The mortgage works reviews

In this brief blog, we will look at the mortgage works reviews.

The mortgage works reviews

When looking at the mortgage works reviews the only reviews we could find were their trust pilot reviews which didn’t really reflect well on the lender.

They had 3 stars out of 5 but 55% of their reviews were 1 star, 9%vwere bad and 27%were excellent.

It is important to note that these reviews only have a total of eleven and may not be a full representation of all the customers who have dealt with the mortgage works.

We have provided some extracts of those reviews below:

The mortgage works 5 star reviews

“  James Randall Has Made a BIG Difference

I am a portfolio landlord and the majority of my portfolio lending is with The Mortgage Works. I ran into some slight problems during the application process for my final purchase and things were beginning to look grim.

James Randall has gone above and beyond to help me get my application through. He has been excellent during the entire process and made everything as easy as could be, I am very grateful to James and to The Mortgage Works.

I wish James all the best as well as The Mortgage Works. Thank You So Much…


“  Tim Carter Has Gone Above and Beyond to Help

I submitted 2 remortgage applications with The Mortgage Works. Unfortunately, I found out that there were problems on my CIFAS record which needed to be resolved. Rather than decline my application outright, The Mortgage Works gave me time to resolve these errors on the CIFAS system and went above and beyond to help me get these applications through to completion. In particular, Tim Carter, went above and beyond to help me and I am ever so grateful.

Thank You Tim and Thank You The Mortgage Works Team “

“ Tim Cook Has Been Incredibly Helpful…..

I am a portfolio landlord and most of my lending is with The Mortgage Works. I wanted to purchase another property but was experiencing difficulties getting everything over the finish line.

I asked Tim for help and he went the extra mile to deliver world-class customer service. I want to thank you for all your help Tim and I wish you all the Best for the future.   “

The mortgage works1 star reviews

“  Poor service, poor processes lost business

My knowledge of them is limited, after researching buy to let mortgages on the internet, I found my preferred deal with The Mortgage works (Deal code number B24153 06/09/19) I telephoned The Mortgage Works to wait in a queue for about 10 minutes to be told there is no one available to take my application? I asked if someone could telephone me back, no this facility is not available, when is it likely that someone will be available, “we don’t know, all we know is they are on essential training” I asked if all of them are on training “we don’t know, we think so” I asked if they can find out or put me through to a supervisor? I was advised not unless they can clear me through security, I asked how will they be able to do that, they confirmed they could not clear me through security and so they cannot put me through to a manager. I explained I am looking to apply for a mortgage with them they advised they were sorry but there was nothing they could do?

Based on this level of service I can’t imagine they will be staying in business much longer. Whilst waiting on the telephone I googled The Mortgage Works and came across a local newspaper article explaining they were closing down the Bournemouth Call centre for a lack of demand for buy to let mortgages? It appears the demand is there if you were willing to pick up the telephone? “

“ Avoid these useless time wasters

Avoid these useless time wasters at all costs. I wish there was a zero star rating. Amateurish, pathetic, unfit for purpose…I could go on. Being a professional property developer and landlord, I was ‘pre approved’ by these people

for a buy to let. They knew from the start I had owned a particular property for 3 years and that it had undergone major renovations and a large extension. After 2 months backwards and forwards with ridiculous questions they already knew the answers to they decided the property was in fact a conversion or a new build. Factually it is neither, it was a small residential bungalow which is now a large residential bungalow. So after continuing to pay a bridging loan at £1500 per month the mortgage works have wasted my time and cost me 3 grand. Having dealt with different mortgage companies down the years I’d love to meet a mortgage underwriter one day to see why goes on in their mind, I’m guessing not very much.


“  My experience with the Mortgage Works…Horrendous experience

My experience with the Mortgage Works has been terrible. Communication is poor and I have constantly been given misinformation. Two weeks before mortgage products expires and I find out (only by my chasing) that the offer had not been received by the solicitor (Mortgage Works preferred conveyancers). Information is unclear – Mortgage Works says one thing and the solicitors another. All in all, the experience has been awful.  “

“ The Mortgage Works – Disgraceful behaviour

The Mortgage Works have behaved terribly with regards to our mortgage application. After being approved instantly for a Buy-To-Let mortgage I informed our mortgage broker that we may wish to rent back to the vendor of the property. Our mortgage broker specifically called The Mortgage Works and was told very clearly by one of the directors that renting back to the vendor would be no problem.

The next day the decision was reversed, they now would not allow us to rent back to the vendor… No problem, we weren’t fixed on the idea so informed them that the vendor would move out and we’d complete some renovation works and then find a new tenant.

This wasn’t good enough for The Mortgage Works and they held by their decision and refused to provide us with the mortgage. Within half an hour we had another approval from Santander and The Mortgage Works will never get any of our business in the future.

Absolutely disgraceful way to treat customers. I am not a serial complainer, in fact this is the first time I have ever left a bad review for any business.  “

In this brief guide, we discussed the mortgage works reviews. Let us know if you have any questions or comments please let us know.

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