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How our property ladder plan works

Set your property target

Tell us about your intended property, It’s price range, the ideal location, your timeline, your current savings for a mortgage deposit and other costs such as stamp duty, legal fees etc.

See eligible Government Home buying schemes

We will show you which home buying schemes you may be eligible for which could reduce your mortgage deposit requirement to 5% of the property price, provide a discount on the property price and the possibility of getting on the
property ladder more quickly.

We also show you what you need to do to remain eligible and when each home buying scheme ends.

See eligible private market home buying schemes

We will also show you private market home buying schemes which you may be eligible for. These home buying schemes may get you on the property ladder sooner.

Save a mortgage deposit

We will tell you exactly how much you need to save per month for your mortgage deposit and other costs such as your stamp duty, legal costs etc. We will then let you know if this savings target is within reach and encourage you
to put that money away every month.

Save on your monthly expenses

We will help you cut down your monthly expenses so you have more to save towards your property ladder plan.

Find a Co-buyer & Co-Plan

You can save with a Co-buyer and keep each other motivated through tracked goals or get matched to a potential co-buyer who is saving a mortgage deposit and looking to buy within your timeline and criteria. Co-buying could potentially
reduce your timeline on to the property ladder and may increase your buying power.

See your Mortgage affordability

We will show you what you can afford by giving you a full picture of your mortgage affordability from a Mortgage lender’s point of view. How your credit score and history match up? How your current expenses will be viewed by a
Mortgage lender? How much Mortgage could you afford? And suggestions to improve your mortgage affordability.

See Mortgages you may be eligible for

We will show you mortgages you may currently be eligible for based on your current circumstances, this will include their costs, interest rates, terms and other main features. And when you are looking to obtain a Mortgage, we will give you mortgage advice
and let you know your best Mortgage options.


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