This blog serves to answer the question “How Can I Challenge A Hounslow PCN? Appealing your PCN is an opportunity which only lasts for 28 days after receiving the penalty ticket and only takes a few hours of your time to save you £130. This blog lists down the traffic contraventions for which you can be served a Penalty Charge Notice in Hounslow Council.

How Can I Challenge A Hounslow PCN?

The first and most basic reason why you shouldn’t miss out on appealing your Hounslow PCN is that if your appeal is successful (and you have appealed within 14 days) you will have to pay nothing or just £65 (or £40) in case your appeal fails. 

And even if your appeal to Hounslow Council does not succeed, you can take up your “Notice of Rejection of Representations” from the council with the London Tribunals. This gives you a second chance to provide better evidence and for constructing a stronger appeals case.

You must not forfeit a chance to challenge your Penalty Charge Notice which is as simple as typing an online PCN appeal which contains one of the established grounds for making a representation about the relevant traffic violation.  The 28 days provided for appeal should be efficiently utilised in studying relevant traffic contravention cases and by reading the Traffic Management Act 2004.

In many cases, PCNs are not enforceable and you may be able to win your case and avoid having to pay your fine.

You could begin the process by speaking to an online solicitor for as little as £5. 

How much is the PCN fine for each of the 3 kinds of PCNs served in Hounslow Council?

The 3 kinds of PCNs served in Hounslow Council all have charges of £130, if paid within 28 days. A lower level parking PCN fine is £50 lesser than a higher level parking PCN, at £80.

The Penalty Charge Notice fine for a Hounslow Parking PCN is set at £130 for a higher level traffic violation and £80 for a lower level traffic violation. A 50% discount applies to early payment so If you pay your higher level parking PCN within 14 days, you just have to pay £65. Similarly if you pay your lower level parking PCN within 21 days, you just have to pay £40.

If you pay a Bus Lane PCN within 28 days, you will be charged £130 and if you pay it within 21 days, you just have to pay £65.The PCN fine for a moving traffic PCN in Hounslow Council is £130. There is a 50% discount for paying it within 14 days, which reduces the fine to £65.

How can I pay my Hounslow Council PCN?

It is best to make your Hounslow Council fine payment online on the council website using Visa Card, Master Card, Direct Debit or Maestro Card. This method saves time and is also more precise.You need to enter your PCN number after opening this webpage to initiate the PCN fine payment online.You also have to enter your vehicle registration number on the first page and in the next step you will be asked for your payment card details. 

But if you want to pay by post you need to attach a check or postal order payable to “The London Borough of Hounslow” and send it to this address:

London Borough of Hounslow parking services,

PO Box 211,


S98 1NG

You can also choose to pay your Hounslow PCN by telephone. For this you need to dial the following number to connect to Hounslow Council’s payments system : 0333 800 0107. Next you need to enter your payment card details on the call as well as your card’s billing address. Your vehicle registration number and PCN number are also needed to complete your payment.

You need to pay the fine within 28 days of getting the PCN and before 14 days if you want to avail the 50% discount on offer.

What is a Penalty Charge Notice?

A Penalty Charge Notice is a fine or monetary penalty for driving violations. A PCN can be issued in response to any traffic contravention such as a parking contravention, a moving traffic contravention or a bus lane violation.

A PCN may be issued by a Civil Enforcement Officer or by CCTV.  You will be given 28 days to respond to a PCN. If you don’t pay the PCN within 28 days you will be issued a charge certificate.

A charge certificate will increase the PCN penalty amount by 50% of its original value.

In Hounslow Council for which traffic violations is a Penalty Charge Notice issued?

A Penalty Charge Notice is issued in Hounslow Council for traffic violations including:

  • For a vehicle which has been parked in a prohibited street during prescribed hours. Vehicles are not allowed to park on yellow lines during prescribed hours except those driven by a blue badge holder (a person registered as disabled).
  • For a vehicle which has been parked in a restricted street within 15 metres of a junction (on double yellow lines)
  • For a  vehicle which has been parked in violation of traffic cones in a street which has been closed off.
  • For a vehicle which has been parked in a resident’s parking zone without having a valid parking permit or a valid pay and display ticket.
  • For a vehicle which has been parked in a resident’s parking zone (in the pay and display bay) following the expiry of a pay and display ticket. A pay and display ticket should be purchased for the entire duration of time you might have to park your vehicle in a particular spot. 

So if you might need to spend 20-30 minutes more you should probably choose a different parking ticket in the first place.

  • For a vehicle which has been left parked in any pay and display bay not clearly showing the parking ticket. The pay and display ticket needs to be properly visible to the CEO or CCTV watching the parking bay. A 5 minute observation period will be granted to fix the situation before issuing the PCN
  • For a vehicle which has been brought into and parked within the same parking bay within one hour or any other specified no return time limit (after leaving the parking area.)
  • For a vehicle which has not been parked entirely inside the markings of a parking bay and with one full wheel shown to be beyond the correct limits of a parking zone space.
  • For exceeding a vehicle parking ticket’s time limit by 10 minutes or more. Blue Badge or disabled parking holders are exempt from this rule
  • For being parked in a disabled person’s reserved parking space without clearly showing a blue badge
  • For a vehicle incorrectly parked in a mandatory cycle lane instead of being parked in a parking bay.
  • For a vehicle which has been left parked on any portion of or inside a school keep clear marking.
  • For a vehicle which has been left parked within a pedestrian zone. It also applies to a vehicle’s entry into a pedestrian zone, as vehicle entry is banned from these areas.
  • For vehicles which have been left parked on any portion of the footpath located adjacent to a pedestrian crossing.
  • For a vehicle which has failed to move out of a pedestrian crossing area in time or has been braked or brought to rest by a driver on a pedestrian crossing.

How Can I Challenge my Hounslow PCN?

You can challenge a Hounslow PCN by post or by using the council’s online service.

The first stage of challenging a Hounslow PCN is an informal appeal. The informal challenge only applies to Parking PCN served by a CEO or to  a CCTV Bus Lane PCN. You can choose to make this informal appeal online, via email or by post.  You have to mention your PCN Number, Vehicle Registration Number and the reasons for your appeal in the letter. 

If you want to make your informal appeal through email, you have to write an email to The reply to your informal appeal will be sent by Hounslow Council through email from So you should check all your email folders including junk mail for responses or preferably add the email address to your contacts.

After the informal appeal the council will send you a “Notice to Owner” and you will be given 14 days to make a formal appeal (these are the 14 days from getting the PCN).

For a CCTV Parking PCN, CCTV Bus Lane PCN or moving traffic PCN you will make a formal representation, after receiving your Enforcement Notice or Notice to Owner (NTO).

The formal representation can be made online by clicking here). On this webpage you need to enter your PCN number and Vehicle Registration number to start your PCN challenge. Evidence documents can be uploaded online..

If you are appealing your PCN by post, you need to mention your PCN number and Vehicle Registration number in your letter. It should contain a logical explanation of the facts of your case and an acceptable rebuttal of the charges put forward by the Hounslow Council. Your PCN challenge needs to be sent to the following address

London Borough of Hounslow (Parking Services),

PO Box 211,


S98 1NG

You need to view CCTV footage of your traffic contravention before deciding to contest the case put forward provided by the Hounslow council. You must remember not to attempt to pay your PCN fine if you have chosen to appeal it. Paying the PCN will forfeit your chance for an appeal.

What happens if I don’t pay my Hounslow PCN within 28 days?

If you don’t pay your Hounslow PCN within 28 days, you will be issued a charge certificate by Transport for London. The charge certificate will increase your PCN fine amount to £195 or £120. If this charge certificate is not paid within 14 days, you will receive a “Notice of Debt Registration” and a witness certificate from TfL..

The unpaid charge certificate amount will be registered as debt with your local Traffic Enforcement Centre. The “Notice of Debt Registration” enforces that the charge certificate must be paid within the next 21 days. After 21 days, the court will use its legal powers to recover the debt from your possession.

Can I dispute a Hounslow PCN with the London Tribunals if the Hounslow council dismisses my appeal?

Yes, you can dispute a Hounslow PCN with the Traffic Adjudicators at London Tribunals within 28 days of receiving your “Notice of Rejection of Representations” from the council. You have to fill in the form provided to you with the Notice of Rejection and mail it to this postal address:

London Tribunals,

PO Box 10598,



 You can also choose to dispute the “Notice of Rejection” from your council with the London Tribunals online by clicking on the “Access the Appellants Portal” button on this webpage. All you will be required to do is simply enter your Vehicle Registration Number, PCN number, and the reference Number from your “Notice of Rejection of Representations” letter.

You can attach copies of evidence documents online to back up your appeal against the decision of the Hounslow Council. Such evidence may also include a signed and dated written statement describing what happened on the scene according to the viewpoint of a bystander 

London Tribunals will notify both you and the Hounslow Council of the hearing date. If the council contests your appeal, it will provide you with a copy of its application along with the evidence sent by it to the Independent Traffic Adjudicators at London Tribunals.

 In case the independent parking and traffic adjudicator decides the case in your favour, Hounslow Council will promptly withdraw the Penalty Charge Notice. If the PCN is cancelled at this stage, you will have to pay nothing. If the London Tribunals decide the case in Hounslow Council’s favour, you will be given another 28 days to pay the PCN fine.


This blog post addressed the question “How Can I Challenge A Hounslow PCN? You must exercise your right to appeal a PCN which has been served unjustly or without allowing for your special circumstances. All you have to do is logically formulate an appeal which conforms to the established grounds for making a representation to the council. If  Hounslow Council does not reply to your PCN Challenge within 56 days, it has accepted the reasons for your appeal.


London Local Authorities Act 1996

Traffic Management Act 2004

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