Frequently Asked Questions

Heard about Huuti and have some questions? Good! Here are the most frequent questions asked. Still need more answers or you are an existing customer looking for customer support.
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Is Huuti regulated?

Yes, Huuti is regulated. Huuti is an Appointed Representative of Richdale Brokers and Financial Services Ltd which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our FCA reference number is 824712.

What does Huuti do?

Huuti builds personalised Plans* which can help you reach some of your financial goals. This could be getting on the property ladder, managing your mortgage, shaking off debt, plus more.

Are you on Google play or the app store?

Not yet but we will be launching on both platforms soon.

What are your fees?

We don’t have any fees but the lenders who we may recommend to you could have fees attached to their products.

Can I start a plan with someone?

Yes, you can start a plan with someone elese. You simply need to invite them. They won’t be able to see your progress except you chose to share it with them.

How do I complain?

To complain please write to us at . Please be clear that you are making a complaint as we do receive quite a lot of feedback via email.
If you complain to us and you are not happy with the outcome you can refer your complaint to the
Financial Ombudsman.

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