In this brief guide, we will discuss moving to Wales, what to consider when thinking of moving to Wales and how to go about it.

If you currently live in England then here are a few things about Wales that you may want to consider when weighing up if to move to Wales or not.

Wales is home to a low of beaches, cliffs and heritage sites which naturally make it a very nice place to consider moving to.

What to consider before moving to Wales

You will be close to the countryside beach and the city at the same time so if you want to hear a lot of noise and feel the city lifestyle then that’s nearby if the suns out and you want to go to the beach then that’s nearby too.

You will love a full welsh breakfast which is slightly different from the Full English breakfast

You will love the Welsh cake and they are considerably nice compared to the Eccles cakes from Lancashire.

The pints of beer in Wales is much cheaper than what you will find in most places in England.

Welsh people are very friendly and Wales will begin to feel like home once you move there.

You will find that the Welsh love football and rugby.. and they also love the English.

You will notice the Welsh flag almost everywhere you go unlike in England where you don’t see much of the English flag aside from when the World cup is on.

If you think the English weather is bad then you will begin to love it when you move to wales and realise how much worse the Welsh weather is.

Don’t expect to get hold of the Welsh language anytime soon. It may take a few months or even years. Expect to be laughed at during this period of many attempts at sounding Welsh.

Welsh people are also not obsessed with Sheep as you may have read. You may not even see that many sheep.

Why you should move to Wales

Every September the town of Porthcawl is turned into an Elvis land where you can find everything about the legendary Elvis Presley. This is the biggest Elvis festival in Wales and a very good reason why you should consider moving to Wales.

Portmeirion is a very cool town in Wales where a few Tv series have been filmed and it’s cool enough that living next to it or within it is a perk to move to Wales.

Wales also has the very famous Snowdonia National Park where you could even try your hand at scaling the 1085 meters of Mount Snowdon. Some great pictures can be obtained for bragging rights with your friends back in England.

International rugby matches in Cardiff bring a lot of excitement and they are prepared so well you will love moving to Wales.

Wales has over 870 miles of coastline and it is mostly beautiful, Moving to Wales will mean you are always a few miles drive from the beautiful Welsh coastline.

If you love mountain biking then the moving to Wales may just be the best thing you could possibly do as the mountainsides in the Welsh countrysides are very good.

Where to move to in Wales

When considering were to move to in Wales there will be several places where you may want to see different places in Wales before making up your mind on if to move there or not.

You may want to see the rural areas, the city areas or even the beachside areas of Wales.

The house prices in Wales will be around £300,000 but this is competitive given the circumstances in England.

So where should you move to in Wales?

When Moving to Wales, Cardiff is naturally the first place that comes to mind. a lovely city which is close enough to London and has enough tourist attractions.

Newport is also another place which people tend to move to when moving to wales. It has a good cultural vibe, good music and good history. You can walk from one end of Newport to the other within 10 minutes.

Wrexham is another option. It has a good transport system and is rich in culture and history.

Llandrindod Wells is also a very well-known town with a rich history offering Victorian and Art decor.

When moving to wales there are many other things you may want to consider but this guide can serve as your first look before moving to Wales.

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