How Much Interest Can I Get On 1 Million Pounds Per Month?

Earnings through interest are one of the many ways through which lump sum amounts of money can be kept safe while yielding returns. Through this article, we aim to learn how much monthly interest one may be able to earn on 1 million pounds. In addition to this, we will also explore other ways to invest 1 million pounds as well as estimate the earnings that can be generated from investing 1 million dollars.

How Much Interest Can I Get On 1 Million Pounds Per Month?

At the current interest rate of 1.25% set by the Bank of England, you can earn approximately £975 per month on 1 million pounds. However, earnings through interest are usually generated on an annual basis. Therefore, you can expect to earn £12,5000 every year if you have saved 1 million pounds in a bank.

In addition to a savings account, you may consider investing a significant amount as 1 million pounds in property, stocks or shares for higher returns.

Irrespective of your choice of the form of investment, you will be required to pay income tax between 20% to 40% from the returns generated.

What Are Some Of The Ways To Invest 1 Million Pounds?

Some of the ways through which one may invest £1 million for greater returns include the following:

  • The stock market; a high-risk, high-return option with interest rates up to more than 9%)
  • Mutual funds; a safer option for older individuals yielding returns up to nearly 5% 
  • Real estate; another safer bet with usually medium to high returns
  • Savings account in a bank: low risk, low return option

Some financial advisers suggest the 4% withdrawal rule; according to which one should withdraw 4% from their savings annually to keep up with inflationary trends.

How Much Interest Do 1 Million Dollars Earn?

If someone has a million dollars saved in the bank, they can conveniently earn $7,526 per year. This amount is based on the current Federal Reserve upper interest rate of 0.75%.

For a more accurate estimate of the amount that you can earn through interest on $1 million; based on the number of years that you are investing the sum of money, you use an online calculator.


This blog post teaches us that the current rate of interest in the UK will generate a monthly return of approximately £975 if you invest. However, there are also other investment options as well. Some of these include stocks and shares, property and mutual funds.


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