How does guilded make money?

In this blog, we will discuss “How does guilded make money”, Alongside what makes Guilded unique in its features, the pros, and cons of Guilded, and most importantly how Guilded Generates money.

How does guilded make money

Guilded produces revenue through Guilded Gold, a membership program that allows users to contribute to Guilded’s development and have early access to new features before they are made accessible to all users. Guilded’s fundamental functionalities will always be available to all users for free and will never need payment to use.

What is Guilded?

Guilded is an instant messaging, and digital distribution network developed by Guilded Incorporation. Guilded’s corporate headquarters are located in San Francisco. Users communicate as members of “guilds” via voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files privately. Guilded was founded by Eli Brown, a former Facebook as well as Xbox employee. Guilded runs on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Guilded is a Discord competitor that is mostly focused on video gaming communities such as competitive gaming and esports. It provides features tailored to video gaming clans, such as scheduling tools and integrated calendars. Guilded was founded by Guilded, Inc., a subsidiary of the Roblox Corporation on August 16, 2021.

Overview of the company

Founder/CEO of GuildedEli Brown
Guilded Founded in2017
Headquarters of GuildedNew Orleans LouisianaNew Orleans Metropolitan Area
Status of GuildedPrivate, Acquired by Roblox Corp.
Guilded Website
Social Media links of GuildedLinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
Funding of Guilded$10.2M
Est. Annual Revenue$2.7M
Est. Employees15
Industry of GuildedSoftware, Internet & Computer Services
Sector of GuildedMessaging
Guilded Competitors and AlternativesHouseparty, Discord, Overtone, Teamspeak,

What makes Guilded Unique?


The program’s overall structure is more pleasing to the eye and simply more functional. Diverse channels on the same server do not overload the graphical user interface. In actuality, each server can create sub-servers to manage a collection of related activities or interests. “Like what?” you may be wondering. You can easily create a whole server dedicated to a single game, and the majority of them already include a text chat, voice chat, and calendar, so you don’t have to. Those who do not wish to see them may just withdraw from the group. They are welcome to rejoin at any moment. As a result, any member of your server can tailor their experience to their specific preferences. 

Additionally, as a server administrator, you will no longer be required to create reaction rules to admit specific persons to specified groups, as is the case with Discord. That’s a significant amount of overhead eliminated in a far more efficient method.

Each offers the same amount of information, but the Guilded side includes sub-servers for each individual chat part, which simplifies navigation and gives server administrators and new users significantly more control over the user interface’s overall ambiance.

However, the organization is not limited to this. Apart from a better server look, this version includes a calendar feature. This can be used to notify all server members about future events such as Twitch streams, YouTube upload schedules, community gaming activities, or any other event.

Users can select the ‘attend’ option from the calendar. Each event has its conversation thread, which aids in maintaining a clean server. Additionally, threaded messages are implemented by default on an organizational level. This is perfect for servers focusing on community assistance as well as servers with users who tend to wander off on tangents. It keeps the server looking tidy and enables anyone interested to join in on any topic effortlessly.

Finally, but certainly not least, there are a few additional significant characteristics worth mentioning. Channels dedicated to media assets are perfect for sharing memes, MMO characters, or any other type of media asset. Users can also leave comments on individual images, similar to threaded discussions. 

This is a significant advantage over Discord, as it keeps the visuals in the foreground of the room long enough for everyone to interact. Announcements can be sent over a standard “announcements” channel. That is the server’s home page, and as such, it will be visible to everyone. Additionally, the overview page highlights upcoming events on the calendar, allowing users to select whether to attend or decline additional reminders.

Additionally, Guilded makes it simple to construct polls. Additionally, there are several options for building new channels on Guilded.Streaming channels dedicated to screen sharing. Scheduling channels to determine the availability of your server users and better organize event schedules on the calendar. Additionally, there is a forum channel for issues that are more specific than those covered in a threaded messaging conversation, such as guild activity in numerous MMOs. The to-do channel is excellent for creating lists of objectives to accomplish, whether they are to assist with server management or to earn rarities in games that your server is playing.


After discussing some of the more interesting aspects of community creation, let’s address monetization. You may start earning money immediately with Guilded by purchasing server memberships. They operate similarly to Twitch or Patreon, allowing you to choose from a variety of subscription packages at varying price ranges. Subscribers can then support you and your work by subscribing to your server. Patreon takes approximately 10% of the cost of your subscription, but Twitch takes 50% of every subscription. 

On the other hand, Guilded levies a fixed 2.5 percent fee on all subscriptions. If you give unique rewards like dazzling profile flair and exclusive sub-jobs, your devoted followers will clamor for money.And the best part is that you are not required to meet any quotas to be paid.With Guilded, you may immediately begin earning money.

This is an illustration of how your subscription levels may appear. Bear in mind that the number of levels and the monthly subscription amount are totally up to you. And, regardless of which option you choose, Guilded will take only 2.5 percent, leaving you with a magnificent 97.5 percent. Funds are processed by Stripe, which you can join up for free if you don’t already have one.

Free Features

It is a huge asset for average consumers as well. To begin emotes; Guilded gives you a limitless number of free emote slots. Perhaps you don’t use emotes at all, or perhaps 50 is sufficient. While the fact that Guilded gives a higher-quality phone call for free may persuade you, the fact is that Guilded provides more than double the quality for free. They support 256 kbps and allow for per-user customization without your intervention. Additionally, you can have a private voice call/whisper conversation with any other person in the same voice channel as you. You can talk privately with someone without changing channels.

Bots and XP

Guilded simplifies the process; no prior programming skill is required. Guilded servers immediately install a welcome bot, a twitch bot, and an XP bot. You can disable them if you like. Any new bot may be readily created by chaining together a sequence of triggers and actions that result in the desired feature. It is possible to have a bot inform you every time a member adds a new forum subject. 

Alternatively, you may simply declare when specific members do it, or you can simply notify select members. It’s all quite straightforward.The text-searchable interface enables rapid identification of a wide variety of triggers and actions, allowing anyone who can read to get a head start on bot construction. The Level Rewards system, which works in conjunction with the XP Bot, enables the server administrator to grant new roles to users who achieve specific levels because of their involvement on the server.

User Interface

As indicated in the organizing part, the user interface is aesthetically pleasing. And, as a result, new users will be unafraid of your server’s layout. The following is an example of a Guilded server’s home/landing page.

As you can see, navigation is straightforward, with sub-servers on the left, a member list on the right, and a calendar of upcoming events with the possibility to indicate interest in the center, followed by forum activity and MMO leaderboards, and lastly, the announcements section. When contrasted to Discord, which has a comparable server information page, it’s easy to see why Guilded is so popular with users and server managers alike. Additionally, the user interface is customizable. If you prefer to view all of your servers on the side, simply tap the icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen to do so. There are other additional features in Guilded, but it’s better to discover them for yourself.

Guilded Pros and Cons

Free, high-quality video and audio messagingVastly smaller user base compared to Discord
Excellent tools for organizing gaming groups and competitions.Some redundant channels
Twitch, Patreon, and imported Discord servers are all supported. 

In this blog, we answered the question, “How does Guilded make money?” We discovered that Guilded makes money by offering a subscription feature called Guilded Gold, which allows users to contribute to the development of Guilded and receive early access to alpha features before they are rolled out to all users. The fundamental functionality will always be available to all users for free, and no money will ever be required to use Guilded.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ): How does Guilded make money?

Does Guilded cost money?

It is Free. At the same time, you can watch a stream, participate in a voice channel, and do other things. There is always a concern when services like Guilded are completely free to use.

Who is Guilded owned by?

Roblox Corporation owned Guilded.

Guilded is a Roblox Corporation-owned VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution network built by Guilded Inc.

Is Guilded better than Discord?

Guilded’s audio chat outperforms Discord’s. Not only is the quality higher, but Guilded members can also whisper to a specific person in chat by pressing a hotkey, allowing only that person to hear them.

Is Guilded the same as Discord?

Even though the settings themselves are different, accessing them is the same as those of Discord. The main operations of Guilded will, for the most part, feel exactly like they do on Discord. You send messages in the same manner, converse invoices in the same manner, and use emojis in messages or reactions in the same manner.

Does Guilded have bots?

Guilded servers already have a primitive bot system built-in, allowing members to construct their bespoke tools without any programming experience and leverage trigger systems like IFTTT and Zapier.

Is guilded encrypted?

Guilded strives to secure Personal Data by implementing appropriate technical and organizational safeguards based on the type of Personal Data and processing activity. Sensitive user information, for example, is encrypted and only saved when it is required to operate the service.


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