How to check T-mobile voicemail

This blog explains to you how to check your voicemail on your phone, it also gives you steps to check T-Mobile voicemail from another phone. It gives you all the steps to be followed to access your voice mail by using the dial pad as well as from your computer.

How to check T-Mobile voicemail?

  • You can check your voicemail on your dial pad by pressing and holding the 1 key, or dial 123,  and using different keys, you will be able to access different features of voicemail.
  • You can also check voicemail by using the visual voicemail app

 How to check voicemails by using a T-Mobile voicemail number?

  • On your T-Mobile just go to the phone app, Press and hold the 1 key, or dial 123 on your device dial pad to call and connect to your voicemail. You should be taken to your voice mailbox.
  • You can also dial 1-805-637-7249., if the above option doesn’t work. Once you call on that number, you just need to enter your phone number to access your voicemails and voicemail settings.
  • After greetings, you will be asked to enter the password of your voice mail account.

 keypad options to access different features of voicemail

1- Listen to the message:

  • # – Skip/Next message
  • 1 – Replay message
  • 2 – Forward message
  • 3 – Send reply
  • 4 – Print fax
  • 5 – Date/Time info
  • 7 – Delete message 
  • 8 – Return call
  • 9 – Save message

2-  Send a message

  • # – Group list
  • 1 – Send
  • 2 – Review message
  • 3 – Delete & rerecord
  • 4 – Delivery options

3-Create greeting

  • 1 – Play greeting
  • 2 – Record greeting
  • 3 – Greeting group
  • 4 – Record name as a greeting
  • 5 – Phone number as greeting

4-Mailbox options

  • 1 – Group lists
  • 3 – Playback options
  • 4 – Fax options
  • 6 – Standard/Short prompts

5-Password security:

  • 1 – Change password
  • 2 – Enable/Disable password

Playback options

These menu options are available while you are listening to a message

  • 1 – Rewind
  • 2 – Pause
  • 3 – Fast forward
  • 4 4- Slow down playback
  • 6 6 – Speed up playback

For any help, use these key commands.

  • 0 – Help
  • * * – Main menu
  • * – Cancel/Back up


Voicemail for T-Mobile iPhone:

Steps to play a voicemail message on T-mobile iPhone:

  • Go to the home screen, tap on Phone > Voicemail
  • Tap on the “Play message ”    option.
  • Steps to share a voicemail message on T-mobile iPhone:
  • Go to the home screen, tap on Phone > Voicemail
  • Tap on the “share message ”      option.
  • Choose from the multiple sharing options suggested.
  • Steps to delete a voicemail message in T-mobile iPhone:
  • Go to the home screen, tap on Phone > Voicemail
  • Tap on the “Delete message”     option.
  • Be careful that once you delete the message, it also gets deleted from the voicemail server of T-Mobile.
  • You can find the deleted messages in the Deleted message folder at the bottom of the voicemail list.
  • If you want to retrieve the deleted message, just tap on Delete Message, choose t   voicemail to want to retrieve, and then select Undelete. 


How to use visual voicemail app on T-Mobile

Other than the traditional voicemail feature the new T-Mobile Phones have a visual voicemail app. This feature lets the user see all the voicemails on the phone without calling the number first.

Users can see the entire list in the visual voicemail feature and easily choose to listen to the selected one. Users can also refer to the time date and length of the call

  • By using the app, you will be able to listen to the voice mail, call a voicemail and return a call.
  • The app helps you add and edit and contact as well as edit and delete the greeting
  • You can keep the notifications ON for the app so that you are notified every time you have a new voicemail, just like mails.
  • You can also change the password of your voicemail in the app itself
  • Other user-friendly services the app allows are, deleting the messages, sorting messages, and syncing the mails.
  • T-Mobile users can also save the voicemails on an SD card and also share the messages directly via email.

How to set up your voicemail using a dial pad

Dial 123  to call and you will get connected to your voicemail.

you will be asked for your password while setting it up. By default, it is the last four digits of your mobile number.

It is required to create a new password.

  • Your password can be any 4-to-7-digit code.
  • Select a password that you can remember easily, but is difficult for others to guess.

When prompted, record your greeting and name. You can access your voicemail.

How to set or change Your Voicemail Greeting

  • Dial 123 on your device to get connected to your voicemail.
  • To go to mailbox settings press “*”
  • Now go to the greetings menu by pressing “3”.
  • Now to record a new greeting press “2”
  • After recording press “#” to finish it.If you want to rerecord press “2”.
  • Once you are happy with your greeting, press “1” to set the greeting.

How to Check Voicemail from your computer

  • You can also check your voicemails on your desktop which is a free service.
  • You just need to go to T-Mobile and log in by using the Phone option.
  • When you try doing it for the first time T-Mobile will send you a verification code on your primary number, which you need to enter to confirm the identity. Once you log in you will see an option called check voice mail. If you are subscribed to multiple lines, you will find the entire list of phone numbers, you can select the phone number you want to access voicemail for.
  • You can now view your messages, missed calls, and SMS, the web browser also lets you make calls.

How can you check your voicemail from another phone?

you can check your messages when you’re away from your T-Mobile device or otherwise unable 

  • Dial  1-805 637 7243
  • Follow the voice prompts.
  • Enter the number and voice mail password when asked.


  • You can dial your number from another device
  • The call reaches your voicemail
  • Hit the * key
  • Enter the voicemail password when asked
  • You will be prompted about the keys to use for accessing the mails.

How can you Access Visual Voicemail from another phone?

you can check your messages when you’re away from your T-Mobile device or otherwise unable to use it. Here’s how:

Step 1: Using another phone, dial your mobile number for which you want to access voicemail.

Step 2: Press * or # to bypass the greeting.

Step 3: Enter your voicemail password when asked.

Step 4: Follow all instructions so that you can listen to the voicemail messages.

To enable this service, you need an active data connection. You need to have either active cellular data or Wi-Fi.

After the initial setup, on the voicemail screen, you will get a message saying that visual voicemail is currently unavailable, along with a button saying call voicemail, this button will help you to dial your voicemail directly.

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This blog post gave detailed information about how you can check your voicemail from your phone and from another phone T-Mobile, access voicemail using voicemail number, all the keys to help you access different features on voicemail. It also gives you the steps to call voicemail or use the visual voicemail app and access the messages for your number from another device.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): How to check T-Mobile voicemail?

Where can I find my voicemail number?

From the home screen select the Menu key.

Go to settings > Call settings > Voicemail > Voicemail > view the voicemail number

Why is my voicemail number different than my phone number?

Your voicemails are not saved on your device, they are saved on the server of your carrier. The voicemail number keeps track of the voicemailbox in which your voicemails are saved. Your number is attached to the voicemail box storing your voicemails.

How do I activate my T-Mobile voicemail?

Press and hold the Key 1 on your Dial Pad and follow the instructions prompted to you like entering the password, and setting up greetings.

Why isn’t my iPhone letting me set up my mail?


You cannot set up the voicemail yourself, it is a carrier offered service which is set by the service provider.  Your account needs to be provisioned by the carrier, and whether your device supports standard voice mail or visual voicemail is decided by the carrier.

How do I fix my full voicemail?

To fix your voicemail when it is full, Call your own number or long-press 1 on your dial pad. You can delete the message by pressing 7.

Or, if you use visual voicemail, you can directly go to the voice mail option from the phone app, select the mail you want to delete, and tap on the delete option.

How to set up T-Mobile iPhone?

When you try to use voicemail for the first time, you will have to set up a password and greeting.

Follow the following steps in your T- Mobile iPhone to do the initial setup.

  •  Go to the home screen, tap on Phone > Voicemail > Setup now.
  •  When prompted create a voicemail password for yourself.
  • Now set up the greetings. By default, the standard greetings for your phone are set.
  • You can also record your own greetings by choosing the custom option. Tap on Record to record your own greetings, and Tap play to play it.


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