How does boxycharm make money

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How does boxycharm make money

Boxycharm earns money by membership fees and online store sales. It operates on a subscription-based revenue model. Boxycharm is a subscription service that sends subscribers cosmetic products on a monthly or quarterly basis. Boxycharm was founded in 2013 and has grown to become one of the most popular subscription boxes in America. In October 2020, rival IPSY acquired the business for $500 million.

BoxyCharm’s business model is entirely subscription-based. It earns money through subscription-based programmes. Monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions to these plans are available. If you want to save money, you can get the most basic plan available for $25 per month. Customers can sign up for a one-, three-, six-, or twelve-month membership. Along with direct client sales, Add-ons contribute to the company’s revenue stream. Customers can save significant amounts of money by upgrading to a more expensive membership level. It’s also worth noting that add-on goods are priced similarly to subscription boxes.

In 2016, the company raised capital through a single round of private financing. The organization is self-sufficient and does not receive financing or aid from outside sources. Subscription purchases are the organization’s sole source of revenue.

What Exactly Is boxycharm?

Boxycharm is a subscription service that sends subscribers cosmetic products on a monthly or quarterly basis. The product categories are extensive and include items such as eyeliner, highlighters, lip gloss, mascara, and bathing goods, among others. Boxycharm collaborates with hundreds of brands, including Marc Jacobs Beauty, Natasha Denona, NARS, and Tatcha.

How it works is as follows. To begin, purchasers must sign up for one of the company’s three offerings. Boxycharm Base, Premium, and Luxe are the names of the boxes. As a result, they all include varying quantities of items at varying price points.

After selecting a box, you will be sent to a so-called Beauty Quiz, which will analyze several elements of the purchaser, such as their skin type and possible allergies. The information you enter then has an effect on what Boxycharm places in the box. Additionally, clients may select between one and two products. Boxycharm will then choose the remaining ones. Apart from subscription boxes, clients can purchase these items directly from the company’s website.

Boxycharm, like any other subscription service in the modern era, can be canceled at any time. As a result, clients will not be charged for canceling a subscription.

For individuals interested in cosmetics or skincare, subscription boxes provide a diverse assortment of items ranging from affordable to high-end options. As a result, there will be a package to suit everyone’s budget and aesthetic and skincare requirements. Given that Joe Martin has pointed out that these services lack full-size products fit for the current season, as well as personalization and the fact that boxycharm makes money through subscription boxes, it’s time to learn more about them.

How is boxycharm supplied with its products?

Boxycharm purchases the majority of its supplies in bulk from the businesses it promotes in its boxes. When purchased in bulk, cosmetics can be quite affordable. What truly contributes to the exorbitant pricing you see in stores is the fact that companies like Sephora must pay for both retail space and employee salaries – costs that do not apply to Boxycharm. Additionally, cosmetic companies spend billions of dollars annually to sell such goods, which adds up.

The business model of boxycharm

Boxycharm generates revenue through a monthly subscription fee and the sale of products through their online store. This business operates on a subscription-based model. The following section will delve deeper into each of these.


Boxycharm earns the majority of its revenue from the monthly membership fees it charges clients.

The company offers three distinct types of boxes:

Boxycharm Base subscription includes five items with an average value of $175 Each month.

Boxycharm Premium: six items in total (with the option to choose two) and an average box value of $215 per month.

Boxycharm Luxe, on the other hand, includes eight items (with the option to choose two) and an average box value of $390, delivered quarterly.

As a result, each package has a unique price. While the Luxe plan is priced at $59.99 per quarter, the Base plan is priced at $25.00 per month. Boxycharm conducts a survey in order to decrease customer attrition. The firm is able to tailor each box to the customer’s specifications using this method.

Store Sales

Rather than receiving a monthly or quarterly box, buyers can purchase individual items from the Boxycharm online store. Users may recreate past boxes and purchase specific items from the store using a filter on the website.

As a general rule, purchasers are reluctant to return an item they have already received and used (in contrast to a box). Due to the increased cost of individual goods, Boxycharm’s profit margins are likely to be significantly higher. Boxycharm Mega Drop Shop sales events are held on a regular basis to entice customers to browse the store. Here, you can save an incredible 80 percent off retail prices.

Your initial shipment will include a feedback form in which you will be asked to provide

BoxyCharm Pop-ups & Add-ons

Along with the subscription boxes, BoxyCharm’s add-on stores provide a diverse selection of additional goods. This option is available to those who do not desire to receive a subscription box. Generally, shipping is included in the price of the purchase. Alaska, Hawaii, the mainland United States, and Canada are all free shipping zones.

Additionally, BoxyCharm PopUp is a shopping event where you can get incredible deals on cosmetics, skincare, hair, and other lifestyle products. The discount might be as high as 80%. As a result, the service is restricted to subscribers.


BoxyCharm also offers additional points to returning buyers. These points are earned by product evaluations and recommendations. Customers that purchase products are eligible for a bonus credit on their account.

BoxyCharm’s unreformed social media-savvy marketing strategy has been a critical distinction. You can tell it appeals to young people by the way they engage with it.

According to the brand, BoxyCharm has over 2.5 million Instagram followers. It makes excellent use of the social skills of today’s youth. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snap are all considered to be members of the network’s community. Joe Martin, the company’s CEO, has been spotted frequently on Instagram promoting the company’s products. Once again, this is a novel approach to marketing that not many businesses take.

BoxyCharm’s selection of cosmetics brands is another outstanding selling point. Becca, IGK, MAC, and Sunday Riley are just a few of the high-profile companies with which it has recently collaborated. BoxyCharm’s brand portfolio is set to grow and develop in the future years with the inclusion of the IPSY trademarks.

The History of a Successful Business Model

Boxycharm was started in 2013 by Israeli Yosef Joe Martin in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Joe Martin came to Florida International University in 2003 to study international business. He’d always wanted to be his own boss. He started by selling almost everything on eBay and Amazon. To continue his studies at an international university, he needed to maintain a particular grade point average. Selling items on eBay requires a lot of time and effort, with low profit margins.

Martin preferred bulk sales. In 2004, he founded Merchandise Liquidators, which resells excess goods from stores like Walmart. Martin launched his company with $375 in his bank account. That’s why he enrolled in a short web design course. He would browse the few other websites available for technical knowledge.

To make matters worse, many of Martin’s competitors had never heard of SEO (SEO). He wasn’t intimidated by the fact that his first pay-per-click campaign had cost him $150 out of $375. Martin made a major breakthrough right before he had to pay over $8000 in school fees. Working at Federated Stores allowed him to pay for most of his education and more. His SEO skills increased his customer base. It was time for him to move out of his home office. His company, Merchandise Liquidators, now makes over $10 million annually. He discovered beauty when a beauty subscription service sent him nail paint samples.

Martin saw a market for popular cosmetic subscription boxes. In the first quarter, most businesses gave out non-popular, non-seasonal samples. Boxycharm was first released in 2013 and has since grown in popularity. It costs about $25 each month to use. The brand’s subscription boxes, which include cosmetics and skincare products, are recognised for their value.

Termination of your monthly e-newsletter subscription with boxycharm

If you desire to cancel your membership to Boxycharm’s monthly boxes, just log into your Boxycharm account at and click on “subscription.” To finish the procedure, expand the subscription you desire to cancel and click “cancel subscription.”

Following that, your subscription will be canceled. If you ever decide to re-enroll, proceed to Question 4 below. What happens if you cancel your subscription, and how do you regain access to it? That is all there is to it.


BoxyCharm’s subscription boxes are so popular because they sell their beauty products in an unconventional manner and frequently host shopping events that offer clients significant discounts. As a consequence, we hope our site has been of service to you. You will really benefit from learning the secret and history of this well-known brand.

The following are some of the most critical aspects of boxycharm:

·       Boxycharm’s social media profiles have a sizable following. As of this writing, it had over 3 million Instagram followers.

·       It is making full use of social media’s reach. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, among other social media platforms, are all part of the company’s social media network.

·       Joe Martin, the company’s CEO, routinely publishes on Instagram to promote the company’s products throughout the year. It is a marketing tactic that only a few businesses employ.

Frequently asked question (FAQ): How does boxycharm make money

1. Are you satisfied with the monthly subscription box service offered by BoxyCharm?

Yes, each item is definitely worth the cost. The boxes are filled with an assortment of high-quality products.

2. Are you aware of how to obtain charms?

You may earn charms by recommending friends and family to the products included in your monthly membership box.

3. Is there anything more I should know about this situation?

Boxycharm’s Luxe subscription box currently has a waitlist that is almost as lengthy as the Boxycharm waitlist.

4. How long is the Luxe Boxycharm waitlist?

It is barely two days and a half long. You must register for a Luxe entry box within 48 hours after joining the Base.

5. What happens if I cancel my subscription to the premium subscription box offered by Boxycharm?

You may join only if you are currently an active member. To become one, you must amass charms. Each time you cancel your subscription, you must re-enter the premium line.


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