how does HealthLine make money?

In this blog, we will cover the issue of “how does HealthLine earn money.” We will also explore how the business functions and what benefits it provides to its consumers worldwide, as well as a quick historical summary.

how does HealthLine make money

Healthline makes money by 60 percent of ad-supported income and 30 percent of the platform license fees, Healthline has achieved success with this business model. These revenues are generated by, their media network, their technology partner network, and a lead generation program, amongst other things.

Some of the firms that sell advertisements directly or via their media network include Aetna,, AOL, Elsevier, GE,, Ingenix, iVillage, Medhelp, The UnitedHealth Group, and The U.S. News & World Report, among many more. The platform license charge includes the platform as well as any professional expenditures or design adjustments that may be required in the future. It also supports’s intelligent health answers, which are powered by a partnership between Yahoo and Healthline.

Healthline Media was able to get back on track by focusing on the content rather than the delivery of health info. The successful firm generated an extra $100 million dollars in revenue in the previous year. With user growth rates topping 60 percent year over year, The Healthline is on the cusp of displacing WebMD as the web’s most popular health resource, according to the company. For the rise to take place, it required an eight-year time period.

What is HealthLine

Healthline is a source of health information located in the United States. Healthline’s headquarters are in San Francisco, with the majority of its operations taking place in California. The year 2006 saw the establishment of Healthline. In the year 2006, it focused largely on developing a stand-alone firm. By the end of October 2020, it had a global ranking of 188, according to Alexa.

History of HealthLine

Healthline Media was founded in 1999 with the launch of, the first website built by endocrine expert James Norman. In 2006, Healthline Networks changed its name to Healthline. The decision to outsource the development of Healthline’s content was taken in 2011 when the company began to encounter financial challenges. This resulted in lower-quality material being created. A direct effect of this was that the firm committed $1 million in the creation of original content.

Founded in 2010, it has offices in both New York City and San Francisco, and by 2013, it had earned more than $21 million by being named to the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing technology businesses in North America for the years 2010 to 2013. Summit Partners made a $95 million investment in Healthline’s growth shares in January 2016, bringing the total amount invested in the company to $105 million. According to the terms of the sale, Healthline’s media company was spun off as a separate organization, with David Kopp serving as CEO and a board of directors to oversee operations. Earlier this year, the company stated that it had acquired Medical News Today and MediLexicon from another company.

This year, in July, Red Ventures acquired the health-related website Healthline for an undisclosed sum. In August 2020, according to the firm, Healthline purchased Psych Central from its previous owner. To compete with websites such as WebMD and Verywellmind, Healthline Media has created a website that gives health and wellness information on various topics. According to an article written by Kim Komando, a technology reporter for USA Today, in 2009, was named as one of the best health information websites on the internet by her peers.

Healthline Media

Over 40 additional websites depend on the health-related material and information provided by the firm. Since 2010, Yahoo! and Healthline Media have been providing medical and health-related content to their audiences. In addition, and are partners. Healthline Networks software is also used to power Aetna’s patient website, which is identical in design.

Overview of Healthline

Name of the companyHealthline
Type of entityPrivate
Founded in1999
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California & New York, New York, United States
Owner of HealthlineRed Venture (Healthline Media)
Products offered by HealthlineHealth information services
Number of Employees279 as of 2018
Link to Official

Medical affairs

In the case of Healthline, the Medical Affairs team ensures that the company’s written materials, commodities, and facilities meet or exceed the highest medical standards in the industry. Their dedicated team is responsible for overseeing a broad medical network of more than 150 physicians who offer medical examinations, expert opinions, and clinical counseling to our patients. Healthline’s healthcare professionals work hard to ensure that the information they offer is accurate, data-driven, up to date, individual-centric, and dependable for their readers.

Healthline editorial

A key part of Healthline’s aim is to make health and wellness information readily accessible, simply to be understandable, and actionable so that readers can make better health decisions for themselves and their families. Our information is developed, fact-checked, and evaluated by a team of qualified writers, editors, physicians, and other specialists.

Every piece of material is submitted to a rigorous examination by medical professionals in order to ensure its correctness and reliability. They adhere to strict sourcing guidelines in each item, and They cite or link to the sources wherever possible. Our subject matter experts keep a close watch on the health and wellness business, and they update their articles as new information becomes available.

Here’s how Healthline ensure they meet these standards:

They carefully select contributors and provide them with ongoing training. Our in-house editing team selects only the most qualified writers and contributors for inclusion in our publications. They aim for material writers that have a strong understanding of the topic area and appropriate clinical expertise. Besides providing regular feedback and ongoing mentorship, they also provide training on inquiry and sourcing techniques.

Medical professionals review our health information to ensure that it is accurate from a medical standpoint. A broad spectrum of healthcare specialists from research institutions, professional organizations, and private practice makes up the Medical Network at Healthline Media. These experts have a wide range of expertise in their respective fields and are members of the Healthline Media family. With their clinical practice, research, and patient advocacy backgrounds, our medical reviewers bring a distinct perspective to the table. They also have an extensive understanding of a broad variety of medical specializations.

Their Brand and Content Integrity team studies the business operations of partner firms and evaluates their health-related claims in light of the existing scientific evidence, among other things.

Medical editors are responsible for the creation of content for patient medication information. A competent medical editing team works in collaboration with PharmD writers and Medical Reviewers to create our consumer drug information material for healthcare professionals. These specialists are devoted to answering your questions and are competent at efficiently presenting complicated pharmacological information to a wide range of audiences.

Prioritizing accuracy, empathy, and inclusivity

It is simple to read and grasp the stuff that they offer for their target audience. Consequently, they have developed their style guide, which is based on the Associated Press Stylebook, to ensure consistency. Their writers and editors will be able to focus on diversity, real-world application, high-quality sources, and clear citations as a result of this arrangement.

These individuals speak consciously and courteously which promotes inclusiveness and compassion, while also being approachable and sincere in their communication. Empathic language is used to express nonjudgmental stories, and they make purposeful choices to avoid stigma, prejudice, and bias while telling their stories.

Continual monitoring and updating of content

The situation of health-related information is always changing. There is new research being released, old hypotheses are being refuted, and terminology is becoming out of date.

At Healthline, they are continually checking and updating our content to ensure that they are giving the most up-to-date information possible to our visitors. To make this a reality, they have assembled a team of editors and experts who are devoted to identifying and correcting any incorrect or unclear content.

Regular audits

To stay up with changes in language and clinical expertise as well as trends in the health community, Healthline undertakes content audits on a regular basis.

Annual brand vetting

They re-evaluate verified brands on an annual basis, and they update any language that refers to them to reflect any changes in the brand’s performance against our vetting requirements that have occurred since the last evaluation.

Medical Affairs Team

Health line works relentlessly to assist guarantee that all Healthline information, products, and services are scientifically accurate and of high ethical standards. Our devoted staff is also responsible for the administration of the broad Healthline Medical Network.

Our Medical Network is made up of healthcare specialists from research institutes, professional organizations, and private practice, all of whom have a wide range of experience and substantial knowledge in their respective domains. To guarantee that Healthline’s readers get the greatest quality health information, Network Members provide knowledge from across the range of medical disciplines, as well as their viewpoint from years of clinical practice, research, and patient advocacy, to Healthline.

Finally, we explored the question of “how does HealthLine make money,” and we discovered that 60 percent of ad-supported income and 30 percent of platform licensing fees are used to generate revenue for Healthline. Healthline has had great success with this business strategy. These revenues are produced by a variety of sources, including, their media network, their technology partner network, and a lead-generating program, among others.

Frequently asked question (FAQ): how does HealthLine make money

How does Healthline com make money?

We do performance advertising, social advertising, content marketing, and traditional brand or awareness advertising. We also have a thriving, fast-growing affiliate company.

Whom is Healthline funded by?

Whom is Healthline funded by? A $95 million investment by Summit Partners in San Francisco-based Healthline Media was made to compete with other consumer health information websites such as WebMD.

Is Healthline owned by Google?

No, it is owned by Healthline media (Red Ventures)

Is Healthline a credible source?

To guarantee as much factual accuracy as possible, every Healthline information is medically vetted or fact verified. We follow stringent source criteria and only connect to respected news organisations, academic research institutes, and medically peer-reviewed studies where available.

Who is David Kopp?

David Kopp is the CEO of Healthline, a business devoted to making the world a better place by serving as people’s most trusted friend on their path to health and happiness.

Is Healthline peer-reviewed?

The journal “Healthline” is a peer-reviewed, open-access publication.


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