Does t-Mobile replace stolen phones?

This blog post will give you an idea of whether T-Mobile replaces stolen phones?. It also gives you information related to other device protection services offered by T-Mobile. From this article, you will get an idea about how device protection plans can help you claim your lost/stolen device to get it replaced 

Does T-Mobile replace stolen phones?

Yes, T-Mobile replaces stolen phones if you are a Device protection customer. Depending on the type of protection service, your stolen or lost device will be replaced, once the claim is approved. T-Mobile also repairs and replaces the damaged device as well if you are a Device protection customer like Protection <360>. You will get your stolen or lost device replaced even if the warrant by the manufacturer has expired. T-Mobile has recently made an announcement that now it will have an in-store repair facility for its users. The services will be provided by certified experts from the industry.

What to do if your phone is stolen?

  • Immediately call T-Mobile at 18009378997 and ask them to lock your device.
  • Call +15059983793 if you are roaming internationally.
  • From your desktop sign in to My T-Mobile and Report the device as lost or stolen, if you have more than one lines choose the appropriate device name.
  • You can also ask for help if needed by messaging T-Mobile after logging in.
  • You can report the device lost or stolen device by visiting the T-Mobile store or message them on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.
  • If you have a device protection claim for device replacement.

How to locate or lock iPhone?

  • On the Apple device launch the Find My app.
  • If you are using someone else’s device click on the Me tab and select Help a Friend
  • Sign in using your Apple ID credentials.
  • Select your device and select from the options shown.
  • Play Sound: Even if the device is on silent this option plays a loud sound on your apple device
  • Directions: Gives you the current location of your apple device.
  • Mark As Lost
    •  This locks your phone with a passcode and you need to unlock it once you recover the device.
    • Apple pay setup will also be disabled.
    • You will also receive a confirmation mail on your email id linked with your Apple ID.
  • Erase This Device
    • This option erases all the information from your device including the payment details.
    • You won’t be able to track your device once you erase it.
    •  If you remove the device from your account then the activation lock will be switched off

How to locate or lock Android?

You can use the Find My device to locate your phone but the following conditions should satisfy.

  • The device must be on
  • The device must be signed in to Google Account.
  • Should be connected to internet either Wi-Fi or Mobile data
  • You should turn on the location of the device.
  • Find my Device should be turned on.

Locate lock or erase:

  • You can visit and sign in
  • Select the appropriate device, if you have multiple devices linked to an account.
  •  Select from these options:
    • Play sound: Even if the device is on silent this option plays a loud sound for 5 minutes on your device
    • Secure device
      • You can sign out of the Gmail account and lock the device.
      • A phone number or message can be displayed on your lock screen remotely.
      • Even after locking the device, you will be able to locate it.
    • Erase device
      • This option erases all the information from your device.
      • You won’t be able to track your device once you erase it.

What’s Protection <360> 

  •  T-Mobile gives you a replacement for the lost and stolen device.
  • As T-Mobile has promised in-store repair and replacement in most cities, you can visit the store to get the device repaired or replaced. You can file a claim before visiting the expert at the store. This will save time and make sure the staff is ready with the equipment for repair.
  •  To file a claim, you can just Visit


●      Call Assurant at 1-866-866-6285

●      After filing the claim just schedule an appointment at T-Mobile device service stores near your place.

Things you need to be ready with before you apply for the claim:

  • All the details related to the device you are claiming for, like model serial number, damage related details as well, like what and when happened
  • Have the credit card and checking info ready, if the service fee is applicable.
  •  You also need your T-Mobile PIN, user ID, and password as you will have to enter information related to the claimant and primary account holder.
  • If your claim is approved, you will have to give your shipping address for the shipment of your replacement device.

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This blog gives you information about the replacement of stolen devices by T-Mobile. It also gives details about all the stolen/lost and damage-related claims you can make at T-Mobile for your device. This explains all the protection services you get when you subscribe for protection <360>. The article also guides you about how you can claim the damage and replacement and all the information you need for claiming.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Does T-Mobile replace stolen phones?

How long does it take to get a replacement phone T-Mobile?

You will get your device replaced in 1-2 business days after the claim is approved as the device is shipped the same day. You will be able to track the delivery of your device as tracking info will be shared with you via email.

What happens when a T-Mobile phone is reported stolen?

T-Mobile locks your phone so that no one misuses your device It reports IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and tries to locate your device.

Does T-Mobile take cracked phones?

Yes, T-Mobile takes cracked phones for trade-in. But the device will be evaluated at a lower price when compared to undamaged phones.

Does T-Mobile cover “lost phones”, if you have insurance?

Depending on the device protection plan you have, your device will be eligible for lost phone cover.

What all services are included in T-Mobile’s basic device protection?

The basic T-Mobile Device protection plan offers accidental damage, liquid damage crack screen, lost device, and stolen device.


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