How Much Council Tax Do I Have To Pay In Rossendale District?

This blog post aims to answer the question of how much council tax one has to pay in Rossendale District. To answer this question in as much detail as possible, we will explore the council tax rates that apply in Rossendale based on the council tax bands assigned to properties. Additionally, we will also discuss how council rates are calculated and their modes of payment.

How Much Council Tax Do I Have To Pay In Rossendale District?

The amount of council tax that a resident would have to pay in Rossendale District will depend on the council tax band assigned to their property. There are council tax eight bands that apply to properties based on their monetary value. Below is a classification of these bands and the amount of council tax due on each band in Rossendale:

Value of propertyAssigned bandCouncil tax rate
up to £40,000A£1412.54
between £40,001 and £52,000B£1647.97
between £52,001 and £68,000C£1883.39
between £68,001 and £88,000D£2118.81
between £88,001 and £120,000E£2589.65
between £120,001 and £160,000F£3060.50
between £160,001 and £320,000G£3531.35
above £320,000H£4237. 62

Rossendale Borough Council is a Shire District Council in England with approximately 32,330 residential properties that are subject to council tax payments. The most commonly assigned council tax band in the area is Band A. Below are the details of the number of properties in the district versus the council tax band assigned to them:

Assigned bandCouncil tax rateNumber of properties
A£1412.5416, 334
B£1647.975, 097
C£1883.394, 318
D£2118.813, 450
E£2589.651, 987
H£4237. 6241

If you are unsure about the council tax band assigned to the property you live in, you can seek advice from the local council office by contacting them by telephone at 01706 217777, by writing an email to or sending your query through the post at the following address:

Revenue & Benefits

PO Box 104

Futures Park


OL13 3BU

The amounts collected through council tax revenue in Rossendale are used in providing funding to the following service providers in the local community:

  • Rossendale Borough Council 
  • Lancashire County Council 
  • Lancashire Fire Authority 
  • Lancashire Police Authority

Out of these, the Rossendale Borough Council precept accounts for around 14% of the total charge.       

How Is Council Tax Calculated In Rossendale?

Council tax is calculated in Rossendale in the same way as it is done in the rest of the UK. Council tax bands are assigned to properties based on their market value and council tax rates are then assigned based on these bands. 

Listing Officers from the Valuation Office Agency are responsible for the assessment of properties based on their market value; keeping the year 1991 as the period of assessment. This backdated assessment keeps the amount of council tax bills much reduced as inflation and rising housing prices are not considered.

The local council office maintains a list of all the houses in their area. Once the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) shares its value assessment, council tax bills for the next year are prepared and sent out to residents on April 1st each year. 

There are eight valuation bands for council tax bills that run across A to H, with Band A assigned to properties with the lowest value and increasing up to Band H for properties with higher values. It is based on this assigned band that the amount of council tax is decided. 

In addition to a property’s value, the Valuation Office Agency considers the following factors when assessing a property for valuation purposes:

  • location
  • size
  • character
  • layout
  • purpose or use

How Is Council Tax Paid In Rossendale?

You can pay your council tax in many ways. These include the following:

  • You can make Direct debit payments through your bank account. Direct debit payments can be set up by contacting the customer service helpline of Rossendale District at 01706 217777 or using the online form available on the council’s official website.
  • You can also make online payments using a debit or credit card. You will need your 8-digit council tax number when you make the payment.
  • There is also an option for automated telephone payments that can be made by calling 01706 217777. Phone lines are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • In-person payments can be made at the nearest post office and any other location such as grocery stores, newsagents or supermarkets where you see the PayPoint logo. You will need your barcoded bill to make the payment.
  • Payments can also be made through standing orders, telephone or internet banking. It usually takes 5 to 7 days for the bank to process payments. Below are the council’s details that you will need to make the payment if you choose this option:

Bank account name: Rossendale Borough Council Bank

Account number: 25503391

Sort Code: 01-07-29

  • You can also pay your council tax using a cheque addressed to Rossendale Borough Council with your council tax reference number written on the back. Cheques should be sent to the following address:

Rossendale Borough Council,

PO Box 102, Bacup, Lancs,

OL13 0BB 

Council tax payments are paid through 10 or 12 monthly instalments on the 1st, 8th, 15th or 22nd of the month. 


The discussion in the above article has helped us learn about how much council tax one would have to pay by identifying the different council tax rates that apply to properties in Rossendale District. These rates are based on the council tax bands that are assigned to properties taking into account their monetary value. For the ease of readers, the payment options for council tax and details regarding these options are also mentioned in the above content.


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