Is Walmart family mobile GSM or CDMA?

This blog post explains “Is Walmart Family Mobile GSM or CDMA”. It helps you understand how Walmart Family mobile is related to the T-Mobile network. It also covers the topics like features of GSM, GSM services, applications of GSM, CDMA technology, comparison between GSM and CDMA.

Is Walmart family mobile GSM or CDMA?

   Walmart Family Mobile is a GSM. It is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). It gives affordable services to the Walmart family device users by using T-Mobile’s network. T-mobiles is a GSM network carrier and not a CDMA network carrier. GSM stands for global system for mobile, and it is second-generation cellular technology. T-mobile is a GSM network carrier that is used by Walmart Family Device for mobile voice and data services. CDMA stands for code division multiple access.

History of GSM

 GSM is second-generation digital cellular technology, initially developed by “European Technical Standards Institute” (ETSI). To create a common European mobile standard, a standardization group was established in 1982, named GMS.

Features of GSM

●  GSM makes use of SIM (Subscriber Identity Mobile). SIM is a storage device. It is available in the form of a smart card. It is portable and removable.

●    National and international roaming facilities are available.

●   Data privacy and security are maintained using encryption when the data is transmitted on-air.

●  Cryptographic keys are known to the cellular device only, which provides additional security.

●   GSM provides better frequency spectrum efficiency.

●  GSM can be made compatible with newer services.

●Good speech quality is maintained using GSM. 

What are the services offered with a GSM?

The primary services offered by GSM are data services and supplementary services. Some of the services, like emergency calls and videotext, are not integral to the GSM standard. But GSM supports these services. Using teleservices, the subscriber can use terminal equipment functions for communication with other subscribers.

Data services

 These services are also called bearer services. The subscriber can transmit appropriate signals across user network interfaces using these services.

The data services can be transparent or non-transparent. GSM provides a standard channel coding method for user data for transparent mode. While for a

non-transparent manner, depending on a particular data interface, GSM provides unique coding methods.

Supplementary services

 Some of the services are offered with basic teleservices. Some examples of supplementary services are as follows:

●              SMS (Short Message Services)

●              Call waiting

●              Call barring

●              Call conferring

●              Call forwarding

●              Number identification

●              Closed user groups.

The disadvantage of the GSM

  Walmart Family Device is GSM and it has inherent advantages. However, there are a few disadvantages of GSM as follows:

●    GSM technology needs repeaters to increase the coverage area.

●   It has linked data rate capability. To improve the data rate, higher version devices are required.

●   Multiple users share a typical bandwidth, and it causes interference when the number of users is increased.

●  Signals of GSM can cause interference with specific electronic devices. Due to this, many hospitals prevent GSM mobiles.

●  GSM phones emit more radiation compared to CDMA phones.

Applications of GSM

 Some of the applications of GSM technology are as follows:


●   GSM systems can be designed to give intimations for natural calamities like earthquakes. So necessary precautions can be taken.

●  Using GSM, doctors can track patients’ health and provide consultation during an emergency.


 ●   GSM technology is used in home automation systems. Using a GSM cell phone, a person can control electrical appliances.

●   Smoke detectors can be connected to the GSM network, and they can be monitored using a mobile.

●  CCTV Cameras installed in offices or banks can be connected to GSM mobile IP network.

  Apart from these major applications, some other applications of GSM are as follows:

 ●          Telemetry system

●              A forest fire and rainfall defection

●              Weather monitoring

●              Health monitoring

●              Telemetry systems, etc.

Security services in GSM

 Based on information stored in SIM, GSM offers many security services.


Through the user authentication process, access to the GSM network is allowed. Users need to have a valid PIN to access the SIM for authentication.


 After authentication, all user data, voice, etc., are encrypted to provide confidentiality.


The real identity of the user is never terminated on air.

What is CDMA?

 CDMA stands for code discussion multiple access. In CDMA, many users share the same carrier frequency. In CDMA, a share of bandwidth, as well as time, is achieved.

 CDMA users have their pseudo-random codeword, which is orthogonal to other keywords. The signal detection is more difficult in CDMA compared to GSM. This is because CDMA has inbuilt encryption.

Advantages of CDMA

●              Call quality is better compared to GSM.

●              Requires fewer antennas but gives between coverage.

●              A CDMA signal cannot be quickly decided, giving enhanced security.

●              It has reduced the level of interference.

●              Many users can share the same bandwidth.

Disadvantages of CDMA

●              CDMA does not offer an international roaming facility.

●              As the number of users increases, the performance of the CDMA system decreases.

●              It possesses the self-jamming problem. This is because the spreading sequences of different users are not exactly orthogonal.

●              Near far, problems arise if an undesired user has higher power than another user.

Comparison between GSM and CDMA

Accesstechnology usedTime Division Multiple Access (TDMA)Code Division  Multiple Access (CDMA)
SecurityLess   secure          than CDMAMore secure due to well-known technology, a spread spectrum technology.
Battery consumptionLess consumptionMore consumption
Speech rate22.8 kbpsVariable
Associated control channelSeparate control slots in each frameDim and burst
Radiation exposureGSM cell phones emit 28% more radiation than CDMALess radiation       exposure compared to GSM
Global reachAlmost 76% of users use GSM cell phones.Almost 24% of users use CDMA cell phones.

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This blog post explains that the Walmart Family device is GSM-based as it uses T-Mobile’s network and provides services to its customers. The article will also help the reader understand the Advantages and disadvantages of GSM, which can come in handy before deciding while planning to switch between the networks. The article also gives a comparison between GSM and CDMA.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs) : Walmart family mobile GSM or CDMA

 Will CDMA phones work on Walmart family devices?

No, a CDMA phone will not work on a Walmart family device, because the Walmart family device makes use of the T-Mobile network which is GSM. If a cell phone is locked then it can be unlocked on another network, but it should be compatible with the technology used by the phone.

Can I use the Walmart family device on a GSM unlocked phone?

Yes, you can use the Walmart family device on a GSM unlocked phone. An unlocked phone is working on the carrier. Walmart family devices make use of GSM carriers. The SIM card is required from the GSM provider to get the services.

What network does Walmart Family Mobile use?

Walmart Family Mobile uses T-Mobile’s network, which is postpaid and gives affordable value for money plans to its users.

What carrier is compatible with Family Mobile?

Walmart Family Mobile uses a T-Mobile carrier and doesn’t have a network of its own. It is based on GSM Walmart Locke devices that work on the T-Mobile network but you can switch to another GSM network once unlocked.

Are Walmart Family devices unlocked?

No, Walmart family mobile phones are locked when at the time of purchase, Walmart Family Mobile follows the same unlocking policy as TracFone Wireless as it is owned by TracFone.

Will Walmart Family Mobile phone work with straight talk?

Yes, the Walmart Family Mobile phone can work with straight talk if it satisfies the eligibility criteria. You can take help from the family device customer care in case you want to switch to Straight talk.

How do you tell if your phone is GSM or CDMA?

For Apple, phones go to about and for android phones go to the status page, check all the options. if your phone has IMEI then it uses GSM and if it has MEID or ESN then it is CDMA. In some cases, you might see both, which indicates your phone supports both.


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