This blog answers the question “How To Make A Council Wet Room Look Nice?” A Wet Room is a spacious bathroom with an open shower. The term “wet” room refers to the water from the shower being able to reach all corners of the room. A council wet room can end up looking completely different once the correct combination of shower screens, shower drains, sanitaryware and shower systems have been added to it.

How To Make A Council Wet Room Look Nice?

In order to make a council wet room look pleasant you will have to install stylish and state of the art  wet room shower screens, wet room toilets, wet room shower drains and a wet room shower system. All these sanitary fittings of your wet room will combine to create a thematic effect by matching the colours, shapes and designs of each of the components.

The wet room aesthetics include how the space is used, the use of marble tiles or porcelain in the floor construction and adding in a seating area for a sauna-like experience. If you are able to design your new wet room on paper before you get down to changing it, it will ensure perfection.

The kind of wet room toilet, wet room shower, wet room shower tray and wet room screen which suits your needs can be added to the mix by shopping around online or at physical outlets.

Which options can I consider when looking for a Wet Room Shower Screen?

You can explore the following wet room shower screens and wet room shower enclosures and compare their prices to improve your Council Wet Room:

  • Nexa by Merlyn 8mm Chrome frameless is available for £183.60. It comes with a 20 year guarantee. The Aquandary Cassian Chrome Effect Fixed Regular Arm Wall arm Wet room glass screen kit is available at B & Q for £400. It comes with a 15 year warranty and Easi Clean glass coating technology.
  • Vellamo City 8mm Framed Matt Black Easy Clean Walk in Panel and Optional Return Screen is a best seller online at for £189.99. It has a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee, 8mm toughened safety glass and a height of 1950mm.
  • Harbour i10mm 2m tall Easy Clean No-Profile Wet Room Panel is available for £189.99. Crosswater Infinity 8mm Easy Clean 2m tall walk in shower panel with deflector panel is available for £505.99 online at
  • Frontline Aquaglass Onyx L Shaped Walk In Shower Enclosure is available for £500.25. The shower enclosure can be installed in the alcove or corner positions. The Aquashield glass finish prevents buildup of residue on the screen. This shower panel is available in a range of sizes (600mm to 1000mm).

This Wet Room Shower Enclosure (with screen) can be ordered online at . The product has a lifetime guarantee from its manufacturer Frontline Bathrooms UK.

  • The Milano Nero Luna Smoked Glass Wetroom Shower Enclosure with Hinged Return Panel is available at prices starting from £315.99 (excluding VAT). The WetRoom Shower Enclosure has a water trap seal depth of 50mm and its glass panel has a height of 1950mm.

This Wet Room Shower Enclosure can be ordered online at the Big Bathroom Shop UK website by clicking here: This product offer includes a lifetime guarantee from its manufacturer Milano UK. You will get a free delivery as the item costs above £295.

  • The Merlyn 8 Series WetRoom Shower Wall is available for £619.66. The WetRoom Shower Wall has a height of 2015mm, a reversible design for left or right entry and is made using 8mm toughened glass.

The product can be ordered online at the Sanctuary Bathrooms UK website The Merlyn 8 Series WetRoom Shower Wall comes with a lifetime guarantee from its manufacturer Merlyn UK.

Which choices do I have for renovating my Wet Room toilet?

You can browse through the following selection of high level toilets for renovating your Wet Room:

The kinds of toilets suitable for a wetroom include a Back to Wall toilet, a close coupled toilet, a comfort height toilet, a high level toilet and a wall hung toilet. 

A high level toilet has a cistern or water storage tank fitted to a wall (at a height of 2m above the toilet base). The toilet’s flushing mechanism is boosted by the force of gravity. High level toilets resemble traditional Victorian toilets in their features.

  • The Imperial Westminster High Level toilet, WM1W01030 is available at a price of £593.38 (which can also be paid in monthly instalments of 4,6,12 or 24 months via paypal at 21.9% APR). This toilet is fitted with the Imperial Westminster (close coupled ) pan.

This Imperial Westminster High Level toilet can be ordered online at the UK Bathrooms website You will need to register for an account on the website before you can make your purchase. The online purchase menu offers a choice of antique gold fittings(£1411.48), polished nickel fittings (£1411.48) and chrome fittings (£1285.23).

(Delivery is completely free, as the item costs more than £500) The online purchase menu offers a choice of Vitoria toilet seats including a white wooden seat(+£94.50), a natural oak toilet seat(+£108.75), a linen white toilet seat(+£94.50), a matt dark grey toilet seat (+£94.50) and a pebble grey toilet seat(+£94.50).

This product can also be purchased from one of the Tavistock Bathrooms UK outlets (searchable by entering your postal code) Click here to find the retail outlet closest to you.

  • The Heritage Granley High Level WC and Cistern is available for £722.88. This toilet is sold with an optional heritage toilet seat which gives the buyer a variety of 28 different seats. Ornate cistern brackets are included with the product.

The product can be ordered online at the Sanctuary Bathrooms Website using this link The online purchase menu offers a choice of gold fittings, which will add £38.16 (bringing the total cost to £761.04) The Heritage Granley High Level WC and Cistern has a lifetime guarantee from its manufacturer Heritage Bathrooms UK

You may also choose to purchase the product from a Heritage Bathroom Showroom near you. Search for your nearest outlet by entering your location or postal code here 

This product has a 25 year guarantee from its manufacturer Imex Ceramics UK

Which range of showers will make my wet room look more attractive?

Showers which will make your wetroom look more attractive include digital showers, modern showers, power showers and electric showers. The following list offers a snapshot of the best showers available to refine the image of your wet room:

  • The Hansgrohe Crometta E 240 Shower Pipe Thermostatic shower is available for £550.
  • The Hudson Reed Tec Pura Thermostatic Shower with fixed shower head is available at a sale  price of £312.75. This Wet Room shower contains the Hudson Reed Pura Twin Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve.

The product can be purchased online at the Bella Bathrooms UK website by using the following link The Hudson Reed Tec Pura Thermostatic Shower with fixed shower head has a 20 year guarantee.

  • The Milano Astley Modern Corner Thermostatic Shower Panel with Large Shower Head (hand shower, 3 body jets and a handy shelf) is available online at a price of £524.99. The shelf is offered in chrome and black colours. The large surface area of the rainfall style head creates a Shower Spa Experience.

The Milano Astley Modern Corner Thermostatic Shower Panel can be ordered online by clicking on this link (which redirects to the Big Bathroom Shop UK) The Wet Room shower has a lifetime guarantee from its manufacturer Astley.

Which shower drains can I install to upgrade my wet room’s interior?

You need to install the following shower drains in your wet room to upgrade its interior:

  • The Milano 1200mm Linear stainless steel Shower drain with Grate is available for £169.99
  • The Crosswater 1500 x 900 mm Rectangle 25mm stone resin shower tray is available for £412.30

Do you have any specific interior design ideas made by professional architects that I can follow?

Yes, indeed. This interior design concept created on a Middle Eastern theme by a professional architect will be sure to transform your wetroom into a desert fantasy. 

One wet room design concept created by the architect Hadi Teherani for Axor’s Distinctive Project can make a council wet room look absolutely magical. This design has a central tub placed directly under the cupola. A cupola is a construction which is situated on top of a larger dome.The cupola helps to define a structure’s centre line, in our case the wet room’s central point.

An oval shaped, double washbasin is installed next to the wall. The tiling materials used include glass mirror mosaic tiles. These tiles offer a reflection of the marble surfaces below them, creating an abstract glowing particle effect, visible in silver and gold colours.

These Glass Mirror Mosaic Tiles can be purchased at Etsy UK at a price of £3.83 per quarter inch or from BigMamaMosaics UK at a price of £3.83 per 0.375 inch or from 33DIYHobbys Uk at a price of £2.14 for a 10mmx10mm piece (or 50 pcs of 30x15cm at a price of £96.38).

The structure’s high arched ceiling, built from a glass mosaic material, culminates in the dome-like hollowed top. This idea of a glass mosaic ceiling for a wet room provides a vast outlet for light to enter. This light may consist of sunlight during the day and moonlight at night time. The circular wet room is accessible from multiple access points.

This specific wet room design concept uses Axor fittings of Matt black colour including:

  •  the single lever basin mixture 280 with the signature Axel Citterio E Lever Handle
  • . The Axor OverHead shower 350
  •  Axor Universal Softsquare Toothbrush Tumbler
  • Axor Universal Softsquare Rail Bath Towel Holder
  •  Axor Universal Softsquare Liquid Soap Dispenser with shelf
  • Axor Universal Circular Wall Mirror
  • Axor Universal Softsquare toilet paper holder with shelf 
  • Axor Universal Softsquare soap dish.Axor Universal Circular Towel Ring
  •  Axor Universal Circular Shaving Mirror
  •  Axor Universal Softsquare two sided mounting kit for two sided glass installation


This blog post addressed the question “How To Make A Council Wet Room Look Nice?” A council wet room can be made to look truly amazing by paying attention to detail and adding in the most alluring and vintage quality sanitary fittings including the shower screen, toilet, wetroom shower and door. The budget for renovating a wetroom must add beauty to the room through careful selection of the appropriate hardware and yet still be economical to manage. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : How To Make A Council Wet Room Look Nice?

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Wet Room?

The final cost incurred in constructing a wet room depends on multiple factors. One of the major determinants of your wet room budget are the plumbing expenses. Drainage is the most essential component of a wet room. You will also require planning permission and the services of a plumber.

The estimated cost of putting together a wet room can range from £4000 to £10000 and in many cases exceed £10000. In order to make the wet room look pleasing and comforting you will need to purchase the more stylish sanitary fittings such as wet room toilets and shower trays.

What Do You Need For A Wet Room?

You will need to set up the following fixtures and fittings for constructing a Wet Room:

  • Wet Room Tiles or flooring material
  • In shower storage shelves or auxiliary units
  • Wet Room cleaning solutions and equipment
  • A wet room toilet. You will need to decide which type suits your needs best
  • A wet room screen or enclosure
  • A wet room tray

How do I turn my bathroom into a wet room?

A wet room has an open shower area with drainage running down the centre of the room. It is also known as a tanked bathroom. The floor of a wet room is on the same level as the water falling from the shower and requires to be slightly tilted too. It certainly can be done if you can make the necessary alterations with the help of an interior designer or architect.

The wet room will not contain any partitions or walls, so any existing walls will need to be torn down. New shower trays will be installed for the wet room. Most items in a wet room will need to be waterproof.


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