Newham PCN, which is a £130 fine (reduced to £65 if paid in 14 days) charged for committing a traffic violation.  The right to appeal a Parking, Bus Lane or moving traffic PCN must be exercised unless you have a spontaneous reason supporting your case like you forgot to display your pay and display ticket. 

Newham Council does not entertain any nonsensical reasons for PCN appeals which relate to a lack of knowledge about parking zones or the traffic rules followed by the Council. But if you can take out some time and do some research on which acceptable reasons you can mention in your appeal letter, it is certainly advisable to challenge your PCN. You are permitted to upload jpeg, pdf and png format photo documents on the council appeals webpage to back up your appeal.

Even if Newham Council rejects your case you can also register an appeal to your PCN with the London Tribunals by using the “Notice of Rejection”. The independent adjudicators at London Tribunals will hear both sides of the PCN appeals case, before reaching a decision.

In many cases, PCNs are not enforceable and you may be able to win your case and avoid having to pay your fine.

You could begin the process by speaking to an online solicitor for as little as £5. 

What is a Penalty Charge Notice?

A Penalty Charge Notice is a fine or monetary penalty paid for driving violations. You will be given 28 days to respond to a Penalty Charge Notice. If you neither choose to pay the PCN nor decide to appeal it within these 28 days, you will be issued a charge certificate.

A charge certificate will increase the penalty amount by 50% of its original value. In the case of a Newham high level Parking PCN, Bus lane PCN and moving traffic PCN you now have to pay £195 Under the Charge Certificate you will have to pay £120 for a Newham Band A lower level Parking PCN.

The charge certificate has to be paid within 14 days, a charge certificate cannot be appealed.

How much is the PCN fine for a PCN in Newham Council?

The Penalty Charge Notice fine for a Newham Council Parking PCN is set at £130 (for a higher level traffic violation). For a lower level traffic violation the Parking PCN fine is just £80. A Newham Council Bus Lane PCN fine is £130 and a moving traffic PCN fine is also £130.

If you pay a higher level Parking PCN within 14 days, there is a 50% discount applicable on your payment, you are just required to pay £65. Similarly, with the 50% discount, the lower level PCN reduces to £40, when paid within 21 days.

Also if you pay the Bus Lane PCN within 14 days, the fine reduces to £65 and a moving traffic PCN also costs you £65 if you pay the fine within 14 days.

You can also view your Newham Council PCN on the Newham London website by clicking here

How can I pay my Newham Council PCN?

You can pay your Newham Council PCN by post, by telephone or online on 

If you want to pay online, you have to enter your PCN number and the amount of the PCN fine along with your payment card details. The Newham Council website provides an online payments service for PCN fines. You need to click on Pay A PCN after opening this web page

 You can also pay on the Newham Council’s automated payments hotline by dialling : 020 8430 2000. Next, you will be required to provide your payment card details, PCN Number and vehicle registration number.

Newham Council also accepts PCN fine payments by post. You need to send a check, postal order or bank draft payable to the “London Borough of Newham”. You can write down your PCN Number and Vehicle Registration Number on the back of your check or postal order.

Send your PCN fine to this address:

LB Newham Parking Correspondence,

PO Box 71575,


E6 9LY

 In case your check bounces, your PCN will be unpaid and you will need to send the complete payment again within 28 days.

The PCN amount can be paid online on the Newham Council website. For paying online you will be required to know your PCN number, and vehicle registration number and asked to provide card payment details.

What are the higher level traffic violations in a Newham Parking PCN?

The following higher level traffic violations apply to a Newham Parking PCN:

  • Parking your vehicle inside a restricted street during operational hours
  • Stopping your vehicle at a taxi rank
  • Parking your vehicle with one or more of its wheels positioned over a footpath.
  • Parking your vehicle in a parking bay reserved for police vehicles
  • Your parked vehicle is causing an obstruction to moving traffic.
  • Your vehicle’s dimensions exceed the permitted height and length of the vehicle which can be parked in the area
  • Your vehicle failed to adhere to a restriction order preventing vehicles from entering a pedestrian zone.
  • You left your vehicle parked in a residential parking bay without clearly displaying a pay and display ticket on your car’s windscreen.

What are the lower level traffic violations in a Newham Parking PCN?

The lower level traffic violations in a Newham Parking PCN include:

  • Your vehicle is still parked in a parking zone when its indicated time limit has expired.
  • Your vehicle has been left parked with its engine on, in a parking space where this is prohibited
  • Your vehicle was parked again in the same parking zone, within one hour of leaving the zone
  • Your vehicle was parked in a parking space without displaying any pay and display ticket or paying any parking permit charges whatsoever
  • Your vehicle was not parked within the correct markings of a parking bay or parking space and a full wheel of your vehicle was outside the parking slot for your vehicle
  • Your vehicle was parked with payment made to extend its stay in the parking zone beyond the original parking permit time

Do I have to challenge my Newham PCN online?

Yes, your Newham Council PCN can only be challenged online. To appeal against your PCN issued by CCTV or by a CEO, you need to visit the website Newham PCN

The first stage of your PCN appeal involves an informal challenge. The informal challenge applies to a Parking PCN, Bus Lane PCN or moving traffic PCN issued by a Civil Enforcement Officer or a Bus Lane CCTV PCN. If this informal challenge is made within 14 days, you will have to just pay the discounted fee for the PCN even if the appeal fails.

If you want to move on to the second stage of being granted a formal representation, you will have to wait for a Notice To Owner (or enforcement notice for a bus lane PCN) to be issued.

You can make the formal representation under certain circumstances for a PCN Notice To Owner delivered to you by post. The notice will mention the reasons for which the representation can be made. An officer will consider the representation and respond to the “registered keeper” of the vehicle.

If your appeal is successful, Newham Council will cancel the PCN and you will not have to pay anything. If the appeal fails the full amount of £130 or £80 will have to be paid to avoid further penalties.

The formal representation in a PCN challenge can only be made to a Bus Lane PCN or Moving traffic PCN (sent by post). The challenge will be made online at Appeal Newham PCN On this website you will be asked to enter your PCN number, vehicle registration number along with the reasons for your PCN appeal.

You can upload documents as evidence which are under 6 mb in size and of the format jpeg, jpg, png or pdf. The PCN challenge needs to clearly indicate where and how the error in awarding your moving traffic or bus lane PCN was made by the relevant authority. Parking PCN’s appeals and moving traffic PCN appeals will be responded to in 56 days by Newham Council.

The Traffic Management Act 2004 and the Transport for London Act 2003 (used by Newham Council) have no provisions mentioning a statutory time limit for responding to a PCN challenge.

Under which circumstances should I not challenge my Newham PCN?

You should refrain from challenging your Newham Council PCN if you have any of the following reasons in mind to support your case:

  • You were the only person who got a PCN for a certain traffic violation such as parking in the wrong parking zone. The other cars parked there could all be belonging to the relevant category so they weren’t charged
  • You had no idea that the area was a controlled parking zone.
  • You have been parking there every time you have been visiting a building or premises located nearby. The reason for your appeal needs to be verifiable and specific.
  • You did not see any reason why parking your vehicle on the spot would be regarded as a traffic violation. It did not occur to you that you would receive a PCN for the action.
  • You felt entitled to park in a certain location because you are a blue badge holder.
  • You saw other vehicles parked in a certain area and felt entitled to follow suit (without thinking about the parking zone restrictions)
  • Your wheels were over the footpath by just a few inches
  • You were only over the time limit by 13-14 minutes or a few minutes more than the (10 min) limit allowed by the Parking PCN rules.
  • You did not remember to display your pay and display ticket even though you had it with you.
  • You failed to see the no parking sign
  • You did not know that you had to pay to park in the area.

What can I do to unclamp my vehicle if it has been towed away by Newham Council?

You will need to visit your nearest vehicle pound in person  to unclamp your vehicle along with the following documents. Two ID Documents such as a birth certificate and a driver’s licence (as proof that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle). You should also have the insurance certificate for your vehicle and its vehicle registration certificate unless this has already been used as one of the 2 ID documents.

The amount of money you will need to unclamp your vehicle includes a £200 release fee and storage charges of £40 per day. So for example if your vehicle was towed away by a parking company 3 days ago, you will need (£40×3) + £200 = £320 to get it released from the vehicle pound. This sum does not include the Parking PCN fine payment which can also be paid to the vehicle pound.

So you might need to have around £300-£350 with you in cash or available for paying on your credit card to get your vehicle freed from the pound.This payment can be made in cash or through a payment card (debit or credit). The card will be charged at the vehicle pound and you can provide your payment details along with your ID documents (and Parking PCN from Newham Council).

The vehicle pound used by Newham Council to store impounded vehicles is located at this address:

Newham Vehicle Pound,

Newham Central Depot,

Folkestone Road,


E6 6BX

The above-mentioned location is to be used if you are walking to the vehicle pound or travelling by bus. You need to enter from the Folkestone Road Entrance. The number 300 bus, which goes to East Ham Station makes a stop at the vehicle pound outside the London Borough of Newham Central Depot.

The Newham Vehicle Pound’s opening hours are 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday. The vehicle pound also opens on Sundays from 10 am to 7 pm.

Your vehicle may have been towed away because it was parked in a position obstructing traffic or causing a risk to other vehicles. Other reasons for towing away a vehicle include a request from the police or for violating parking contraventions. 

You must remember to recover your vehicle from the Newham Vehicle Pound within 7 days. If you leave it there for more than 14 days, your car might be auctioned off or even crushed (destroyed).

Newham Council does not handle vehicle removals itself so you will need to contact Trace towed vehicle tracing service. If you are unable to connect to their webpage you can contact their customer services helpdesk on this number: 0300 077 0100

What can I do if I want to reserve a parking bay in Newham Council?

You can reserve or suspend a parking bay in Newham Council if you want to use it for any of the following activities:

  • Shooting scenes for a movie or television show.
  • Using the area for business related activity
  • Arranging a funeral in the area
  • Holding a marriage ceremony in the parking zone

The charges for suspending a (paid) parking bay in Newham Council include a £25 administration fee and:

  • £21 per bay per day for East Ham, Stratford, Upton Park
  • £26 per bay per day for East Village
  • £16 per bay per day for Forest Gate, Little Ilford, Manor Park, Ruskin
  • £20 per bay per day for Green Street
  • £16 per bay per day for Station Road and Romford Road

The Council requires 10 working days to process your application. You can send a location map along with your application, clearly marking the bays you want to be suspended. A maximum of 3 parking bays can be chosen. The payment charges can be submitted online via debit or credit card.

What happens if I refuse to pay my Newham PCN within 28 days?

If you decide not to pay your Newham PCN at all or dispute the PCN with your council, you will be sent a charge certificate from Transport for London. The charge certificate increases your PCN fine by 50%. You should pay the charge certificate within 14 days as it cannot be appealed and ignoring the charge certificate may result in the filing of a court order (for recovery of debts) against you by Newham Council.

When the charge certificate is also not paid within 14 days, you will receive a “Notice of Debt Registration” and a witness certificate from Transport for London. The unpaid amount will be treated as a debt with the Traffic Enforcement Centre at the Northampton County Court.

 The amount of the charge certificate automatically increases from £195 or £120 by £8 to £203 or £128. This £8 represents the cost of registering the court order for debt recovery which has been added to your debt.

The court order for debt recovery enforces that the charge certificate amount must be paid in full within 21 days or it will have to use additional powers to recover the money from your possession.

If my appeal fails, can I dispute the decision of Newham Council with the Independent Parking Adjudicator at the London Tribunals?

Yes, you can also dispute your PCN with the Independent Parking Adjudicators at the London Tribunals after you have received a “Notice of Rejection” from Newham Council. The Environment and Traffic Adjudicators decide appeals to PCN issued from local London Councils such as Newham Council.

You can appeal to the London Tribunals online by mentioning the code on the “Notice of Rejection” letter or by uploading a copy of your “Notice of Rejection”. You need to type in your  PCN number and vehicle registration number as well. Along with this information you also have to give reasons why Newham Council has either failed to consider all your evidence regarding the PCN or not charged you correctly in the first place.

You can also send your appeal to the London Tribunals by postal service to this address:

London Tribunals,

PO Box 10598,



The independent parking adjudicator will inform both you and the Newham Council of the hearing date for your appeal. If Newham Council contests your appeal it will provide you with a copy of its application along with evidence sent by it to London Tribunals.

If the London Tribunals decides the case in your favour, Newham Council will immediately cancel your PCN


This blog post addressed the question “Newham PCN – Pay or Appeal?” Newham Council deeply scrutinises PCN appeals to screen out any habitual or lazily constructed arguments supporting your case. If you choose to appeal your PCN you need to be able to remember exactly what happened on the scene that day and be aware of the relevant traffic contraventions relating to Parking, Bus Lane or moving traffic PCNs.


Removal and Disposal of Vehicles Amendment 2007

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