Does The DVLA Resend A V11 Reminder?

If you’ve misplaced your V11 reminder notice from the DVLA and are wondering if you will be resent another one to pay your car tax, you will find detailed guidance from the blog post below. In addition to this, we will also discuss alternative ways to make sure that you don’t miss your car tax payments if you don’t have a V11 reminder and what are the potential consequences of delaying this payment.

Does The DVLA Resend A V11 Reminder?

Yes, the DVLA can resend a V11 reminder to you for your car tax payment but you will need to request it as the authorities do not automatically resend V11 reminders. If you request for a V11 reminder to be sent to you, you will be asked if you have no other source of information (such as a vehicle logbook or new keeper’s slip) that can be used for timely payment of your Vehicle Excise Duty.

While many registered keepers of vehicles rely on the V11 reminder sent by the DVLA to make their car tax payments, this is not the only document that can be used to pay your car tax. You can use your V5C or vehicle logbook to make your car tax payments as well as your V62 or new keeper’s green slip.

If you’ve misplaced your vehicle logbook and your V11 reminder as well, you may need to apply for a new vehicle logbook to pay your car tax. This can be done through your local post office that deals with car tax by paying a £25 fee.

Vehicle owners must keep in mind that misplacing or not receiving a V11 reminder cannot be a reason for missing out on car tax payments as there are other relevant documents that can be used to pay the due amount on time. Therefore, not being resent a V11 reminder will not suffice as a reason for missing out on your car tax.

How Do I Know How Much Car Tax To Pay If I Don’t Have A V11 Reminder?

If you don’t have your V11 reminder, you can use the 11-digit reference number from your vehicle logbook to pay your car tax. 

To know how much car tax to pay, vehicle owners need to keep the following factors in mind:

  • According to the UK road tax system, car tax is divided into two separate rates. 
  • The first-rate is applicable during the first year of a car on the road when its CO2 emissions are also taken into account. This can be £0 for zero-emission cars to £2,245 for cars that emit 255g/km or more.
  • The second rate for car tax becomes applicable from the second year onwards when the CO2 emissions of a vehicle are not taken into account for road tax calculations. From this point on, it will be the cost of the vehicle that will be considered for road tax calculations.
  • Vehicles priced or above £40,000 will be taxed an additional amount of £335 as an annual supplement that continues for five years. After this, they will be taxed at the current tax rate applicable during the tax term.
  • The current (2022-2023) road tax rate has increased by 6% making it £165.

If you are interested in learning about the latest car tax rates according to the Spring Budget, you will find detailed guidance in this article.

What Happens If Car Tax Is Not Paid On Time Due To A Missing V11 Reminder?

While a V11 is not the only document that can be used to pay your car tax, if you do miss your car tax payment, you will be charged a fine of £80 by the DVLA. This means that in addition to your car tax bill, you will also have to pay a fine. 

However, if you pay the late payment fine within 28 days of receiving the DVLA notice, the amount will be reduced to half by making it £40. 

If you are not able to pay the fine within 28 days, this can increase to £1,000, you can be taken to court by the DVLA or your vehicle can be clamped so that it cannot be driven until your car tax dues are cleared. 

If you have a specific question regarding car tax payments and V11 reminder notices, you can contact the DVLA for details.


The above discussion brings us to the conclusion that while the DVLA is not obliged to re-send a V11 reminder notice to vehicle owners (especially since there are other ways to use reference numbers and vehicle details for paying car tax) if you request them for it, they can send you one. However, one should consider using the 11-digit reference number from their vehicle logbook to make sure that they don’t miss their car tax payments.


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